Leadership in nursing is a significant aspect because leaders are expected to guide employees, provide directions, and inspire change within the health care sector. Leaders in nursing follow different inspiration practices and guiding techniques in order to serve other individuals within the field. Leaders can be classified according to their traits as well as their leadership career development. The philosophy of nursing is a unique approach that is usually taken by nurses in order to serve as an individual daily practice guide within the field. On the other hand, Druckers theory is a significant business management and leadership theory that guides individuals on how to conduct business in any field, thus allowing practitioners to turn their practice into business (Finkelman, 2012). The growth process in leadership in the sphere of nursing is a personal journey that requires dedication as well as commitment both to the smallest tasks that are assigned to an individual at the entry level and to the bigger tasks that are assigned at higher levels. This paper will analyze my leadership growth process as well as my determination to serve as a leader within my career. Furthermore, I will also review the leadership theory and define how I plan to utilize it in my career development process.

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I began my nursing career by pursuing an associates degree in nursing, which I enrolled for after graduating from senior school. At that early stage, I realized that I had to set up a path that would lead me to personal growth in leadership within my career. Thus, I began by creating the leader in me. Following my attainment of the associates degree in nursing, I joined the labor market in order to practice what I had learned in school. First, I served as a preceptor in the emergency department for new and experienced nurses. At that point, I had to instruct or teach both new and experienced nurses in the emergency department on how to work effectively (Finkelman, 2012). That was my first leadership experience in my career because I had to interact with various people who had different levels of experience in the nursing sphere. At that point, I had a chance to develop the leader in me since I focused on sharing the knowledge that I had received in the course of studying in order to improve the emergency services at the facility. Instructing both new and experienced nurses in the emergency department was beneficial to my growth because I had a chance to listen to their ideas and allowed them to contribute to the work process. All those aspects were important because they enabled me to allow contribution from other individuals rather than exercise singlehanded leadership.

Later I moved to the position of an assistant nurse manager within the emergency department. That was the position that I had held for six years. My routine shift lasted from 7 PM to 7 AM. At that point, I also had a chance to improve my leadership skills as an assistant manager. I combined my previous experiences at the emergency room as well as my knowledge in the field in order to deliver quality leadership within my position. As such, my previous experiences at that position allowed me to instruct fellow nurses. In addition, I found out that most of the time, I would not only instruct fellow colleagues but also provide them with personal examples. I believed that I needed to lead by example since I had received a chance to develop my position and skills as a leader. I utilized the demonstrative approach because I believed that merely providing instructions to my colleagues would lead them to view me as a dictator who only gave instructions but did not follow them personally (Finkelman, 2012). As an assistant nurse manager, I witnessed many cases at the emergency department, and most of those cases required nurses to work together and assist patients. In some cases, as much as four nurses would be assigned to one patient due to the level of care needed. Therefore, in such situations, I worked together with other nurses in order to provide the required care. Furthermore, I used those opportunities to develop the spirit of teamwork between myself and other nurses within the department.

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I currently work as a care manager in preventing 30-day readmission. I am also involved in assisting patients who lack funding. My shift lasts from 9 AM to 9 PM. Finally, I am involved in training for relief or intermediate house supervisor for the hospital. Consequently, I believe that my efforts to become a leader in my field have paid off gradually due to my career growth that I have witnessed over the years. However, I believe that the factor that has most significantly contributed to this level of growth was the fact that I have always allowed my workmates to contribute to the process of decision-making. I have learnt that leading people is an art and I was humbled by the great responsibility that had been assigned to me at the point of career entry. Leadership success in nursing is a combination of trusting other individuals as well as empowering them in order to ensure that they can perform their duties at minimal supervision (Polit & Beck, 2010). Additionally, leadership in this field is a process that requires constant growth and facilitation of the process of shared decision-making, which allows employees to contribute their knowledge and concepts to the work process (Moss, 2005). Furthermore, a good leader should teach employees to embrace diversity and accept the differences that exist within the society. I believe that I have become a transactional leader who is able to maximize on the positive aspects of working together within different environments in the nursing practice and to minimize the negative aspects of the same.

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In order to promote future development of personal leadership, I will utilize critical thinking and try to envision a positive future of my station and career. I believe that my colleagues and the people around me may have great and even better ideas than myself. Thus, I have always focused on advancing my career in order to impact change and development within the nursing sphere. I will focus on self-improvement and try to attain a higher level of excellence in order to serve better (McDonough, 2011). Indeed, the purpose of a leader is to develop themselves in order to provide quality services and guidance. According to my nursing philosophy, I believe that the journey of self-development is significant because it involves focusing on other people in order to understand their value. Consequently, it is equally important to search for the positive traits within people and help them develop those. In my development process, I want to become a transformative leader as I go up my career ladder. I believe that as a transformative leader, I will be in the position to change certain aspects of nursing practice that I did not find satisfactory. Furthermore, as a transformational leader, I will be able to deliver better services to a wider group of nurses, not only those in the emergency room but also those in other departments.

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