Healthcare System of Benin

The international community is trying to assist ill-developed African countries, and Benin is in dire need of help because the country is not ready to face its problems with weak economy, poor level of development, and low-quality health care.

The Adventures of Ibn Battuta

Many thousands of years ago Greek philosophers recognized that the oceans and seas were crucial places for making journeys, and, thus, for social and cultural engagement.

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

Celebrity worship syndrome (CWS) is a disorder whereby a person is obsessively addicted to a celebritys life. The individuals praised is usually a public figure, someone known and admired by many people (Maltby, McCutcheon, & Lowinger, 2011).

The Texas Prison System

A prison is a place for people who committed the crime. When criminals are behind bars, peaceful residents are protected from new robberies, murders, and rapes. People want those, who have been sentenced for their crimes, to suffer. However, there is one problem.

Ethics and Scientific Misconduct

Scientific misconduct refers to an intentional demonstration of an unethical behavior in the area of scholarly research. Its ramifications can be harmful for both researchers who commit intellectual theft and any individual who is exposed to it.

Life Span Healthcare Issues

Today, there is a widespread belief that lifespan issues insignificantly depend on the health system but are determined by lifestyle, genetic factors, and the state of the environment.

Can Probation Officers Change an Offender?

Relationships between a probation officer and an offender are an actual topic of discussion within the framework of effective offenders social rehabilitation. This paper considers the role of the officer in the process of offenders change and the ways the officer may employ to stimulate transformation.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the less studied yet fatal causes of death in modern society. In essence, most of these causes are exocrine tumors (McCance & Huether, 2014).

Hypertension Related to Ethnicity

Hypertension is a major problem both in the US and the world as a whole. Globally, over 9.4 million individual die, while 7.4% of the human population has disability-adjusted years of life because of the disease. Moreover, one billion people suffer from this health issue. Two-thirds of this population comes from middle-income countries.


The present paper focuses on the phenomenon of thalassemia, its pathophysiology, diagnostic testing and its peculiarities as well as treatment modalities and other relevant practical aspects.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Without any doubt, the word stress is one of the most widely used in scientific terminology. People usually use it to indicate that they suffer from nervous tension and that they are depressed or tired.

Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals

Patient safety is a fundamental consideration in the conduct of every employee. If an associate neglects the expected rules, regulations, and policies, patients lives might be at risk. In the case study, an employer realized that a particular employee was wrongly documenting patients charts.

Volkswagens Fraud Case

This paper focuses on the overview of Volkswagen (VW) Company and the fuel emission fraud scandal that emerged recently.

Comparative Analysis of Puma and Reebok

The presented paper aims to contrast and compare the business models of two sport brands through the specification and analysis of brand models, positioning and competition strategies

Ethical Issues of 3D Printed Weapons

Possession of unauthorized weapons manufactured by 3D printers abounds in high risks. The 3-D printing technology has existed since the early 1880s.