The Role of Cyber Security in Counter-Terroism

The era of globalization has brought to our life a new phenomenon - the Internet, the information network that has linked a significant part of humanity in a single unbroken system. Today it is hard to imagine life without a computer and, therefore, without all the opportunities offered by the Internet

Healthcare Ethics

The ethical conduct in the health care profession provides a standard of behavior that has its foundation in confidentiality, commitment, and the creation of trustful relationships. The code asserts accountability and the moral obligation of an individual healthcare worker to all the clients he/she serves (National Association for Health Quality, 2011)

Marketing Ethics

The discussed article has a title Ethical Issues in Marketing: An Application for Understanding Ethical Decisions Making. It was written by Professor Dr. Gazi and his assistants; it means that the article is worth reading

Harassment and Chivalry

Errol, a “hero” of this case study, showed himself as a true gentleman defending the honor of a woman. Errol had to react immediately to Lee’s indignity following the duty to protect the reputation and honor of a woman.

Ethical Code of Conduct

An ethical code of conduct for a long term care facility can be described as a standard method that can be used for personal conduct among all the employees in the facility.

Ethical Issue: Pornography

The main aim of this paper is to analyze pornography as an ethical issue from different sides. That is why there are two ethical theories used to discuss this question, which are deontological ethics and virtue ethics. Moreover, pornography will be analyzed according to the perspective of relativism.

Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business practice of participation in initiatives that benefit the society.

Ethical Issues of 3D Printed Weapons

Possession of unauthorized weapons manufactured by 3D printers abounds in high risks. The 3-D printing technology has existed since the early 1880s.

Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals

Patient safety is a fundamental consideration in the conduct of every employee. If an associate neglects the expected rules, regulations, and policies, patients lives might be at risk. In the case study, an employer realized that a particular employee was wrongly documenting patients charts.