The process of searching for a job has changed tremendously over the last few decades. Previously, a candidate had to meet few criteria in order to be considered for an opening. Actually, a person should have had a burning desire to work and relevant qualification. Then, he/she should have come directly to the potential workplace, provide CV, and wait for a phone call from an employer, who is ready and happy to hire. These days, with the development of technologies, the appearance of freelancing and a possibility to work remotely, shortage of working places and a corresponding competition between the applicants, mere desire to work and qualification is not enough. People should sell themselves and persuade employers that they are a perfect fit for a position. Under current circumstances, the only means to advertise oneself in such a way is a cover letter.

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What Cover Letter Is

A cover letter is something like a reference letter written for yourself by yourself. It usually should not exceed one page and should be fully devoted to your personality and its suitability for the chosen position. The first thing that you must do is to explain how you have found the opening and why decided to apply. Second, you should demonstrate your knowledge about the company, goals it has set, challenges that it might face, qualities that its management appreciates most all, etc. Next, you are supposed to bridge your knowledge, qualification, experience, and personal traits with the organization’s objectives and necessities. It is the best way to convince recruiters that you are what they need. Nevertheless, be sure to include examples of projects that you have previously handled and relevant achievements, especially if you apply for an executive position.

Apart from containing all the above-mentioned elements, an executive cover letter should obligatory have an individualized character. It should be specifically tailored to every position that you are going to apply to. In other words, if you create a generic cover letter with no pertinent details and in a manner that it could be sent to any existing company, your application will be rejected. Another mistake that an applicant might make is to use verbose language and provide too much irrelevant data. A person applying for an executive position should be able to set priorities and express ideas clearly. If he/she is not capable of doing it on paper, he/she is unlikely to do it well in the working process. Finally, an executive cover letter should not be a restatement of CV. It is a fatal mistake, and the letter will be in a garbage bin before a reader reaches the middle of the text.

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Executive Cover Letter Writing Issues

Even though after reading the tips on writing an executive cover letter, it might seem to be an easy task, it is unfortunately not the case. First, cover letter is a business piece of writing, which implies that you have to use special vocabulary and comply with the requirements and canons of the style accepted in business writing. At the same time, following the standards should not overshadow your personal voice, but this balance is very hard to strike. Second, cover letters are supposed to be extremely concise but simultaneously provide as much relevant information as possible. It sounds paradoxical, but it is the only way to impress an employer and have high chances of being hired. However, to be able to write in such an effective manner is either a talent or a skill cultivated over the years of dealing with writing.

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In case you have no this kind of talent, your skills are not that highly developed, or you simply have no free time to write a new cover letter for each position you apply to, there are educated, seasoned and professional writers at This website is a platform created for fruitful cooperation between competent and trained writers and clients in need of qualified advice on executive cover letters, as well as other writing services. We are the best option if you want your application papers to be perfectly composed and good-looking. Furthermore, hiring a writing expert is an excellent alternative to using cover letter templates available online. The template will not allow you to stand out in the race after getting an interview, internship or a desired position.

How to Order an Executive Cover Letter

In order to buy an executive cover letter from us, you need to log in on and press a button “Order Now.” There will appear a few fields that your need to fill in. Specifically, you will have to indicate that you want a cover letter, its length, and deadline by which we have to send the paper back to you. The most important step in the process of ordering a cover letter is to provide as many personal details as possible. Writers need to know your qualification, experience, special skills, kinds of projects you have previously worked on, a position you are doing to apply to, etc. The more information you provide, the better the cover letter will be. Finally, you will have to pay a reasonable price for the service our company is about to provide you with. Then, we will assign a writer who has the most experience in handling requests like yours, and he/she will start to work on the paper immediately. Once the cover letter is ready, you will receive a notification about its completion and will be able to download it.

Why You Should Order Cover Letter

Our experienced and realible writers

Ordering an executive cover letter from someone you do not know might seem uncertain, and you naturally might be suspicious about doing it. However, our company does not want you to worry or doubt your choice. Therefore, we are fully open about our employees. Our writers are native speakers and graduates of accredited and renowned colleges and universities. The trait that characterizes our writing department team is diversity in terms of degrees. There are professionals from a wide range of fields, which allows us to attend requests of any kind and complexity.

Mobile-friendly website

Our company understands that clients are busy people and wants to save their and own time. For this reason, has been made mobile-friendly, and you may place orders, discuss certain questions with writers or customer support representatives, control the progress, and even check the ready paper on a go. Furthermore, the website was designed in a way to be easy-to-use. All the information that you need will be perfectly displayed on the screen of your device. Finally, you will not have to deal with lagging at all. You will order your executive cover letter with ease and pleasure!

Direct communication with the writer

Unlike many custom writing services, our company believes that direct communication between a client and a writer is a key to a satisfying result. Writers cannot read thoughts of customers, but they are indeed willing to meet clients’ expectations. Our effective messaging system, which was specifically designed to eliminate communication barriers, will help to reach this goal. If you order an executive cover letter from us, you can provide additional details to the writer directly, ask him/her for improvements, and indicate what you dislike for him/her to rewrite it. In other words, our company makes sure your writing request is fully met!

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Free revisions

If having received a cover letter, you find it somehow not satisfying, you are free to request a revision. Many similar companies revise paper for additional fees, but it is not the case with us. We have 2-day free revision policy that allows you to require modifications of the text over the period of 48 hours upon deadline expiration. Only after this time, revisions are not free of charge but rather cost a small fee to reward writer’s additional efforts and time.

Our Numerous Guarantees as The Best Writing Service

If you decide to cooperate with us, you may be sure that you are not buying a cat in the sack. You will definitely get a well-written and properly formatted executive cover letter. Your personality will not be revealed to any third party since we guarantee full privacy and confidentiality for our clientele. Moreover, the paper will be authentic and specifically crafted for you as we have zero tolerance to plagiarism, do not use templates, and check every single paper produced by our writers through special plagiarism-detecting software. In addition, you will be able to control the entire writing process by communicating with the writer or customer support representatives working 24/7 to assist you with any order-related questions.

You will be happy to have used our service, as it will surely increase your chances of obtaining the desired position. You will be able to impress an employer and demonstrate that you do not take the possibility to work with the company for granted. You are ready to go the extra mile to reach the set goals and choose your destiny by yourself. Therefore, do not be a passive person who is doomed to observe how other take his/her dream job. Be a person of action and order a cover letter at to accomplish what you want.

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