This paper has two significant parts. The first part entails primary research, where Elena Gomez, a sincere loyalist to Bounty paper towels brand was interviewed. The key findings from the interview indicated that her loyalty is always motivated by the rate of advertising, packaging, and the perception of quality. She also pointed out that Bounty paper towels are better compared to competitive brands such as Kleenex Viva brand. The second part of the paper is a secondary research. The results from this section indicated that Bounty identifies its segments and targets through extensive market research. It has developed its brand equity through advertising and adherence to quality. Lastly, it uses the quality positioning and celebrity-based positioning strategies in the market.

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Part 1: Primary Research and Text Application………………………………………………….4

Part II: Secondary Research in the Databases…………………………………………………….7

Identifying Market Segments and Target Customers……………………………………..7

Development of Brand Equity Over Time…………………………………………………8





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The product chosen for this paper is Bounty paper towels. It is worth noting that the brand was introduced into the market in 1965 and is manufactured by Proctor and Gamble in the United States. The interview for the primary research was conducted with Elena Gomez, a mother who is loyal to the brand. She uses the brand on a daily basis and points out that it is the best compared to all other products. The aspects of brand positioning and brand equity entailed in the marketing of Bounty paper towels have always been instrumental in leading to such high level of brand loyalty. In tandem with the secondary research, it was established that Bounty identifies its segments and target groups through regular market surveys and research. The specific segments and target groups that have been identified include restaurants and households. Brand equity has been developed over time through effective advertising and packaging that have created a positive image in the minds of customers. Quality-based positioning and celebrity-based positioning are common for Bounty paper towels. Both of them have been critical in enhancing the level of consumer loyalty hence increasing purchases.

This paper explicates the findings of the primary research derived through an interview with a loyal consumer, Elena Gomez. More so, the paper explicates market segmentation, brand equity, and brand positioning in relation to Bounty paper towels.

Part 1: Primary Research and Text Application

In this part, Elena Gomez, a loyal consumer of Bounty paper towels was interviewed. It is worth noting that Gomez is married and is a mother of two. She is a businessperson and enjoys performing different household tasks where she directly applies paper towels. Her preferred brand has always been Bounty, and she stated that she would never leave the brand. It implies that she is a hardcore loyalist to Bounty as a brand.

Gomezs responses in the interview will be analyzed in line with brand equity and brand positioning concepts. Accordingly, brand equity refers to the value of having a popular brand name that consumers are able to identify as the best. Specifically, brand equity succeeds through diverse measures including effective advertising and packaging of the product. Brand positioning is about making the brand occupy a distinct position in the mind of the consumer compared to the products offered by competitors. It is achieved through emphasizing the distinctive features of the product.

In tandem with brand equity, Gomez affirmed that her loyalty to Bounty paper towels exists because of the quality advertising that creates brand trust. She pointed out a view that Bounty paper tissues have always been advertised in such a way that catches the attention of every consumer and creates instant trust in the product. For instance, she referred to the advert where there were two men wearing wigs and performing household tasks that require the use of paper towels. This level of advertising has been vital in boosting her loyalty to the product because it has led to a belief that Bounty paper towels are the best compared to any other paper towels. In addition, Gomezs trust in this product was created when she first bought it after watching the advert. She was of the view that it worked out exactly as had been portrayed in the advert hence creating more confidence and brand loyalty. In fact, she has continued encouraging her friends to use Bounty towels in their households and respective businesses such as restaurants.

Additionally, she stated that this loyalty exists because of the manner in which the Bounty paper towels are packaged. She stated that packaging is a vital element in determining her consumption rate of the product. It is directly relevant to brand equity where customers want to associate with particular brands depending on their packaging. For instance, she referred to the mixture of colors on the packaging material and the presence of the name Bounty. These colors play a vital role in attracting her attention toward Bounty paper towels. Thus, her loyalty is mainly influenced by the professional packaging of the paper towels hence emphasizing the value that the company gives to consumers. Gomez reiterated that she could only consume products from companies that value consumers and appreciate them in the best ways possible. Respectable packaging is one of these ways, and Bounty paper towels have been packaged professionally.

In line with brand positioning, her loyalty to Bounty paper towels emanates from her perception of its quality. In the interview, Gomez noted that Bounty paper towels are of high quality as they have a higher absorption rate compared to other common paper towels. For instance, she explained the belief in the brands quality by referring to the tagline, the quicker picker-upper. She pointed out that the brand has been positioned as a quality product, and it has gone ahead to satisfy her needs and desires in her household. She also confirmed that the high quality of the paper towels make them easier for anyone to use for the relevant tasks. Their strength and ability to absorb exhibits its quality in terms of using less to clean the mess around the house. Therefore, she rates Bounty paper towels, as high quality products that cannot be compared to products from other companies.

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On matters relating to other brands, Gomez feels that they are not as satisfactory as the Bounty paper towels. She felt that other brands such as Kleenex Viva and Sparkle would not offer the same quality and level of satisfaction that is currently being offered by Bounty. She brought out the view that she has never tried these brands but feels that they would not offer her the quality of services she desires. For instance, she emphasized that, with Bounty paper towels, she has been able to deal with every mess in the house without any problem. Again, she does not have to use many paper towels to clean everything around the household. She also compared the strength and the absorption ability of Bounty with that of Kleenex Viva and Sparkle brands. In her response, she felt that the latter do not have outstanding absorption characteristics to clean the mess in the house. Their reliability is lower compared to Bounty, the effectiveness of which does not need to be guessed.

Part II: Secondary Research in the Databases

This part of the paper focuses on the on the manner the Bounty brand identifies market segments and targets, how it developed its brand equity over time, and the way in which it positions itself in the market.

Identifying Market Segments and Target Customers

Market segmentation entails dividing the market into different consumer groups. On the other hand, targeting involves focusing on consumer groups that would give the company more value in terms of profitability. The brand has played a vital role in identifying market segments and targets through extensive market research campaigns that identify the prevailing needs of every consumer in the market. Jester and Ryder (2014) confirm that with the information from the market research and surveys, Bounty profiles distinct groups of consumers using their needs, desires, and preferences for paper towels. The profiling of different categories of buyers gives it the opportunity to identify the most profitable segments that it decides to target. Overall, extensive market research involving different views from consumers have been vital to the brands identification of segments and targets.

Specifically, it divides its segments and targets into different income levels and demographics. This enables it to develop a wide variety of paper towels including Bounty Extra Soft and Bounty Basic that are affordable for the different income groups. These are also convenient regarding different demographical aspects including households, restaurants, kids, and mothers. Jester and Ryder (2014) point out that the paper towels are made in such a way that they could be easily used by each of these segments and target consumers in a satisfactory manner. Mothers have been the key target groups as they are the largest consumers of paper towels. They use them around their houses to clean up the mess of their children. It has also targeted kids through painting programs that give them the time to play and clean away easily through its high quality paper towels. Despite being the best-selling brand, Bounty has continued conducting extensive market researches, which enables it to generate reliable segments and targets that have continued to bring the desired levels of profitability.

Developed Brand Equity over Time

Brand equity is concerned with the value that a company earns from using its recognizable name. It implies that consumers are widely aware of the name and always look forward to consuming the product.

Bounty has developed its brand equity over time using two significant strategies. Firstly, it has developed its brand equity through aggressive advertising campaigns that make Bounty paper towels memorable in the minds of consumers. According to Slotegraaf and Pauwels (2008), adverts have been done in different ways that make the brand memorable and easily appreciated by consumers. For example, there have been instances where adverts have involved a celebrity acting as a waiter and using the Bounty paper towels to clean up the food drops on the table. Again, the inclusion of men with wigs engaging in household chores and using the paper towels to clean up the mess has been critical in the development of brand equity over time. The tagline, the quicker picker-upper underscores the relevance of adverts in the development of brand equity. Most consumers have continued purchasing the brand because of the tagline.

Secondly, Bounty has developed its brand equity over time through the consistent focus on quality products. The paper tissues are deemed stronger and absorbent compared to other brands. Procter & Gamble Company (2012) indicates that consumers love identifying with quality products that would meet all their needs in the best way possible. Every product from the Bounty brand is of high quality and ensures that consumers do not spend excessive amounts of cash. They can buy at their own convenience depending on the nature of the environment they operate. Consumers have continued enjoying quality paper towels that are not easily comparable to those offered by competitors. The quality of packaging the paper towels enhances customer interest in these products.

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The brand has engaged in quality positioning. It has embraced quality positioning as its main form of promoting its sales. Bounty has positioned itself as a market leader in terms of providing quality paper towels to families and other segments such as restaurants. The paper towels market has many brands, but consumers prefer quality products. According to Procter & Gamble Company (2012), this form of positioning has significantly distinguished it from competing brands. Positioning the brand as a high-quality brand has been the fulcrum of its overall success in the market. Interestingly, all the paper towels under Bounty brand are reliable, strong, and absorbent in nature. The commitment to quality positioning has been effective in keeping the company at the top of its competitors.

Bounty also engages in celebrity-driven positioning. The brand uses celebrities as part of its positioning. Slotegraaf and Pauwels (2008) confirm that is easier for consumers to purchase its products because they readily identify with these celebrities. Apart from enhancing brand awareness, celebrity driven-positioning gives consumers an easier time selecting these products and using them in the most effective manner. For instance, it has used a musician to position its paper towels in the market. Consumers get the opportunity to learn the application of these towels through celebrities using them for the required functions.


In conclusion, the primary research involving an interview with Elena Gomez revealed different factors relating to brand positioning and brand equity. From the interview, it is clear that she is a hardcore consumer of the brand. Her loyalty is motivated by the intensive advertising campaigns that leave a significant memory among consumers. Additionally, her loyalty is motivated by the perception of quality in the product. Every time she uses the product, she has the opportunity to enjoy its unforgettable quality. She made it clear that competitive brands cannot match the quality of Bounty paper towels. In the secondary research, it is evident that Bounty paper towels brand reaches out to its segments and targets in different ways. It has a wider reachability as it focuses on families, kids, and restaurants. It gives every target group an opportunity to undertake its activities freely because there is an easier way to clean the mess. Quality positioning and celebrity positioning have played a fundamental role in the growth of the Bounty brand market. Every consumer is gaining confidence in these paper towels because of their consistent quality that matches their needs.

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