Life Span Healthcare Issues

Today, there is a widespread belief that lifespan issues insignificantly depend on the health system but are determined by lifestyle, genetic factors, and the state of the environment.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the less studied yet fatal causes of death in modern society. In essence, most of these causes are exocrine tumors (McCance & Huether, 2014).


The present paper focuses on the phenomenon of thalassemia, its pathophysiology, diagnostic testing and its peculiarities as well as treatment modalities and other relevant practical aspects.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Without any doubt, the word stress is one of the most widely used in scientific terminology. People usually use it to indicate that they suffer from nervous tension and that they are depressed or tired.

Hepatitis B Virus Disease

Hepatitis is an infection caused by a variety of viruses. Few of them are of global importance. The hepatitis B virus is a causal agent of the hepatitis B disease affecting millions of people throughout the world.

Nutrition as the Basic Principle of Creation Health

The paper explores nutrition as the basic principle of creation health. It also researches nutrition as a part of CREATION system of principles, which includes choice, rest, environment, activity, trust, interpersonal relationships, outlook, and nutrition.

How Can I Prevent Head and Neck Cancer

This paper aims at discussing the exposure to the risk factors for head and neck cancer as well as the ways to prevent it.

Pediatric SOAP

Free nursing essay sample on topic Pediatric SOAP. Summary of Subjective and Objective Data

Jewish Case Study for Discussion

This paper discusses Lisas case study, my attitude to her petition as well as supervisors incorrect position that violates the basic rights of the employee.

Patient Falls Prevention Program for Memorial Manor

The current patient fall prevention program proposal aims at finding the best way of reducing and ultimately eliminating patient falls in Memorial Manor Nursing Home, a member of Memorial Healthcare System since 1989.

Chikungunya virus

The aim of the current paper is to point out the peculiarities of the Chikungunya fever transmission and means of treatment, analyze the process of epidemiological conditions development and identify the preventive measures to avoid developing the disease.

AHIMA & HIM History And Operations

HIM is the practice that involves the acquiring, protecting and analyzing traditional and digital medical information essential to giving quality health care to patients.

Autism The Effectiveness of Music Therapy

In the proposed study, it is suggested that music therapy is an effective means of treating autism since this intervention helps harness the music strengths of the autistic individuals while at the same time helps alleviate their impairments.

HPV Cervical Cancer

This paper describes the epidemiology, history, causes, signs/symptoms, transmission, treatment, and prevention of HPV cervical cancer.

The Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring

This report explores the value of the Jean Watsons theory of Human Caring in clinical practice. Similarly, it offers a rationale for the incorporation of the theory in health care practice and evaluation.