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How an Ecology Paper Should Be Structured

A lot of individuals may be tempted at first to think that writing this type of paper seems quite easy, not least because there is plenty information on ecology to be found online. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind when writing an ecology paper.

Whenever a student is required to write a paper on one of the many intricate ecology topics that are available, it is important to remember that the first task is to consider the structure of the paper. The structure is just one of several details that need to be borne in mind, and this usually is as follows:

  1. A title or cover page.
  2. An abstract (if one is required).
  3. An introductory section: This first section describes the reason and rationale for choosing a particular topic. It describes the paper’s component parts, which should be linked logically and stylistically. In this early stage, it is worth formulating the question(s) that will be addressed in the course of researching the topic. When writing an introduction, the entire task can be made easier if you ask yourself these questions: “Why is this particular topic significant at this specific time?” “Are there any particular terms that need to be defined?” “What ideas should I include in the arguments I intend to make in relation to my chosen topic?” “Is it possible to divide this topic into a number of subtopics?”
  4. The body of an ecology paper concerns the theoretical aspects of the particular problem or question being addressed and an elaboration on these. This part of the paper should analyze the research materials and develop an argument. It should also support any assumptions being made about the available data and other viewpoints and/or arguments that have been put forward concerning the question. Essentially, this is the main content of a paper of this type and it is the section that poses the most difficulty. It is for this reason that careful attention needs to be paid to the paper’s sub-sections since these are the basis for structuring an argument. In this part, it is crucial to properly support your analysis and arguments, which should be done in a logical manner using sound reasoning and/or available data. It is permissible to use tables, graphs, and diagrams as analytical devices.

While much depends on the chosen topic or question, a writer can use any of the following methods of analysis: causes and effects, compare and contrast, content and form, constancy, consistency, and mobility.

  1. While writing an ecology paper, it is essential not to forget that a new paragraph needs to be devoted to a particular idea or statement and the evidence that supports that idea or statement. Graphic and illustrative materials should be used as supporting evidence and to substantiate claims. Hence, it is important to focus on one key idea when you are building each paragraph or section.
  2. The conclusion in this type of paper is made up of generalizations and well-substantiated deductions or inferences. These should be aligned to the topic, be relevant to the topic, and so on. The following are some methods that can be used for developing the concluding section of an ecology paper: citation, illustration, repetition, and solid statements. A concluding section can include the implications of the findings (how the results may be used) and a comparison with other similar problems.

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Possible Topics for a Paper on Ecology

Since the field of ecology has a wide range of potential topics, you have an almost endless choice. Why not choose a topic from the following list or, at least, our suggestions may give you inspiration to come up with your own topic.

Ecology Topics for a Research Paper

  1. What is the impact on the environment when motor oil is discarded?
  2. In what way could the extinction of humans occur? Provide an account or scenario of how you think this could happen.
  3. Describe the history of manure and what its impact is.
  4. Manure comes in several varieties. Which types are bad or good?
  5. What methods are used to introduce new types of predators into a region or area?
  6. What ecosystem does a cave have? What could disturb this system?
  7. Describe how people and the Earth are impacted by decaying or decayed wood?
  8. In what way does the ecosystem in one individual’s back garden or yard differ from that of someone else’s?
  9. Is the environment affected by people’s eating habits and which trends have particularly affected it?
  10. What can be done to ensure public transport is used more? In what way(s) would the environment benefit from this?
  11. Which species has emerged in the past year?
  12. Look in your own refrigerator and select five separate products along with the product packaging. If these products were to decay in, say, the soil or earth, what length of time would the decaying process take?
  13. Choose a species that is endangered. How could this species become extinct? How could it be saved from possible extinction?
  14. In recent times, sushi has grown in popularity. Has the earth been impacted by this trend and, if so, how
  15. What parasites and hosts live in virtually every home?
  16. What is the difference between the ecosystems in a forest and a desert?

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Ecology Topics for an Opinion-Style Paper

Ecology topics that are in some way connected or linked to public or government policy are often controversial. If it is the case you are someone who enjoys writing opinion-type articles or papers, then here are some topic ideas for you to consider:

  1. Can you think of situations where the needs of humans should take precedence over natural ecology?
  2. Think of an extinct animal and say whether you think scientists should bring this animal back. Why have you chosen this animal?
  3. How could the environment possibly be impacted if scientists were to bring back, say, saber-toothed tigers?
  4. How is local ecology impacted by climate change?
  5. What efforts should humans make to protect the habitats of species that are endangered?
  6. Should the use of fossil fuel-generated energy be limited and should new legislation be created to limit usage of this type of energy?
  7. Should plastics be banned in order to safeguard delicate and/or endangered ecosystems?

Possible Topics for a Paper on the Aquatic Aspects of Ecology

  1. Explain how freshwater ecosystems are impacted by climate change.
  2. Discuss the impacts of invasive plant species.
  3. What is your understanding of ecotoxicology and does this have a bearing on ecosystems and the environment?
  4. What is the relationship between ecology and parasitology?

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