Compromise act of 1850

The revision of the consequences and outcomes of the Compromise act of 1850 were contradictive and did not bring the expected result to the society. Soon after it proved that the law was directed primarily against the free states.

The Adventures of Ibn Battuta

Many thousands of years ago Greek philosophers recognized that the oceans and seas were crucial places for making journeys, and, thus, for social and cultural engagement.

Travel Diary: Along the Silk Route

May 2, 675 BCE. I am very excited to begin my journey. My uncle was very kind to allow me to accompany him in his travel. Naturally, his reasoning for it was not to simply keep me entertained.

The Contributions Made by Armenian-Americans to the Building and Development of USA

This research focuses on several major contributions the Armenian-Americans made in the commercial field, political, academic, and military sector playing a significant role in the building and development of the country.

Harlem Renaissance Poets

The paper contains analysis of the poems by Hughes Langston and Claude McKay in the classical context of the Harlem Renaissance epoch.

The Most Important Issue in the Modern Middle East

Arab-Israeli conflict and the struggle between Shia and Sunni Muslims are important issues in the Middle East. This essay aims to analyze, compare, and contrast both conflicts.

Critique of the Dutch in Java in The Hidden Force by Louis Couperus

The Hidden Force, a prominent work of the Dutch writer Louis Couperus, is a wonderful synthesis of the tentative attitudes and ideas of the Dutch colonial culture at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Leadership in Russia

The present paper looks at the theoretical paradigms underlying leadership in Russia and segues into a discussion of leadership patterns of Russian supremos with an emphasis on Vladimir Putin.

God of Rain Figure of Cocijo

The figure of Cocijo currently located at the American Museum of Natural History is a representation of the Zapotec culture. It relates to the Classic period, Monte Alban III

American History: African-American Quest for Equality & Justice

This paper examines the reconstruction processes, views on education, economy, political rights and leadership rights

Islamic Ottoman Empire and its Christians Dhimma Pact

Islamic Ottoman Empire and Dhimma Pact. One of the most famous policies of this state was the dhimma pact, the document which legitimated the place of non-Muslims in the Islamic empire.

Clausewitzs Theory of the First World War

Both Clausewitz’s and Jimini’s theory explain the nature of the world war. Both of these theories apply to the nature of the war, but Clausewitz’s theory is more fitting.

Developments in the US Derivatives Market a Pre-Post Financial Crisis Analysis

Developments in the US Derivatives Market a Pre-Post Financial Crisis Analysis. The financial sector in the USA has seen a rapid and innovative growth for the last 50 years. In the 1970s, this sector had experienced the hardest turbulence as the country faced an economic decline in its most critical areas

The Civil War and Reconstruction: Sojourner Truth

In the beginning of the XIX century in the US, the South conglomerate with its agricultural landlords and slave owners and the industrial North Union based on free labor existed as separate economic zones. In general, the US appeared as a federative country with independence of political and economic life of each state

First Crusade and the Christian conquest of Jerusalem

The First Crusade and the Christian Conquest of Jerusalem. To recreate the complete picture of the events of the past, especially when conflicts or wars are discussed, it is important to take into consideration the testimonies of all the parties that took part in those events. This particular case analyzes how Christian and Muslim sources help understand the motives, course, and results of the First Crusade