Shin (2013) illustrates that an integrated marketing communication (IMC) brief is an approach to attaining results of a marketing movement via a well-synchronized utilization of dissimilar advertising strategies aimed at complementing one another. Furthermore, the IMC brief can also be considered as the policy of coming up with an integrated and flawless brand experience for clients across different market platforms. The objective of this paper entails selecting a brand with a problem and developing an IMC brief that will be utilized by a company to counter the problem.

Reasons for Developing a New IMC Campaign

The problem at hand is that Bonefish Grill, the second largest seafood chain after Red Lobster, is perceived to be expensive. The rationale for the perception is based on the fact that its average check is more than $3.00, which is an issue that needs to be addressed to counter possible challenges for the organization in the market. Percy (2014) demonstrates that the objective of the IMC campaign is to introduce different strategies that can be utilized to solve the problem without hurting the organization and consumers and, at the same time, increasing its market share. Therefore, the development of the IMC brief is fundamental as it aims at making the presence of Bonefish Grill relevant and beneficial for its clients.

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Target Customers

Being one of the best seafood chains in the United States, Bonefish Grill aims at reaching a large market platform to meet its objective in the business. The target, in this case, is couples, families, and friends who just want to have fish for their meal. The target customer group is appropriate because it can be reached and, at the same time, positive results can be attained for the organization. The characteristics of the market are observant, as there are those willing to purchase from the organization and engage in the business. Consumers and collaborators are also in control, hence, the reason the organization depends on the market.


Based on the fact that Bonefish Grill is among the best organizations in the United States, it is undergoing challenges in the market which need to be resolved. The identified challenge is that Bonefish Grill is selling its products at a higher price than its competitor Red Lobster, hence, the perception of expensiveness. Therefore, the best strategy that can be incorporated to counter the problem is selling its commodities at a similar cost and, at the same time, offering incentives as a way of increasing its market share. The approach will incorporate teamwork within the organization to ascertain relevant results for the proposed strategy.

Current Perceptions of Target Customers

Currently, the target market has a negative perception concerning the organization based on a number of reasons witnessed in the market. The organization is perceived negatively because of selling its products at a higher price than its competitors sell. The target market currently looks at Bonefish Grill as a firm that does not consider the needs of the clients in the market. Another reason is poor service delivery, hence, an indication that proper strategies need to be incorporated to solve the problem. The target market perceives the organization as a negative entity, which needs to be dealt with to ensure that better rates are attained by the organization. It is true because every organization aims at thriving in the market in a good way, where clients are in a good relationship with the firm and its service delivery.

Desired Perception of Target Customers

Just like any other business with an objective of thriving in the market, we aim at having positive reactions from the market by offering high quality and cost effective products. Being perceived in a good way is something that will also motivate our employees to work harder and more professional to stay competitive in the market and achieve better results. Therefore, the most persuasive idea that we would aim at conveying is sale of high quality and affordable products. The idea is appropriate because it will motivate clients to have better perceptions concerning the organization due to improved services offered and affordable prices.

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According to Ramaswamy (2013), to achieve the objective of the organization effectively, several guidelines need to be incorporated. The first approach is updating its website to show that its services are now cost effective and the quality of food is better, but the products still have the same taste. This approach is likely to show the business in question as modernized and professional, based on the proposed changes. The organization can also add more images on its website to show that its presence in the market is to offer the best products to its clients. Corporate colors can be added to the website and menus to contribute to the successful implementation of positive changes.

Delivery of the Message

For the message to be effective, a proper timeframe needs to be followed for the organization to attain significant results in the market. Therefore, we are looking for a timeframe that will incorporate significant aspects of the development and delivery that will be appropriate and beneficial. When it comes to the issue of development, the process can take about three months because of drafting the project that needs to be implemented. Within the three months, the organization will be able to assign relevant project managers to ensure that the implementation is undertaken in a professional and timely manner. At the end of the three months, evaluation should be initiated. Finally, the proposed approach will be introduced to the market. Significantly, the entire process and time taken are meant to help the organization counter all the problems is facing and enable it to attain competitive advantage, market share, and money.

Shimp (2008) illustrates that one should realize that coming with a message that generates significant results in the organization could only be achieved when the message is passed through the right platform. Therefore, the message, in this case, will be passed through different platforms to guarantee that the proposed change reaches the market, hence resulting in a positive outcome. The primary platforms through which the message will be passed are Facebook, Twitter, and the companys website. The mentioned means of communication will be effective because the social media are the field where the modern business can convince the market. By passing the message through media platforms, the organization is likely to reach more clients because most modern customers often use the internet for interaction and business related issues (Chitty, Barker, Valos, & Shimp, 2011).

Media that Provide the Most Effective Communication Mix

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From the above paragraph, it is apparent that the proposed message can be passed through several means of communication. However, the most effective media that will generate an effective communication mix is Facebook (Keillor, 2009). The rationale is based on the fact that it is an easy means of communication utilized by the modern generation. Furthermore, the firm will be able to relate to the needs of clients based on the posts and comments that will be used as feedback. Additionally, the number of likes a post receives based on the proposition made by the organization is another form of a survey that will enable the organization to analyze the performance of its business.


The proposed approach has to work based on the firms budget. The latter should be though over in details and aim at generating significant results for the market as a whole. The cost is showed in figure 1:

Individual in charge


Project manager


Use of the social media


Website designer


Firm in charge of the IMC




Figure 1. The cost of the proposed approach.


It is apparent that the presence of the IMC brief is needed in organizations to ensure that the right content is communicated to the market. By having a well-defined communication approach, the promotion of the service initiated is bound to be effective to both clients and the organization. From the above paragraphs, it is obvious that Bonefish Grill is having problems with its market because of selling its products at a higher price as compared to its main competitor Red Lobster, hence the perception that it is expensive. Thus, the best approaches that can be utilized to counter the issue is selling the products at the same cost and including incentives such as discounts and free drinks for the first clients. The proposed strategy is likely to generate significant results because the needs of the clients are taken into consideration as the primary priority.

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