Volkswagens Fraud Case

This paper focuses on the overview of Volkswagen (VW) Company and the fuel emission fraud scandal that emerged recently.

Comparative Analysis of Puma and Reebok

The presented paper aims to contrast and compare the business models of two sport brands through the specification and analysis of brand models, positioning and competition strategies

Hookah Shop Business Plan

The Habibi Hookah Shop is an upscale hookah smoking bar that combines the features of hookah tradition, experience of Eastern culture, and fine cuisine.

Power, Conflict, and Coalition

This paper provides critical analysis of Arcadia Montessori Schools management and gives five recommendations on how to improve the development of social responsibility sector and social integration of physically disabled children.

Business Communication: Jones Soda Co.

Jones Soda Co. is one of the companies that specialize in the bottling and distribution of soft drinks, energy drinks, non-carbonated beverages, and candy.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre Business Excellence Model

The topic of Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center business excellence model is important since it helps establish the influence of this model on the effectiveness of the business in general.

Tortious Obligations

Free business essay sample on topic Tortious Obligations. The Duty of Care Owed by One Person to Another. The Standard of Care Owed by One Person to Another.

Apple Inc. Company

This paper intends to study the peculiarities of the business strategy of Apple Inc., its background, competitive environment, and specific strategies.

The Coexistence of Luxury Goods an Knockoffs in China

This paper starts by describing how China became both the leader of luxury goods consumer and the leader in knockoff sales.

The Business Aspects of the Prison System in United States

Since the early 1980s, there has been a revival in the private use of inmate labor with the passage of the 1979 Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program.

Business and Economics: Qatar

The paper provides a profound insight into domestic as well as international performance of the country in the current course of time.

Toyota- Supply Chain Management

Nowadays, Toyota offers entirely different products ranging from cars and robots to the construction of elite cottages. This is a multi-faceted company known for being the largest automaker in the world. The choice of the company to analyze its supply chain management is stipulated by Toyotas success on the world market and specialties of manufacturing and corporate culture

Special Drawing Rights

The SDR interest rates calculations take place weekly. These rates act as the base for the derivation of other rates. In addition, SDR rates provide a foundation for evaluating rates to be used in the payment of interests on SDRs holdings, International Monetary Fund loans, levied charges on SDR allocations and quota subscriptions (Somanath, 2011)

Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies

This paper aims to outline the main benefits of mergers and acquisitions. It discusses international strategies on the example of two different public companies. Moreover, it outlines the possible reasons for companies success within their spheres of activity

Business environment

A business environment is an immediate that influences business procedures, such as opponents, the brokers, the customers the business serve, the investors and the economic aspect. The main intention of a business association is to undertake the objectives and goals as detailed by the organisation in the mission statement and to fulfil their clients wishes while generating income