Drugs is one of the most urgent and depressing problems in the world. Hundred millions of lives are shattered by these poisonous substances. The most common drug types abused by people may be divided into four categories such as depressants, stimulants, opioids and hallucinogens. They do economic, social, and political damage to the producing and consuming nations. Several decades ago, a lot of countries started addressing the problem of drug use on the state level making the attempts to interdict and end the manufacture, sale, import, and use of illegal drugs. At the turn of the 20th century, the situation with drugs, especially the drug market, was almost unregulated. Medical remedies which contained heroin and cocaine were sold without any medical prescription and any notice about the drugs to the people who bought them. Drugs, marijuana in partical, pose a real threat to the society even though there are proponents who claim that the drug should be legalized.

There have been a lot of arguments concerning the legalization of drugs. Moreover, drugs are still used for medical purposes but only if they are prescribed. It has been stated that the number of marijuana users in Canada is over 2.5 million people, and the average age of marijuana abusers is 15 years old (Facts and Figures: Marijuana in Canada). Every year, the population of those who use marijuana is getting younger. This makes the problem more dangerous and threatening as teenagers who are involved in drug abuse are the future of the nation.

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The disadvantages of legalizing marijuana are numerous as the drug effect on the human body and society in general is disastrous. Marijuana, as any other drug, has a negative influence on the human body. Being inhaled in the form of smoke it harms our lungs and triggers mental illnesses. There is an idea that legalization may result in the increased use of the drug. Marijuana users experience a variety of physical effects. The drug excitement is followed by a period of fatigue, anxiety and depression. Marijuana and alcohol are often the cause of automobile accidents. Users of marijuana may have unwanted recurrences of the drug’s effects as well as flashbacks weeks or months after use.

Nowadays, every fourth death is attributable to drug use. Drug addictive people have a higher risk of bad outcomes including accidents, medical problems, unintentional injuries, the risk of domestic violence, and death. Drugs can affect almost every organ in the human body. They can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, seizures, stroke and widespread brain damages (influencing all daily life aspects including permanent brain damage and mental confusion) and cardiovascular conditions (from abnormal heart rate to heart attacks). Drugs are also blamed for increasing susceptibility to infections, weakening the immune system, producing body changes (increases in body temperature, breast development in men, dramatic appetite fluctuations, and others) and hardening the work of liver causing damage of failure.

The use of drugs by young people may cause many risks including health, personal, academic, relationship, safety, and the risk of addiction. One of the most significant risks is the connection between drugs, alcohol, and crime. High level of crime has been related to the amount of illegal drug use and business. In Canada, three fourth of drug offenses are related to marijuana abuse. It was revealed that more than 300, 000 Canadians are arrested for marijuana possession every year (Cohen et al.). Despite the fact that marijuana is used to treat numerous medical conditions, many people believe that it has no therapeutic value.

Violent crimes have also increased due to clashes between dealers. A crime is to buy, possess, use, manufacture, or distribute illegal drugs. However, killing, fighting and other rude activities are crimes which are mostly committed under the influence of drugs. In addition, drug use can lead to social isolation, which can result in depression. It can negatively affect the relationships with family members, children, friends and partners. Drugs make people skip important events in life and miss work. Drug abuse can also cause difficulties in making and keeping friends as people who have it become aggressive. In the workplace, drugs lead to the inefficiency and lost work. The financial strain which results from drug abuse is usually devastating. Drug users are often involved in occupational accidents endangering not only themselves but also people who are around them (Marijuana Legalization and Regulation).

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Marijuana and alcohol are often the cause of automobile accidents. Users of marijuana may have unwanted recurrences of the drug’s effects as well as flashbacks weeks or months after use. According to the National Institutes of Health, there was a rapid increase in the teen use of marijuana over the past four years. This drug is considered to be a serious public health threat that affects teenagers. As marijuana is the second most commonly used drug that is associated with drugged driving, it is essential to understand why it is extremely dangerous. The drug affects brain areas that control balance, body movements, coordination and memory. Numerous studies indicate that it has a negative influence on the drivers attentiveness. Marijuana use can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, seizures, stroke and widespread brain damages as well as cardiovascular conditions. In addition, the drugs are also associated with difficulty in focusing and performing cognitive tsks. Marijuana is a dangerous drug that negatively interferes with key driving skills including visual scanning, attentiveness, basic motor skills, orientation ability as well as perception of speed and time.

Drug abuse is the cause of a variety of social problems including violence, drug and drink driving, stress and child abuse. It also can lead to numerous crimes, homelessness and missed work. Drug addicted people are unable to set goals and solve personal problems; they lack confidence and motivation, are emotionally unstable and experience drastic changes in sleeping and eating habits. Drug users experience mood altering. Some drugs may trigger mental illnesses, stress and depression. People think that the drug may help them relax and forget about daily issues that cause stress; however, it destroys families and harms unborn babies. Drunk driving is a constantly increasing problem not only in the USA, but also in the whole world. It is the cause of almost 20,000 deaths a year (Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths). Drug abuse, marijuana abuse in particular, is one of the major social problems not only in Canada but around the globe. The issues concerning marijuana legalization are many faceted and raise a lot of debate.

Despite the fact that the use of marijuana has a great deal of disadvantages, there are still some advantages which make people think about the legalization of this drug. Marijuana is considered to be an effective medicine. It is believed that legalization will be a massive revenue stream from the Canadian taxpayer. In addition, marijuana legalization will ensure quality control and will free up judicial resources and needed law enforcement allowing them to focus on more crimes with real victims as the crime of using drugs is victimless. Proponents of marijuana legalization in Canada find that without imprisoning people involved in the drug business, the government will have more money to spend on society needs and general welfare. In addition, the strength of the substance would be controlled, and it will decrease the number of overdose. Proponents also find that legalization will be a good opportunity to do what they want without any law violation. Moreover, marijuana can be used for countless industrial purposes. More than half of Canadians support marijuana legalization.

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Marijuana is an illegal substance in Canada. However, its use is approved under certain circumstances. It is available for people who suffer from specific symptoms associated with certain serious medical conditions, who have a terminal illness with a prognosis of a life span of less than 12 months, who have symptoms associated with a medical circumstance where conventional treatments do not help to relieve symptoms. In Canada, the legalization of marijuana for medical use occurred in 2004 (Simms).

Thus, drug abuse negatively influences human potential. Marijuana abusers face the risk of bad outcomes including health problems, accidents, domestic violence, unintentional injuries and even death. The drug may negatively affect every organ in the human body. In addition, drugs are usually blamed for weakening the immune system, increased infection susceptibility, body changes and others. That is why marijuana is considered to be one of the most common illicit drugs used in Canada. Its use has dramatically increased among young people since 2007. According to the latest survey, teenagers have become more current smokers of marijuana than of cigarettes. Despite few advantages which support legalization of marijuana, its disadvantages far more overweight. Hence, marijuana use is usually associated violence, crimes and anti-social behavior. Drugs directly affect the central nervous system influencing perceptions, moods, bodily functions and consciousness. Drug use has a negative influence of mental, physical and social state leading to accidents as well as loss of work, family and friends. It is necessary to remember that drug users cannot control their feelings, and they are people who need urgent treatment.

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