The Texas Prison System

A prison is a place for people who committed the crime. When criminals are behind bars, peaceful residents are protected from new robberies, murders, and rapes. People want those, who have been sentenced for their crimes, to suffer. However, there is one problem.

Can Probation Officers Change an Offender?

Relationships between a probation officer and an offender are an actual topic of discussion within the framework of effective offenders social rehabilitation. This paper considers the role of the officer in the process of offenders change and the ways the officer may employ to stimulate transformation.

Imprisonment vs. Community Corrections

The paper uses a variety of literature to explore which of the two, incarceration or community correction, is a more practical approach to the reduction of crime and the maintenance of safety in the society.

Personnel Management in Criminal Justice

Employees may know their rights and have opportunities to exercise them, but not realize these opportunities.

Apple v Samsung Law Suit

Apple claimed that Samsung’s Android phones and tablets infringed Apple’s patent and trademark rights. In the Apple v Samsung case, patent law was infringed by Samsung. The Apple v Samsung case is a complex case that involves various patent and trademark rights.

The law affecting the Internet and e-Commerce

Facebook is a public site with very few limitations regarding the access of information, especially on open groups and pages. On the one hand, elections are expected to be personal in that there must be some level of secrecy on peoples choices to make it free and fair.

Psychopathic Behavior and the Brain

Psychopathy is attributed to as a mental disorder where the affected individual manifests various antisocial personality traits (Blair et al., 2005). These traits include lack of anxiety, callousness, narcissism and impulsivity.

Consumer Protection Law

Consumer law protects the interests of consumers against sellers. This paper comprises three parts, the first of which deals with the historical background of the Australian consumer laws. The second part provides an outline of how the Australian consumer law is implemented at both the federal and state levels

Human and Drug Trafficking

Nobody would argue the fact that such profound initiative as deployment of a comprehensive information system for reduction of human and drug trafficking in South Texas County requires multiple steps in regard to initial outline of the incentive. As a result, the given part also contributes much to the specific aspects of the suggested system

Misrepresentation Case Study

Ryan (2005) defines a contract as a legally binding agreement signed by two or more people with the intention of making it have a legal effect. In case of a breach of the agreement, the law will provide a solution. The contract between Shirley (the agent) and Stanly (the client) was void from the moment it was signed

Crime Scene Investigation

Investigators may apply the updated, current, simple, and complex forensic techniques to thoroughly and accurately examine the crime scene. Though the specificity of this work has significantly changed, photographing the location, where a criminal act has occurred, using the recent advanced technologies, remains the main tool in the forensic investigation

Police Use of Force and Policies of Today

The problem of police using excessive and unwarranted force is well-known and not new. Such cases occur quite frequently and always bring about much publicity. The majority of people agree that police officers should use force in certain circumstances but there are a lot of factors that determine what these circumstances are

Duest is an appellant

In the case under consideration, Duest is an appellant. He appeals against a death judgment issued by the trial court where he was found guilty of murder. The conviction was confirmed on appeal.

Abolishing the Death Penalty: Fair Game or Not?

Death penalties have been significant in curbing serious criminal offenses such as murder. The international law is often considered to favor capital punishment. However, it is evident that most international states have outlawed capital punishment

Estate of Genevieve Kobylski v. Geza Hellstern

During the first marriage, Genevieve owned a residence, where she lived together with her husband and children. She continued living in this residence when she got married to Geza, while she retained the title to the property in her own name. In the course of their marriage, Genevieve and Geza made significant improvements to the residence using cash from their joint checking and savings accounts