This paper aims to outline the main benefits of mergers and acquisitions. It discusses international strategies on the example of two different public companies. Moreover, it outlines the possible reasons for companies success within their spheres of activity. Another point of this paper is to give suggestions related to the performance of Harley Davidson. The paper also demonstrates the meaning of acquisitions in the performance of Apple. Moreover, it gives detailed information about the principles of business strategies of both companies. In general, the paper outlines the main factors, which benefited and developed both companies. It summarizes the role of mergers and acquisitions in the performance of two companies, which chose two different strategies in order to develop.

Keywords: mergers, acquisitions, competitive, technologies

Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies

Mergers and acquisitions have always been a vital part of a public corporation eager to develop and keep itself on track with the surrounding world. Nowadays, a fast-moving world offers a wide range of public corporations that succeeded to become business giants and continue to develop. Every industry has a public corporation, which increased its performance through mergers and acquisitions. These two elements create a sound base for a companys further development. A company is able to expand its boundaries, explore international markets, introduce its products abroad, and increase its revenue at the same time. Public corporations are those units that eventually come to the decision of making mergers or acquisitions. However, there are still public corporations with a great history but without any acquisitions. It means that every company chooses its own way of development.

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1. Apple Inc. is one of the corporations that acquire other companies. The company has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Nevertheless, Apple originates from the USA. Every year the company produces a range of breathtaking innovative technologies, which change the development of the whole world. This corporation has a long history, and times were not always good for it. Apple had to go through many difficulties in order to gain the desired profit, popularity, and respect. Today, Apple has a number of competitive advantages. It keeps growing and developing every other day. It is impossible to imagine Apple without its acquisitions. New elements of the company let it design and create new devices, which will impress the tomorrows customer.

Many acquisitions took place in Apples history, and each of them is reflected in its products. The first acquisition happened in 1988 when the company acquired Network Innovations in order to develop software. From that moment, Apple has started quickly developing its performance due to a range of other companies. Nowadays, it adheres to the strategy of one acquisition every three or four weeks. In 2013, the company made around fifteen acquisitions that will benefit it in the near future. Every step of Apple is made for the sake of progress. The global strategy of the corporation is to create an appropriate technological base for future generations. By means of acquisitions, it opens new boundaries and implements new items in its products. Embark, Locationary, AlgoTrim, and many other companys acquisitions marked 2013. Apple has improved its mapping services and created a perfect base for further developments. Some of Apples acquisitions stay in the shadow and are not meant to be shown to the public. Apple keeps some secrets in order to introduce brand new products in 2014. For example, it has already been confirmed that the company acquired SnappyCam, which means that Apple is going to make some innovations in the way people can take photos. Despite the fact that it is hard to know about all the current acquisitions of Apple, it is obvious that all of them are useful. Regardless of the acquisitions size, Apple indicates that it is thinking about making internal changes to its own app-testing systems and terms of service (OBrien, 2014). The company gets benefits from every process running within its boundaries. This creates a competitive advantage, making it an outstanding company among others.

2. Each public company has its own story of success. It is a fact that there are no receipts, which will be helpful in the creation of a perfect mix for business. Many companies had to face many difficulties caused by economic or political consequences. No company can be sure that it will not have to face the same problems in the future. However, it is necessary to do everything to minimize the possible effect of complications.

Many companies gained success without any mergers or acquisitions. One of such examples is Harley Davidson. Surprisingly, the company has gained great popularity all over the world, though it still operates on the U.S. market. Since 1903, Harley Davidson has survived the Great Depression and its consequences expressed by the problem of poor quality. This company has bravely stood up to the competitiveness of Japanese manufactures. Its motorcycles are recognized all over the world due to their unique design and engine power. The company has come a long way in the process of the development of these two items. It is obvious that despite a countless number of difficulties, the company has finally achieved success. Harley Davidson introduced a new lifestyle that has become its business card. People from different parts of the world dream about a motorcycle made by this company. Harley Davidson has proven that its motorcycles are not only well designed but also safe for human life. The company thoroughly controls the quality of every motorcycle it produces.

When it comes to a companys development, it is always essential to take possible acquisitions into consideration. Despite the fact that Harley Davidson is a famous company, which does not have much intention to acquire other companies, there is a chance to encourage its further development. The whole world is dependent on technologies and vehicles. Cars and motorcycles will always be the worlds most popular means of transport. Moreover, they will always be a luxury. Harley Davidson is a famous and powerful brand recognized all over the world. Nevertheless, it is possible to make the company stronger and increase its revenue by the acquisition of another strong company, for example BMW. This is a German company producing motorcycles. It has its own long history and keys to success. BMW is a company that always strives for success. Like Harley Davidson, it has its own design, and it is interested in further development. BMW is a company that experiences rare occasions when technology has come to match hyperbole (Lyndon, 2012). The company always tries to get closer to perfection and excite its customers. Under this strategy, the company receives a variety of possibilities at once. First, it opens the gates of the European market and can spread its products with full force. Second, BMW is a powerful company, which has a perfect base for scientific research. Collaboration between Harley Davidson and BMW could help create a strong network. It is hard to imagine how rapid the growth of competitiveness will be if these two companies decide to work together. The unity of the worlds biggest motorcycle companies would create a solid base for transport development.

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3. Public corporations measure every step they take and tend to pay much attention to every element. It means that it is necessary to take into consideration every element that could influence the course of a company. Apple Inc. is a company that takes much care of its business and corporate culture at the same time. These two elements lie in a ground of the companys development as they form a perfect environment for its implementation. Through the mix of developments in business and corporate culture, the company is always one-step forward. It is an undeniable fact that nowadays, big corporations rule the world, and Apple is one of them. When it comes to the performance of a big company, there is always much doubt. People can hardly realize the way a big company creates new products and continues to be on top of the market. It is impossible to know all the secrets, but there are some basic elements that are essential for consideration.

The business environment of Apple is full of competitiveness and even feud. According to the way Apple is doing business, it is obvious that it learned how to adjust to the environment rapidly. A wide range of acquisitions proves that Apple does everything to continue its development and go ahead of the competition. It is not easy to maintain a balance between the companys reputation, development, and competitiveness at the same time. The whole business culture of Apple is built upon several principles, including a general business strategy. The main aim of the company is the constant improvement of its products. Apple strives to be the leading company that is able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer. It always excites people with innovations and new technologies. Many streets of big cities around the world were filled with people willing to be the first who try out new devices. All these phenomena are a result of Apples business principles. These principles include a constant improvement of knowledge, hard work, and the focus on goals and details. Moreover, the company has always kept a principle of being better, instead of doing different. It strives for perfection, and consumers can observe a constant improvement of products and services offered by Apple.

Corporate culture is another essential element in Apple Inc. People working in Apple are inspired to make a difference and bring benefits to the company. All the employees work in a team in the direction of the general mission of the company. Apple created an appropriate atmosphere for the development of its employees. People belonging to the corporation keep faith in what they do and never stop in fear of making a mistake. The company does everything to encourage any contribution of its employees to the general goal. Apple inspires its subordinates to make a difference and keep going a step forward. Apples personnel are interested in bringing another innovative product and exciting the minds of millions of people all over the world. People from various lifestyles and cultures impatiently wait for the brand new products of Apple. It means that the company will continue its development and keep success through the years.

4. When it comes to international collaboration, it is necessary to set the general principles of business and corporate strategies from the very beginning. Moreover, when two companies decide to work together, it is essential to work out the common principles for both companies. In this case, mutual performance and development will benefit both sides. Harley Davidson is a strong and powerful company that proved its significance all over the world. However, the company operates within the USA. While imagining the possible behavior of the company involved in acquisitions, it is necessary to choose the right strategy.

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The contemporary position of the company requires introducing changes into its development. According to Baskin (2013), Harley Davidson must cross that gap if it hopes to find new life for its brand. First, Harley Davidson should continue introducing its general strategy, but at the international level. The company has already done everything to move from a simple machine with two wheels to a lifestyle. It shifted the imagination of people about motorcycles. In case the company decides to expand its boundaries, it is necessary to take the right steps. A business strategy should be centered on continuous improvement of a lifestyle proposed by the company. Harley Davidson should show that people need this lifestyle in order to be on track with the fast-moving world. This will win the hearts of millions of people from different corners of the world. Taking corporate strategies into consideration, it is obvious that the company will need to set new principles. Generally, collaboration with other companies means that each party should treat each others interests and principles with respect. It is a fact that a new set of rules has to regulate the performance of the employees of both companies. Moreover, everything must be done to encourage subordinates to work in a new direction. A well-designed corporate strategy involves a set of motivational tools. People should have an aim and eagerly participate in the whole process of collaboration. It will be effective to create teams including employees from different companies. Managers should work on helping people, share their ideas, and create new products, which will shift the benefits from collaboration. Acquisition is a fragile element that can bring both advantages and disadvantages. In the early steps of collaboration, Harley Davidson has to pay much attention to the way people work together. There is no use in conflicts and misunderstandings when it comes to the mutual performance of two great companies.

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that public companies have a great desire to develop. It is essential to implement the right strategy from the beginning of the companys history. On the example of two different companies like Apple and Harley Davidson, it is obvious that all elements are important with different intensity. Harley Davidson decided to spread its products within the U.S., while Apple rapidly won the hearts of people on an international level.

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