The paper explores nutrition as the basic principle of creation health. It also researches nutrition as a part of CREATION system of principles, which includes choice, rest, environment, activity, trust, interpersonal relationships, outlook, and nutrition. In the paper the importance of nutrition health principle is discussed, benefits from it are researched. Ways of application of proper nutrition are also investigated. The paper suggests two options that can allow incorporating the principle into lives of authors surrounding: impact through social networks and direct impact through inviting for dinner parties with healthy food and the absence of the alcohol. The research work puts forward a thesis that healthy nutrition is not just food: it is a way of life because it impacts the worldview of a person who practices it. The examples of the direct impact of nutrition on the authors life confirm the thesis.

Keywords: healthy nutrition, CREATION health principles

Nutrition as the Basic Principle of Creation Health

Health has a very high importance to the human life. It plays a significant role affecting mood, psychological and physical state. Good health brings only joy in the life of a person. It creates an ability to perform the most interesting actions. Health retention factors attract the attention of a large number of scientists.

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However, many principles compose the health of every person. Nutrition is the basic principle among them. It is the foundation of a human being responsible for CREATION of a new day. Proper nutrition includes not just food: it is a way of life because it affects the worldview. For confirmation of this thesis the importance of this principle, its benefits, application, and popularization should be considered.

The Importance of the Chosen Health Principle

The significance of the health nutrition is hard to overestimate as it is the body’s chemical communication link with the external environment (Anonymous, 2012). Life without energy is impossible. Therefore, a body, food, and environment form a whole system of the energy cycle. The unity of the organism with the surrounding natural environment is implemented primarily through chemical food ingredients. A living organism is a system that constantly communicates with the environment of matter and energy, and the way of this communication is very important. Nutrition and physical health are closely related (Anonymous, 2012). Anatomy and physiology of the organism perform well because it is a balanced self-regulating living system. It operates according to biology, physics, and chemistry laws (International Food Information Council Foundation, 2015). If nutrition of this scheme goes astray from the norm (shortage or surplus), the failure will necessarily be reflected in the body. Therefore, nutrition forms a foundation for the proper worldview. It is one of the core principles of health CREATION (Cummings, Reed, & Chobotar, 2014). Taking this into account, its benefits should be also considered.

Benefits from the Health Nutrition

Proper nutrition presents a person many advantages, which can be described by the following six directions (Anonymous, 2012).

Plastic (structural)

A balanced meal is a supplier of structural elements of the body such as water, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, macro- and microelements. This ensures continuous update of cells and tissues.


Good nutrition provides a body with power (both during rest and performance).


Due to the presence of a complete set of certain substances, food (water, proteins, lipids, macro- and microelements), regulates the activity of all the processes occurring in the body.


The various components of healthy food form immune system helping not only to neutralize bacteria, viruses but also various toxic substances (heavy metals, alcohol, drugs).


Adequate and good nutrition contributes to health restoring and convalescence (recovery from illness).


People adapt to changing environmental conditions through proper nutrition (the weather changes, physical, mental, and emotional stress, the time zone, and climate zone changes).

Thus, benefits from healthy nutrition are evidential. They were obvious to me. Hence, I started to apply the principle of health CREATION regarding my life.

Application of Healthy Nutrition Principle Personally

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Firstly, I wanted to begin to control my weight. Therefore, the first application principle includes calculation calorie daily diet. I calculated the necessary range of calories, regarding my weight, age, and height. Now I am dropping calorie daily diet mainly due to animal fats and carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, and sugar). The amount of protein I leave the same slightly understating the daily norm of calories (Anonymous, 2012). It allows me to control weight and leads to further increase of my good being.

My second rule includes five-time meals a day. Irregular food intake leads to digestive disorders (International Food Information Council Foundation, 2015). The most efficient regime includes five meals a day at the same time. In this case, two intermediate meals contain a yogurt or fruits, which help to get pleasure from eating. To do this, I use the third rule slow food. In the case of fatigue, I do not eat. Nevertheless, I try to relax. Then, while eating, I try to be distracted from thinking about work, try to get joy. Another recommendation that I do not apply for now but plan to perform in the future relates to this. It includes a long chewing before swallowing up as it would help digestion and salivation.

My fifth rule includes fruits and vegetables. I love to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits as they contain the necessary vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids, fat, and other valuable substances (Anonymous, 2012). It improves digestion, normalizes metabolism and acid-base balance of the body. At the same time, I drink water per day keeping the water regime and completely canceling the use of alcohol.

Despite the fact that there are several rules I am trying to apply now partially, the next ones I am going to completely use in the future.

Rule 1 protein food for breakfast and lunch, which consists of meat, fish, eggs, cereals, vegetables, cottage cheese, should be consumed for breakfast and dinner.

Rule 2 dinner should be composed of grains, vegetable dishes, and no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Rule 3 dairy products: soured milk contains animal protein, which is good for digestion.

Rule 4 hunger day: 1 day a week should be a desire for the purification of toxins.

Rule 5 vitamins: vitamin complexes should be in the ration for proper nutrition because food does not always contain them, as well as minerals, in sufficient amounts.

Rule 6 Eating only with hunger and reducing salt. Sometimes I overeat because of the desire to receive pleasure from eating. I am trying to teach myself to eat only in case of hunger and to limit salt. Thus, I form right habits regarding my food.

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Incorporation of the Health Nutrition into Lives of Surrounding People

Applying the above principles and planning to use them in the future, I realize that proper nutrition is a part of a healthy lifestyle, a good habit, rather than a temporary diet. Food builds me creating life in each new day. Therefore, I would like to help my friends to adopt this philosophy as I am confident in the benefits they can get from it. Therefore, two actions help me to popularize this CREATION principle.

Firstly, I am trying to make dinner with a healthy diet once a week for my family. I love visitors, and they are happy to come to my house. At the same time, food for dinner complies with the principles of healthy nutrition, and it is tasty. In the absence of alcohol, we are engaged in complementary activities: we play games and have fun, which consequently allows me affecting them verbally.

Secondly, I use social networks, sending pictures to friends with a healthy figure, beautiful healthy food, etc. It is usually less efficiently. However, one of my friends had already started practicing proper diet refusing fast food and alcohol. I would like to include this principle in the life of my loved ones making them happier.

The unity of the organism with the surrounding natural environment is realized through the chemicals received from food. Therefore, nutrition is an important principle of CREATION health developing such benefits as structural, energy, regulatory, safety, rehabilitation, and adaptation. At the same time, proper nutrition is not only a habit: it is a lifestyle. It affected my outlook stimulating me to incorporate it into lives of my surrounding, which confirms the thesis put forward.

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