Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals

Patient safety is a fundamental consideration in the conduct of every employee. If an associate neglects the expected rules, regulations, and policies, patients lives might be at risk. In the case study, an employer realized that a particular employee was wrongly documenting patients charts.

Preparing Classroom Material

Nowadays, there is a considerable diversity of English language materials for teachers, which assist in conducting lessons and teaching students.

Business and Economics: POM Project

Any business has to be defined with its phases, management, environment, mission statements and other issues to reach all goals and planned revenue. The main purpose of this paper is to introduce to clients a realistic business case and make them realize they need this service.

Ongoing Management of Electronic Health Record

The Baptist Hospital in Miami is a facility that has adopted an electronic health record system in its operations. This hospital has embraced a system known as Net Access.

Volkswagens Fraud Case

This paper focuses on the overview of Volkswagen (VW) Company and the fuel emission fraud scandal that emerged recently.

Comparative Analysis of Puma and Reebok

The presented paper aims to contrast and compare the business models of two sport brands through the specification and analysis of brand models, positioning and competition strategies

Childhood Obesity Problem in Miami

Obesity is one of the most topical health problems, which endangers the population of the US. This issue deteriorates the quality of life and reduces the possibility of having a long and healthy life without restrictions of activity or a diet. Unfortunately, one of the age groups, which suffer from obesity specifically, are children and adolescents.

Ethical Issues of 3D Printed Weapons

Possession of unauthorized weapons manufactured by 3D printers abounds in high risks. The 3-D printing technology has existed since the early 1880s.

Euro Disneyland Case Analysis

Euro Disney Resort expected to have about half a million of visitors on the day of inauguration, but the influx of tourists was lower than anticipated. During the first three months, there was a big flop in the number of visitors

Defense Pushing Legal Boundaries

Free law essay sample on topic Defense Pushing Legal Boundaries. Right to Counsel. Ethical Rules Governing Defense Counsel

United States versus Canadian Healthcare System

The paper discusses the problems that exist in the healthcare system of the USA, compares it to the healthcare system of Canada and suggests possible solutions that the US system might use for its improvement.

Hookah Shop Business Plan

The Habibi Hookah Shop is an upscale hookah smoking bar that combines the features of hookah tradition, experience of Eastern culture, and fine cuisine.

Hepatitis B Virus Disease

Hepatitis is an infection caused by a variety of viruses. Few of them are of global importance. The hepatitis B virus is a causal agent of the hepatitis B disease affecting millions of people throughout the world.

Nutrition as the Basic Principle of Creation Health

The paper explores nutrition as the basic principle of creation health. It also researches nutrition as a part of CREATION system of principles, which includes choice, rest, environment, activity, trust, interpersonal relationships, outlook, and nutrition.


This research paper is a proposed patient-centered educational brochure/pamphlet on the clinical manifestations of the common treatment options for hypothyroidism.