Soap Notes for Diverticulitis

SOAP notes detail the findings that a physician receives after an interaction with a patient. These notes form the main conclusions that the writing physician rates as relevant and helpful to another health care practitioner to provide the necessary treatment to the patients (Morreale & Borcherding, 2013)

Universal design for learning

When it comes to the universal design for learning (UDL) the primary intention is to make the learning process as inclusive as possible. Therefore, the primary demand is to build different modes of learning aimed at deriving the same content and assessment (Meyer, Rose & Gordon, 2014). Thus, under the UDL, all students with different capabilities have equal opportunity when it comes to accessing the education besides being subjected to the same assessment intention

Global Healthcare Policy and Healthcare Delivery

Global health care has become a widely recognized concern for both governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. Decreased barriers to transporting and exchanging information changed the lifestyles of people of many countries. For example, due to an increase in the import of high-sodium and high-fat fast food, low-income groups have started suffering from chronic diseases

The Civil War and Reconstruction: Sojourner Truth

In the beginning of the XIX century in the US, the South conglomerate with its agricultural landlords and slave owners and the industrial North Union based on free labor existed as separate economic zones. In general, the US appeared as a federative country with independence of political and economic life of each state

Country with High Mortality Rates: Bolivia

As it was stated in the introduction, there were some clear reasons for choosing Bolivia for this analysis as a country with high mortality rates. The Central Intelligence Agency (2016) states, Bolivia ranks at or near the bottom among Latin American countries in several areas of health and development, including poverty, education, fertility, malnutrition, mortality, and life expectancy (para

Business and Economics Interviews

In the light of new academic opportunities, there are more and more advances in the sphere of information technologies for students and learners all over the world that facilitate their academic performance and improve their knowledge and skills. Recent observations, surveys and interviews indicate a change in the role of IT in students lives of students, who face both advantages and challenges of online communication and IT management

Consumer Protection Law

Consumer law protects the interests of consumers against sellers. This paper comprises three parts, the first of which deals with the historical background of the Australian consumer laws. The second part provides an outline of how the Australian consumer law is implemented at both the federal and state levels

Obesity Epidemic among Children and Young People in America

Obesity Epidemic among Children and Young People in America. Childhood obesity is a national public health crisis, which constitutes to over a third of Americas young people who are obese. Obesity is a problem that is associated with a serious illness and health-related problems during childhood

Clinical Instructional Design and Evaluation

Patients suffering from diabetes have varying and comprehensive learning challenges and needs. The learning need in this instructional plan will be focused at educating and empowering the patients (Dunning, 2003). It will educate patients on different methods that can enhance management of glucose levels

Business environment

A business environment is an immediate that influences business procedures, such as opponents, the brokers, the customers the business serve, the investors and the economic aspect. The main intention of a business association is to undertake the objectives and goals as detailed by the organisation in the mission statement and to fulfil their clients wishes while generating income

Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies

This paper aims to outline the main benefits of mergers and acquisitions. It discusses international strategies on the example of two different public companies. Moreover, it outlines the possible reasons for companies success within their spheres of activity

Specific Needs In Health And Social Care

In any ways defined, disability or illness is familiar to every society. Each state, according to its level of development, priorities and opportunities, generates social and economic policies for people with disabilities. During the last twenty five-thirty years, the world has established stable trends and mechanisms of disability policies

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The researcher seeks to conduct a desktop study to trace the origin of the law by unearthing the source of the ideas that laid foundation for the law, the political leaders who influenced the act, defining the policy and discussing its provisions that include guaranteed issue, minimum standards, individual mandate, insurance exchanges, subsidization of premiums, employers mandate, and bundled payments as well as their implication in the health sector especially on medical insurance matters.

Special Drawing Rights

The SDR interest rates calculations take place weekly. These rates act as the base for the derivation of other rates. In addition, SDR rates provide a foundation for evaluating rates to be used in the payment of interests on SDRs holdings, International Monetary Fund loans, levied charges on SDR allocations and quota subscriptions (Somanath, 2011)

Marketing Ethics

The discussed article has a title Ethical Issues in Marketing: An Application for Understanding Ethical Decisions Making. It was written by Professor Dr. Gazi and his assistants; it means that the article is worth reading