For any business to operate successfully, it must have a well laid down plan that includes its vision, mission, and the goals that need to be achieved through defining the companys objectives. The same issue happens to a personal life where failing to plan your life means planning to fail in your entire life. Each person regardless of the age and literacy levels must have a goal in life. To achieve it, you must identify your vision, mission, and a general plan on the coming years like five to ten years. Reflecting on my personal life since the childhood and current state or career choices will help me develop a plan on what I would like my life to be in future. I wish many positive things to happen in my life, thus, I have to plan to make them better and easily achievable. I need to have a track to follow in achieving them.

Currently, I am an assistant S&C coach whereby my job is to help other people like athletes and those involved in sports improve their fitness. In my work, as strength and conditioning coach, I aim at improving the performance and skills of sportsmen and women. Therefore, I work closely with athletes to make sure their performance is good; and they have skills to achieve that performance in their sports. I want to develop this career till the next five to ten years to become a head S&C coach in the institution, fitness center, and therapy clinics as well as in various professional sports team. Most fitness centers and institutions have the equipment that helps in improving speed, agility, and a specific sport performance (Strength and conditioning coach, n. d.). To achieve this, I have developed my vision, mission and identified the goals to be achieved within a specific period.

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Personal Ethical Statement

To be a successful strength and conditioning coach, I have to develop a set of standards that are accepted by the society. Having behavioral characteristics that contradict the moral standards will damage my career in life. Therefore, I have to follow a set code of ethics and conduct that are drawn by the association to guide sports coaches. In all my activities, as an assistant strength and conditioning coach, I want to behave in an ethical manner so that I have the respect of my job, my students, and the community, at large. To have a good relationship with athletes, their parents, and other coaches will help in achieving success. Respect is essential in the life of a coach in many ways. I should not discriminate any individual on various aspects of gender, race, religion, language, age, or other status. I have to respect the human rights and grant an equal opportunity and rights to everyone (Athletes, 2011). I should have respect to the dignity of an individual by trying to preserve it and recognize the contribution as important. It is my duty to ensure a training environment is safe and appropriate to all individuals with different needs, age, and skill levels. I should understand that there is a competition in every situation in our day to day activities. Therefore, I have to respect and acknowledge the rules of competition in all aspects of such job like training. It should also be instilled in the mind of athletes that there is a competitive opportunity among them. It does not favor any individual. Also, I have to understand that we have equal rights with my fellow coaches. We should not develop differences that affect the success of our athletes (Athletes, 2011).

I have to cooperate with all individuals and agencies in developing the talents of athletes. Therefore, being transparent, sharing the skills and knowledge and supporting federations will enhance my dream into the reality. It is ethical for me to avoid such habits like smoking, drinking, and any sort before and during coaching to ensure my competence and responsibility are maintained (Mackenzie, 2001). I should accept the responsibility and plan to achieve the best in the performance. Through having a leadership that has an active and positive attitude will lead athletes to success (Athletes, 2011).

Vision Statement

A cause statement is important in achieving a successful life in the future and becoming what I want to be within the next ten years. When I understand my vision, I can easily develop a mission and identify my values that help me achieve my goals. It shows that I know the direction on where I am going. My vision statement answers the question Why?. That is why am I studying, and why am I working as assistant strength and conditioning coach. I have a deeper reason than just finishing college and getting a well-paid job. A strength and conditioning course helps me achieve my passion of changing the peoples life. Improving the performance and skills of athletes is an area, which is not tapped. It is an area, which helps in developing the persons talent. I am studying to acquire more skills and knowledge that will improve my career as a strength and condition coach. Being an expert in the area of my career is the best thing to occur in my life. Also, working as an assistant may help me develop the necessary skills. They may make me reach the greater levels I want to reach.

Mission Statement

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To develop a mission is a road to success. I try to answer the question What am I doing in college and in my job? Also, I try to explain what I will do. The world is changing because of many technological innovations. To be successful in my future, I have to respond to these changes and integrate them in my studies and the job to achieve the best. I want to make the best and become the best one in class and work. I want to create a positive attitude in the minds of athletes that performance can be achieved when the fully potential is exploited. It should be through training and cooperation (Strength and conditioning, 2013). Bearing the existence of competition, every athlete must be aware that there are no favors and hard work pays. I want to show athletes that I care more about their performance and skills. Through training, I want to achieve the best (University of Rhode Island strength and conditioning, 2011). I want to grow into the greater heights in this career so that I become a head coach who shares the expertise with others. To achieve good results I have to create an appropriate environment that challenges the athletes to develop physically and mentally in achieving success (Strength and conditioning, 2013). Creating a program will help me in having a focus and clear direction towards having a successful future. Developing this mission will enable me achieve my dreams.

Personal Values

My personal values are in line with desired standards and values as stipulated in the code of ethics of the association. It is important to behave ethically according to the moral standards required in the society. Sometimes people assume the traditions, beliefs, and the culture. Unfortunately, these issues contribute a lot to the moral values of a person. They help me make choices of what to be and the time to achieve the success. Values act as a reference point. They support me in my current studies and work. The following ones are my key values as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. They are such as: hard work, self-improvement, consistency, nutrition, focus, variety, proper warm up, never ignore conditioning, train entire body, accountability, competitive, and progressive (Keys to progress, n. d.).

Hard work is emphasized in every aspect of life. Doing my work to the levels of my ability is the best thing that can happen in my life (Keys to progress, n. d.). In this, I can measure my strengths, weaknesses, and identify possible opportunities for the improvement by eliminating possible threats. As a saying goes hard work pays, I want to be rewarded according to my best not just because of achieving good results. To have a sustainable performance and the skills in this career, I have to develop a habit and attitude of consistency (Keys to progress, n. d.). It will help me maintain the high levels of training appropriate to individuals. Having a program of routine activities will avoid such issues like an absconding duty and trying to find short cuts to achieve results. Self-improvement is necessary in achieving the good performance. Analyzing my life and what I want to be helps me find motivational tools. They will raise my morale and develop my future career. It is self-assessment followed by self-motivation that will improve my results (Keys to progress, n. d.).

As mentioned earlier, competition is a part of our life. However, it should not lead to the notion of being up against somebody, but to create a sense of working hard to become the best one with favor. Competition should better my skills and performance through a continuous upward improvement. A focus goes hand in hand with hard work to achieve my goals. Without focusing on my program, I will deviate from a path of success (Keys to progress, n. d.). Being responsible implies that you are accountable to what you do. Discipline is what enhances an ethical character. I should focus on the entire body of an athlete. I should not ignore a conditioning part of it because it influences skills to cope with different situations. I must direct proper warm-ups and include a variety of exercises in my training. Having one exercise leads to the boredom. Thus, good results cannot be achieved. Finally, I have to eat a well-balanced diet because my body needs it to give energy for the job. All these among others are key values that would lead me to achieve my career (Fairmont state strength & conditioning, n. d.).

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Five Years to Ten Years Plan

Currently, I am a student taking a course of strength and conditioning in which I plan to acquire more knowledge and skills for my career. Also, I am an assistant strength and conditioning coach, in which I want to gain experience and create a platform. It is directed towards attaining my main goal of becoming a head S&C coach. Thus, in five years time, I want to become the head strength and conditioning coach full of experience. It can be shared to athletes and other coaches. Being my lifetime career, I want to minimize the injuries athletes get. Therefore, they have an opportunity to exploit their talents without being out of the training program. Internships, continuous training, investing on others like teams and groups, and setting a target are a sure path towards achieving my goal (Krupka, 2013). Also, I plan to open my fitness center within the period of ten years. Here I will work with athletes closely and educate other people interested in the career by training them. In doing this, my family would be happy. We will enjoy the best during our lifetime.


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