Meaningful Use of Healthcare Data

The paper is devoted to a brief but nevertheless in-depth analysis of meaningful use of data in light of the HITECH Act of 2009. The findings clearly demonstrate the relevance of meaningful use of data along with existing gaps in the initial planning and implementation of the regulation. On the one hand, adherence to the set core criteria gave practitioners a possibility to improve their operations in a number of ways

The Truth About Customer Experience Article Review

Currently, businesses are obsessed with improving customer satisfaction and experiences due to a strong business competition among players coupled with gratification-conscious clients.

Healthcare Ethics

The ethical conduct in the health care profession provides a standard of behavior that has its foundation in confidentiality, commitment, and the creation of trustful relationships. The code asserts accountability and the moral obligation of an individual healthcare worker to all the clients he/she serves (National Association for Health Quality, 2011)

Individual Cultural Communication. Ethiopia

The Purnells model for cultural competence is a circular model that comprises of the following four rings: global society, community, family and person (Purnell, 2000). Global society is the outer ring that represents such aspects as world politics and communications, global exchange in fields of commerce, health and technology, war, famine as well as the increasing ability of people to travel around the world and interact with individuals from diverse cultures

SWOT Analysis & External Market Trend Analysis

SWOT Analysis Internal Property/Organization/Situation Analysis & External Market Trend Analysis. Directions: Conduct research to answer the following questions and then make recommendations as far as the next step if it is something positive or to solve the problems. Please write in complete sentences and include statistical information facts and figures to support your analysis

The Value of a Nonprofit Organization

A nonprofit organization has many different definitions based on the specific interests underlying its formation. The bottom line, however, is that these organizations are formed for other purposes rather than generating profit. They could be aimed at serving the community or the specified members of the organization but not on the grounds of selling shares or accumulating a profit

Wrong-Site Surgery and Medication Error

Each patient who seeks help in a medical institution is experiencing some ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, it is a feeling of deep faith in power of modern medicine, in high level of responsibility and expertise of the attending personnel. On the other hand a patient is inspired by personal experience, experience of uncertainty that as a result of medical care come complete freedom from illness and recovery

Contemporary Views of Leadership

Leadership exists in almost every institution. Leadership can also be found in a family, a school, and even in a business enterprise. Leaders play a vital role in ensuring that followers perform their duties as required

Ben & Jerrys Homemade: Case Analysis

The case study describes how Ben & Jerrys Homemade (Ben & Jerrys), an industry leader in the super-premium segment of the ice cream market, faces the process of considering different takeover offers from larger companies. Companys low rates of return on shareholders equity over the course of several years provoked dissatisfaction among some shareholders, including Perry Odak, the companys CEO and owner of a significant portion of shares (5,5%)

Misrepresentation Case Study

Ryan (2005) defines a contract as a legally binding agreement signed by two or more people with the intention of making it have a legal effect. In case of a breach of the agreement, the law will provide a solution. The contract between Shirley (the agent) and Stanly (the client) was void from the moment it was signed

Marketing Environment Analysis

This paper has the aim to research macro and microenvironment within the apparel industry of the modern fashion industry in the USA. The studied macro environment is based on the PESTEL framework.

Communicate the Value: Integrated Marketing Communications

Communicate the Value: Integrated Marketing Communications. Shin (2013) illustrates that an integrated marketing communication (IMC) brief is an approach to attaining results of a marketing movement via a well-synchronized utilization of dissimilar advertising strategies aimed at complementing one another

Human and Drug Trafficking

Nobody would argue the fact that such profound initiative as deployment of a comprehensive information system for reduction of human and drug trafficking in South Texas County requires multiple steps in regard to initial outline of the incentive. As a result, the given part also contributes much to the specific aspects of the suggested system

Betty Neumanns Systems model

Lisa is a ten-year-old girl who came to the hospital in which I was working as a volunteer during the last summer. She was shy and did not want to disclose the problem that made her come to the hospital. She was brought by her mother, who informed the nurses of what preceded the visit to the facility

Soap Notes for Diverticulitis

SOAP notes detail the findings that a physician receives after an interaction with a patient. These notes form the main conclusions that the writing physician rates as relevant and helpful to another health care practitioner to provide the necessary treatment to the patients (Morreale & Borcherding, 2013)