Healthcare System of Benin

The international community is trying to assist ill-developed African countries, and Benin is in dire need of help because the country is not ready to face its problems with weak economy, poor level of development, and low-quality health care.

Hypertension Related to Ethnicity

Hypertension is a major problem both in the US and the world as a whole. Globally, over 9.4 million individual die, while 7.4% of the human population has disability-adjusted years of life because of the disease. Moreover, one billion people suffer from this health issue. Two-thirds of this population comes from middle-income countries.


This research paper is a proposed patient-centered educational brochure/pamphlet on the clinical manifestations of the common treatment options for hypothyroidism.

Country with High Mortality Rates: Bolivia

As it was stated in the introduction, there were some clear reasons for choosing Bolivia for this analysis as a country with high mortality rates. The Central Intelligence Agency (2016) states, Bolivia ranks at or near the bottom among Latin American countries in several areas of health and development, including poverty, education, fertility, malnutrition, mortality, and life expectancy (para

Communicate the Value: Integrated Marketing Communications

Communicate the Value: Integrated Marketing Communications. Shin (2013) illustrates that an integrated marketing communication (IMC) brief is an approach to attaining results of a marketing movement via a well-synchronized utilization of dissimilar advertising strategies aimed at complementing one another

Marketing Alcohol to Young People

This paper is a reaction paper on Jackson, Hastings, Wheeler, Eadie, and MacKintosh study (2000) Marketing Alcohol to Young People: Implications for Industry Regulation and Research Policy. Jackson et al. (2000, p

Individual Cultural Communication. Ethiopia

The Purnells model for cultural competence is a circular model that comprises of the following four rings: global society, community, family and person (Purnell, 2000). Global society is the outer ring that represents such aspects as world politics and communications, global exchange in fields of commerce, health and technology, war, famine as well as the increasing ability of people to travel around the world and interact with individuals from diverse cultures

Bounty Paper Towels Research Paper

This paper has two significant parts. The first part entails primary research, where Elena Gomez, a sincere loyalist to Bounty paper towels brand was interviewed. The key findings from the interview indicated that her loyalty is always motivated by the rate of advertising, packaging, and the perception of quality

Corrections Trend Evaluation

The main focus of the research was the development of the institutional and community-based corrections. The research included the analysis of the development of alternatives to incarceration in the judicial system in the past, present and future. There was given a definition of community corrections, and the advantages of this form of punishment in comparison with the traditional one imprisonment were described

California Nutrition Plan

Obesity and excessive weight are a spreading worldwide rampant problem with two-thirds of the adult population and a growing number of children being obese. The pervasiveness of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and hypertension is the proof of the prevalence of obesity. This project discusses a health promotion plan including target population, health issues, health promotion strategy, participant recruitment, and the outcome evaluation

Relationship between Theory and Practice

Various authors have provided diverse definitions of theory. Argote and Miron-Spektor (2011) defined theory as a systematic grouping of knowledge for the purposes of problem-solving. For Bansal, Bertels, Ewart, MacConnachie, and OBrien (2012), theory is used in explaining, predicting, and understanding a specific issue

Improvement of Pavement Marking in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Improvement of Pavement Marking in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Due to numerous accidents that have been witnessed in most parts of New Brunswick, New Jersey, I am strongly support the opinion that these accidents can be greatly reduced with the help of pavements. During the last twenty years, drivers visibility and its connection to accidents has been explored

Logistics Research Project

Information technologies are a comprising element in any sphere of human activity. Therefore, logistics is one of the target fields for proactive deployment of information systems. A large amount of literature has been published on that subject; however, there is a little evidence regarding methdolgy for implementation of information systems in logistics

Road Accidents and the Full Moon Phase in Brooklyn

Analysis of the Relationship between Road Accidents and the Full Moon Phase in Brooklyn Analysis of the Relationship between Road Accidents and the Full Moon Phase in Brooklyn Different communities share the theory of the moon affecting individual's behavior across the world.

How the War on Drugs Hurt Families?

The paper reviews the DARE program as the strategy of the demand-side drug control of war on drugs. It discusses and evaluates the policy making emphasis on its influence on teenagers and their families.