Defining, Delineating, and Dissecting Terrorism

Running head: DEFINING, DELINEATING, AND DISSECTING TERRORISM 1 Terrorism remains a significant challenge across the world. The measures that have been applied to deal with the terrorist activities have not been successful since the perpetrators continue to carry out operations.

Policemen of the World

This paper aims at demonstrating the effort by America to exert and sustain its influence over other countries of the world. America continues to dominate and control other countries of the world due to its massive resources and military might. After the Civil War, the United States military acquired recognition as the worlds policemen.

Privatization of Correctional Services

The issue of private prisons is hectic due to the controversy surrounding it; thus, some support the privatization of jails while others oppose the move. The researcher aims at conducting a library study to synthesize information from different scholars to examine some problems surrounding the correctional department.

Corporate Manslaughter

Corporate manslaughter is an offence under the criminal law of the United Kingdom. Although the law applies to the whole territory of the UK, the terms used in diverse parts of the UK are different, with the south of the UK (England, Wales and Northern Island) using corporate manslaughter while the north i.e.

Science and the Courts

It is essential to pay attention to characteristics of a case in the process of its investigation. Experts claim that offender profiling, which refers to understanding features or characteristics of individuals, is critical in any case. Therefore, it is understandable that nowadays courts rely on advice from different quotas in solving some cases.

Public policy

Is it important to study Public Policy? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand first what public policy is. Public policy is the predetermined guide to specific actions that can be taken by an administrative party, i.e. an executive of an organization, company, or even the state.

Correctional Reform in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has always differed greatly from other states in America when it comes to correctional reforms and prison life. The reformists in Pennsylvania held very innovative approaches toward prison regarding it as a place to serve the punishment and change for the better, but not merely as a place to ruin individuals or starve them to death the way it happened in many other states

Stop-and-Frisk Theoretical Evidence-Based Models

Nowadays, there are rather many law enforcement policies and criminal justice issues in the USA. They are considered controversial both by public and scholars, yet these policies cannot be repealed without substantive and solid evidence that they are ineffective and harmful. It is especially difficult to eliminate and change policies that have been implemented with the use of theoretical evidence-based models, thereby providing evidence to support their implementation and continued use

Case Summary & Analysis of R. v. MacDonald

There was a complaint of loud music, noisily coming from MacDonald's Halifax condominium unit to which the Police responded. In an attempt to get MacDonald to answer his door, an officer started knocking on and kicking the door. The officer shouted that Halifax Regional Police is where he was from

The U.S. army budget

This analysis shows the cost-cutting methods and proposals of the U.S. army budget. The study elaborates the financial improvement techniques that can help the federal government to save a huge amount of capital within a 10 year period

Estate of Genevieve Kobylski v. Geza Hellstern

During the first marriage, Genevieve owned a residence, where she lived together with her husband and children. She continued living in this residence when she got married to Geza, while she retained the title to the property in her own name. In the course of their marriage, Genevieve and Geza made significant improvements to the residence using cash from their joint checking and savings accounts

Abolishing the Death Penalty: Fair Game or Not?

Death penalties have been significant in curbing serious criminal offenses such as murder. The international law is often considered to favor capital punishment. However, it is evident that most international states have outlawed capital punishment

Duest is an appellant

In the case under consideration, Duest is an appellant. He appeals against a death judgment issued by the trial court where he was found guilty of murder. The conviction was confirmed on appeal.

Police Use of Force and Policies of Today

The problem of police using excessive and unwarranted force is well-known and not new. Such cases occur quite frequently and always bring about much publicity. The majority of people agree that police officers should use force in certain circumstances but there are a lot of factors that determine what these circumstances are

Crime Scene Investigation

Investigators may apply the updated, current, simple, and complex forensic techniques to thoroughly and accurately examine the crime scene. Though the specificity of this work has significantly changed, photographing the location, where a criminal act has occurred, using the recent advanced technologies, remains the main tool in the forensic investigation