This paper aims at demonstrating the effort by America to exert and sustain its influence over other countries of the world. America continues to dominate and control other countries of the world due to its massive resources and military might. After the Civil War, the United States military acquired recognition as the worlds policemen. The role of managing problems of other countries led to the increased expectations and responsibilities. America assumed the responsibility of managing peace, law, and order in the global arena. With the acquisition of the new responsibility, the America deservedly became the policeman of the world. It has been able to demonstrate its role in the invasion in Iraq in search of the weapons of mass destruction, which culminated in the capture and eventual murder of Iraqs leader, Saddam Hussein.

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Several strategies aimed at prevention of any future world wars were employed. They included but were not limited to the introduction of policies, which could halt or slow down the development of nuclear power by the countries considered a threat to world peace and stability. There were efforts to prevent nuclear weapon development programs in North Korea, China, Iran, and Sudan amongst others. Despite its possession of atomic power, America felt it would lose control and influence if other world nations were allowed to follow the same path (Bennis, 2003).

The pressure put on Syria marks another major international event that can be traced to Americas foreign policy after the Civil War. Being not able to directly intervene, the U.S. has tried to persuade Assad’s foreign backers to stop helping him militarily, politically, and financially. This means using every form of diplomatic strategy with Russia, Iran, and Iraq. The U.S. could also consider delivering more serious military aid to rebels through its contacts in the Free Syrian Army.

In an effort to achieve its objective of becoming the Policeman of the World, America had to establish policies and rules that would provide avenues for dominance and control over other countries. The methods designed controlled the production of weapons and military equipment (Davis, 1971). Over the years, there have been several events on an international level that reflect the role of America as a world superpower. Policies to curb and counter terrorism activities have been formulated and implemented. They were aimed at neutralizing the threat posed by religious and other kinds of extremism. After the September 9, 2011 bomb attack of the American soil, there appeared a need to strengthen the security of the nation and safeguard its interests abroad. Furthermore, there have been extensive changes in the immigration laws to ensure that only well-intentioned individuals enter the country. Finally, strict laws against the development and production of nuclear weapons were formulated to monitor any threat against the US and its allies. With its reliable investigative arm, the FBI, America is able to monitor most nuclear development activities globally (Balcavage, 2000).

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After the Second World War, America has outshone other developed nations in shaping international policies. The invasion into Iraq is vividly clear in the memories of the majority. Under the guise of the search of weapons of mass destruction, America overthrew Saddam Husseins government, subsequently arrested, and handed him to the interim government. He was found guilty of mass murder amongst other crimes and sentenced to death penalty. A system of democracy was introduced, though there was an eruption of civil war, which continues unabated to date. America has in the recent past engaged in illegal surveillance of communications involving Americans and other nationals, including the heads of states and governments. A notable example is German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who accused the US of snooping into her private communications. In the surveillance, there was unauthorized collection, storage, access, and distribution of legally protected communications.

Another international incident is the measures America took against the communist system of the Soviet Union. Opposition by America and its allies against the Soviet Union gave rise to the Cold War, which continued until America gained power over the Soviet Union (Maynes, Hyland, & Army War College (U.S.), 1993). Another significant incidence after the Second World War was the support America offered to the Polish and Russian public (Davis, 1971). The public stood against their governments to fight for their rights and demanded democratic and capitalistic governments.

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One of the driving forces that fueled international policy decisions was the need to establish democracies in the developing countries. America was also driven by the desire to achieve its economic goals. The massive oil resources in the Middle East have provided hefty investment options to the American companies, and their interests had to be protected at all costs (Hartnett & Stengrim,2006). Additionally, there was a need to protect American citizens and their relatives living in the above-mentioned regions. In carrying out surveillance of private communications, America was driven by the attempt to identify problems as early as possible and implement mitigation measures aimed at reducing insecurity incidents. From the highlighted developments, it is clear that America continues to tighten its grip of world affairs in an effort to achieve its economic, social, and political goals. Emergence of conflicts in the recent past has continued to shape Americas resolve to control the world. In turn, other countries have used the US standards as parameters for success.

In conclusion, after the Second World War, the US has been able to dominate and influence the world affairs in proportions that no other nation has matched, hence becoming the leading superpower and the policeman of the world. It has continued to implement policies and measures on weapons development programs in order to retain the control in the upcoming years. Countries deemed uncooperative are imposed with sanctions to force them conform to international foreign policies of the USA.

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