Tin Pan Alley is one of the great artists who managed to compose a song that became successful in the Twentieth and Thirtieth Century. As an artist, she managed to compose a song that had a “title of feel good” that tried to tell people some of the basic values of life and how they were supposed to live their lives through this did not bring a lot of complications despite the dictatorial error that violated all other rights of the human race. There are a number of factors that led to successful introduction and growth of Alley’s song “feel good”. The factors that led to the success of this song during the two mentioned centuries were mainly based on how the context of the song of the kind of message that the song was meant to display or bring into focus.

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In the year 1920 and 1930, people were subjected to very hash rule or condition of living as they were deprived of some of their basic or fundamental rights and this, therefore, mean that anything that could touch on the issue was to be eliminated with an immediate effect. Though Alley’s song touched on the lives of the suffering oppressed people, it didn’t bring create a picture under any given circumstance hence making it successful. The song used hidden terms that had no clear meaning but that made it very difficult to understand the kind of message it displayed hence making it grow (David, 2002). There were many songs that were blocked due to the kind of messages they tried to display that was majorly based on the lives of the people and the conditions that they were in by then.

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The most famous Tin Pan Alleys’s song

“Feel good” as one of the songs that successfully managed to be produced, though it touched on the lives of the oppressed, it also generalized some of the views according to the way the message was brought out (Kenneth, 2001). This is one of the major reasons as to why it became successful as it did not criticize any sides of the conditions and the tribulations that people were subjected to. Another reason as to why the song “Feels Good” became successful was because it had a partial support from some of the members who happened to be falling in the bracket of ruling class. This was one of the strategies that Alley used in successfully her song. She wanted to make the rulers or governors to know that her song was of no harm to their governance and was only meant for entertainment. It was because the governors by then were also longing for an entertaining music but due to the fact that they did not want the songs that were against their interests or wishes, they could not manage to find it. This made them feel very proud when Alley came up with the song that generally favored everyone. The song used a hidden method to focus on the lives of those facing a lot of tribulations. The kind of method used was to teach all people about some of the basic aspects of life. This did not create any suspicion because it was a general matter that talked on life and not the lives of the people in particular. From the context of the song, it can be concluded that the song “feel good” was successfully produced because its context was based on general matters that did not under any given circumstance criticize anybody. It can also be said that the song became successful because according to the artist, it was meant to entertain not to criticize anybody.

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