Article Critique

Quantitative Research Critique

In this section, the work under consideration is a research article by Giddens and Gloeckner (2005), which is aimed at investigating the relationship between critical thinking and performance of the nursing students from the Southwestern United States on a university-based nursing program. A random sample of 218 students completed two critical thinking assessments, and the appropriate analysis was done. The tests included the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) and the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI).


The results of this study are based on CCST and CCTDI. These two instruments provide quantitative data. CCST shows the total score as well as scored to five subscales, which measure the critical thinking of an individual. On the other hand, CCTDI uses 6-point Likert rating scale, which gives a total of 75 statements. The responses are arranged from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The test has a total of seven subcategories. These two tests are appropriate for this study because they limit to measuring only required items. Also, they supplied the quantitative data, which was the data type the researchers wanted to deal with.

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The descriptive data analysis, which the researchers did, was not conclusive. For example, they calculated the mean age of the sample, which was 30.3 years, leaving aside the standard deviation and standard error, which are crucial during result interpretation. Also, the study was not equally distributed across the gender because women (196) participated more than men (22). It was not properly distributed across the ethnic groups as well, since there were more minority students. In addition, the researchers did not utilize the graphical descriptive tools, such as pie charts, when presenting the findings. Graphs would help in visualization and simplifying the process of comparing the results between the categories. Visual comparison of the sample across gender would have been especially pertinent.

At the stage of the inferential statistics analysis, the researchers used the right test for comparing the group means of nursing GPA. The t-test is the appropriate test regardless the samples large size (N=218) because there is no certainty about the population variance. The authors also used an independent t-test for comparing the means of CCST and CCTDI. This test, however, is not appropriate because the same sample was given the two tests. There is dependent (paired samples), and, therefore, the fitting test would be the dependent sample t-test. Nevertheless, it was found that the GPA of pass and fail was statistically significant whereas CCTDI revealed that the pass group performed better than the fail group.

Obviously, the correct findings are based on a correct test. In this research, some findings, for example, those provided by the independent sample t-test, are wrong because they are received with improper tests. Lastly, the researchers did not analyze the reliability and validity of their research. These two tests are vital because they determine whether the data were accurately measured and recorded. Therefore, the results of this study cannot be fully trusted.


The authors correctly interpret the findings obtained and create an opportunity for future studies on the same topic. In this article, the researchers summarize the findings in simple terms, and cover all the objectives of the research, what is required in the discussion section of a scientific article (McMillan & Schumacher, 2014). The results illustrate that the critical thinking between the groups that failed and that passed are statistically different. The people with lower critical thinking abilities are more likely to fail any test given to them. This concept can lead to another study, which could investigate whether this difference is caused by the factors that not related to critical thinking. Lastly, the researchers recommend for the nursing educators to be more focused on improving the critical thinking of their students since this ability is positively related to the performance. This recommendation is clearly stated and direct to the point.

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The researchers did not correctly present their findings. First, they did not divide the report into subsections as it is required. They should have included parts such as methodology, descriptive analysis, and inferential analysis among others. Second, they did not properly make the descriptive presentation of the sample. The demographics of the sample such as gender and age should have been included in the form of graphs and charts. Third, the researchers seem not fully competent in the area of studies since the paper has several errors, and most of the statistical tests used are wrong. Finally, the summary of the research is comprehensive because it captures almost everything included in the research.

Qualitative Research Critique

The research by Dapremont (2014) is aimed at determining the strategies used by the Black nursing students to successfully complete studies dominated by the white nursing education programs. The questionnaire method is used for interviewing a random sample of eighteen black students. The responses from each questionnaire are recorded and analyzed.


The researcher hired two experienced staff members to transcribe all the audiovisual recordings of the interviews. Data coding was also done where similar responses were categorized. The researcher developed five themes, which capture all the responses. Also, an experienced statistician was involved in the data analysis process. All these features of the study prove that the researcher wanted the results of the analysis to be as accurate as possible. The author followed all the requirements in the data cleaning and analysis.

The research revealed that most students engaged in repetitive behaviors since they yielded desired positive results. Some students had daily routines established, but they did not follow them. Most students admitted that they wished they had known ways of improving their study skills on time. Moreover, the study discovered that most students are aware that in order to pass, they must fully understand the course content. On the other hand, the researcher proposes that an integration of more than two approaches would produce positive results. It is suggested that the students should be assisted with compiling a flexible daily schedule while the lecturers should make sure that they cover the course work on time. The students would have enough revision time and, thus, improve their general performance.

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The concepts included in the study are the nursing students daily routine, which is the day-to-day activities of the students, peer study groups, which are categorized into the blacks and the whites, and the reading course content. These concepts are directly related to the performance of the student. The study shows that proper structuring and following of the daily activities yield positive results. The latter are also determined by the kind of people who form a peer discussion group and the level of understanding of the main course concepts.


The researcher interprets all the findings obtained in the analysis section. She states that most nursing students obtain low grades during their senior years in the college because they were not diligent when they were during their first years. Also, the researcher claims that proper planning of the daily work is essential in determining the grades a student will receive. The interpretations are done using simple language, and the concepts are well organized. The researcher recommended that the lecturers encourage reading habits and develop early intervention programs for the students. This is the main recommendation of this article, which is well conveyed and addresses the research question.

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The researcher correctly presents her points and provides a clear statistical output. Also, the report is divided into subsections, which makes it easier for a reader to follow. The problem is that the writer did not apply the descriptive presentation tools such as graphs in explaining the demographics of the sample. The researcher did not use the correct format in presenting the inferential statistical output. On the other hand, the researcher is highly credible. The analysis done is well justified, and the results are thoroughly explained and, thus, can be trusted. Finally, the research is comprehensively outlined in the summary since the latter covers all important aspects of the report.

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