Ethical Code of Conduct

An ethical code of conduct for a long term care facility can be described as a standard method that can be used for personal conduct among all the employees in the facility.

Leadership and Management in Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

The situation selected is that of a care coordinator in the community health clinic responsible for implementing a program to improve adherence to treatment recommendations such as diet, exercise and medication for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Islamic Ottoman Empire and its Christians Dhimma Pact

Islamic Ottoman Empire and Dhimma Pact. One of the most famous policies of this state was the dhimma pact, the document which legitimated the place of non-Muslims in the Islamic empire.

Dorothea Orems Self-Care Theory

This paper analyzes the basic concepts of Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory and how concepts of the nursing metaparadigm are defined by the theorist.

God of Rain Figure of Cocijo

The figure of Cocijo currently located at the American Museum of Natural History is a representation of the Zapotec culture. It relates to the Classic period, Monte Alban III

Leadership in Russia

The present paper looks at the theoretical paradigms underlying leadership in Russia and segues into a discussion of leadership patterns of Russian supremos with an emphasis on Vladimir Putin.

Children Who Are Recently Arrived in the Community: Evaluation of the Programs

Ensuring a comprehensive development in childhood is a determinant of future positive outcomes of both individual and, more generally, community growth as a whole.

HIV in Malaysia

This essay provides a short description of Malaysia, its demographics, geography, commerce, society, and living conditions. Much attention is paid to information concerning HIV and AIDS.

Contrasting Education Equity Plans

The aim of this paper is to examine the equity plan for the state of Georgia and evaluate it in contrast to that of the state of Kentucky.

Critique of the Dutch in Java in The Hidden Force by Louis Couperus

The Hidden Force, a prominent work of the Dutch writer Louis Couperus, is a wonderful synthesis of the tentative attitudes and ideas of the Dutch colonial culture at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Most Important Issue in the Modern Middle East

Arab-Israeli conflict and the struggle between Shia and Sunni Muslims are important issues in the Middle East. This essay aims to analyze, compare, and contrast both conflicts.

The Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring

This report explores the value of the Jean Watsons theory of Human Caring in clinical practice. Similarly, it offers a rationale for the incorporation of the theory in health care practice and evaluation.

Tortious Obligations

Free business essay sample on topic Tortious Obligations. The Duty of Care Owed by One Person to Another. The Standard of Care Owed by One Person to Another.

HPV Cervical Cancer

This paper describes the epidemiology, history, causes, signs/symptoms, transmission, treatment, and prevention of HPV cervical cancer.

Harlem Renaissance Poets

The paper contains analysis of the poems by Hughes Langston and Claude McKay in the classical context of the Harlem Renaissance epoch.