Description and Critical Reflection of Empiric Theory

Description and Critical Reflection of Empiric Theory. Practical implementation of certain plans and treatment schemes is very important for any nursing activities in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed innovations. However, the theoretical basis for making any conclusions in the sphere of medicine and nursing is even more significant

Patient Medical History Case Srudy

The given paper intends to evaluate the medical history of the patient, provide a suppositional nursing diagnosis, and develop a teaching and nursing care plan for the patient.

Recommendations for the Physical Examination of the Lumbar Spine

The review concerns the strategies for identifying the causes of non-specific low back pains in order to facilitate adaptation of effective focused physical examination of the source of pain. The reason is the fact that back pain complaints are non-specific thus making low back differential diagnosis a complex procedure

Advantages and Disadvantages of Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

Advantages and Disadvantages of Legalization of Marijuana in Canada. Drugs is one of the most urgent and depressing problems in the world. Hundred millions of lives are shattered by these poisonous substances

Resolving Nurse Turnover at the Renfrey Memorial Hospital

Resolving Nurse Turnover at the Renfrey Memorial Hospital. The role of experienced nurses cannot be undermined within a healthcare setting or facility. In practice, experienced nurses execute their duties quickly and accurately

Female Circumcision

How does it feel to be a woman in the contemporary world? Women have to combine their career with the family life and be successful in both. They need to meet the expectations of society in order to become its successful members. The expectations vary, depending on the particular culture women live in; sometimes they encourage women to become stronger, but sometimes they leave women in despair

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is a mechanical damage of skull and intracranial formations, i.e. brain, blood vessels, cranial nerves, and brain tunic. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most urgent problems of modern medicine

Meaningful Use of Healthcare Data

The paper is devoted to a brief but nevertheless in-depth analysis of meaningful use of data in light of the HITECH Act of 2009. The findings clearly demonstrate the relevance of meaningful use of data along with existing gaps in the initial planning and implementation of the regulation. On the one hand, adherence to the set core criteria gave practitioners a possibility to improve their operations in a number of ways

Critique of Research Studies

In this section, the work under consideration is a research article by Giddens and Gloeckner (2005), which is aimed at investigating the relationship between critical thinking and performance of the nursing students from the Southwestern United States on a university-based nursing program. A random sample of 218 students completed two critical thinking assessments, and the appropriate analysis was done

Wrong-Site Surgery and Medication Error

Each patient who seeks help in a medical institution is experiencing some ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, it is a feeling of deep faith in power of modern medicine, in high level of responsibility and expertise of the attending personnel. On the other hand a patient is inspired by personal experience, experience of uncertainty that as a result of medical care come complete freedom from illness and recovery

Nursing Articles Review

Study Design: the study was designed in a program format. The authors have chosen to use educating posters and other visual materials, along with the face-to-face approaches, in order to challenge the group. It was decided that the medical intervention will be conducted three times per week

Healthcare Informatics Theories and Policies

Health professionals make difficult decisions on a daily basis concerning patients care. The major ones include the patient diagnosis, its diagnosis, and the best intervention afterwards. One of the greatest challenges is communication between the medical experts and patients concerning patient safety

Application of Standardized Terminologies

The use of standardized nursing terminologies continues to be imperative in nursing fraternity. In essence, it is a segment of nursing informatics that seeks to classify diagnostic assessment, intervention, and the outcomes by applying the evidence-based nursing technique (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015)

Betty Neumanns Systems model

Lisa is a ten-year-old girl who came to the hospital in which I was working as a volunteer during the last summer. She was shy and did not want to disclose the problem that made her come to the hospital. She was brought by her mother, who informed the nurses of what preceded the visit to the facility

Soap Notes for Diverticulitis

SOAP notes detail the findings that a physician receives after an interaction with a patient. These notes form the main conclusions that the writing physician rates as relevant and helpful to another health care practitioner to provide the necessary treatment to the patients (Morreale & Borcherding, 2013)