Global Healthcare Policy and Healthcare Delivery

Global health care has become a widely recognized concern for both governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. Decreased barriers to transporting and exchanging information changed the lifestyles of people of many countries. For example, due to an increase in the import of high-sodium and high-fat fast food, low-income groups have started suffering from chronic diseases

Obesity Epidemic among Children and Young People in America

Obesity Epidemic among Children and Young People in America. Childhood obesity is a national public health crisis, which constitutes to over a third of Americas young people who are obese. Obesity is a problem that is associated with a serious illness and health-related problems during childhood

Clinical Instructional Design and Evaluation

Patients suffering from diabetes have varying and comprehensive learning challenges and needs. The learning need in this instructional plan will be focused at educating and empowering the patients (Dunning, 2003). It will educate patients on different methods that can enhance management of glucose levels

Specific Needs In Health And Social Care

In any ways defined, disability or illness is familiar to every society. Each state, according to its level of development, priorities and opportunities, generates social and economic policies for people with disabilities. During the last twenty five-thirty years, the world has established stable trends and mechanisms of disability policies

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The researcher seeks to conduct a desktop study to trace the origin of the law by unearthing the source of the ideas that laid foundation for the law, the political leaders who influenced the act, defining the policy and discussing its provisions that include guaranteed issue, minimum standards, individual mandate, insurance exchanges, subsidization of premiums, employers mandate, and bundled payments as well as their implication in the health sector especially on medical insurance matters.

Paediatric Growth and Development

It is necessary to observe and discuss an example of adolescent scoliosis evidence.

Nightingale's Environmental Theory

Nightingale's environmental theory is based on medical practice approach, specifically, on nursing. This theory is explained in a book titled, Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not

High Mortality in Ukraine

Free nursing essay sample on topic High Mortality in Ukraine. Global Health Systems, Factors that Influence Global Health Systems and Health Disparities. Solutions and/or Current Efforts that Are Influencing and/or Advocating for Better Quality Care

High Mortality in Bulgaria

The paper considers possible reasons for the high mortality rate in Bulgaria. This situation requires research into the causes of such high mortality and development of measures to reduce it.

Epidemiological Analysis of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

This paper analyzes HPS, examining how the disease is spread, diagnosed and treated, while also establishing its preventive measures by considering who is at risk and why.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are considered a crucial problem in nursing. Moreover, they can result in hazards for patients, since they affect patient safety significantly and the treatment costs become a burden to their families.

Staphylococcus Aureus Infections

As staphylococcus belongs to the infections that occur in the healthcare environment most often, its prevention will be regarded in this paper.

Asthma Essay Sample

Asthma is a serious and in some cases sustaining disorder of the bronchial airways characterized by bronchospastic periods. Asthma may be caused by a variety of reasons.

Leadership and Management in Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

The situation selected is that of a care coordinator in the community health clinic responsible for implementing a program to improve adherence to treatment recommendations such as diet, exercise and medication for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Dorothea Orems Self-Care Theory

This paper analyzes the basic concepts of Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory and how concepts of the nursing metaparadigm are defined by the theorist.