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Tourist attractions are places that have some historical, cultural or natural value, propose amusement or have any other significance and, thus, evoke peoples interest in visiting them. With the development of the society and peoples interests, the tourism industry had to undergo some changes and search for the new means to attract and entertain people. However, it became clear that interests of different states or cities should be promoted by specific organizations and should rely on peculiar and unique offers and strategies. The current paper focuses on Oregon Travel and its attractions, specific destinations, DMO and efforts of the organizations to recognize opportunities and promotions that are associated with this brand.

Part I

It is quite clear that each state has its own unique attractions. For instance, in Oregon, such attractions have mainly natural value and are called the Seven Wonders of Oregon. These include the Mt.Hood, Painted Hills, The Oregon Coast, Smith Rock, The Columbia River Gorge, The Wallowas, and Crater Lake (Travel Oregon, 2016c). However, as it commonly happens, the attractions that have natural value are accompanied with a variety of activities and interesting exciting offers that help visitors investigate these great spaces. In Oregon, people can walk, ride bikes, surf, hike, sleep in open air, drive cars or choose any appropriate pastime in the expanses of the Oregon Coast, Hells Canyon, Willamette Valley, and Oregon Caves (Forsha, 2015).

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Travel Oregon is a statewide tourism brand. Its new campaign was established on March 18, 2016 (Travel Oregon, 2016f). The slogan with the video ad attracts visitors with the idea that despite many activities that are available in the area, they are not obliged to do anything. In such a way, people can see that Travel Oregon meets all their preferences. Therefore, the Seven Wonders of Oregon and Oregons inspiring multifacetedness can be defined as the major direction of the brand and its new campaign.

The initiators insist that this new brand will ensure a number of new opportunities for the community, and let people participate in cultural events of the state. Being governed by Katy Clair or Amy Walker, the brand offers many creative assets. These are the design breakdown, changes in headline types and colors, new size and lines for the campaign logo, innovation in photography, changes in print and digital ads, better and improved Instagram and Twitter activity, etc. (Travel Oregon, 2016e). With regard to all of the above-mentioned changes, the brand and its campaign targets all groups of individuals dividing them into three groups including the millennials, gen X and boomers (Travel Oregon, 2016a). The major marketing tools aimed to attract these groups are TV, digital video, cinema, print editions, OOH (out of home) campaigns and social media (Travel Oregon, 2016a).

It is important to remember that transportation, attractions and entertainment, travel agencies, accommodations and directions are the essential components of the tourism industry (Cook, Hsu, & Marqua, 2014). Therefore, it is necessary to consider all the aspects when referring to Travel Oregon. The transportation issues, for instance, are strongly associated with cooperation with Alaska Airlines. However, getting around Oregon is another concern. Travel Oregon offers such mean of transportation like bike riding, public and private transportation (Travel Oregon, 2016b). In order to help the visitors, the TO website offers numerous ways to search transport, mentions airport locations, weather etc. Attractions and entertainments are divided into several categories, such as hiking, fishing, farms and stays, forests, parks and refuges, waterfalls, golf, casinos, wineries and wine, cycling, and performing art (Travel Oregon, 2016d). As for the accommodation, Travel Oregon website lists possible lodgings that include hotels, campgrounds or RV parks. The Clymb, Travel Oregon and You Might Like Oregon are the websites that are user-friendly and informative for the tourists, who need help with their trip planning. In addition to that, such agencies as Roadtrippers, Alaska Airlines, Oregon Travel Information Council and some other state agencies can be helpful in making plans for the perfect vacation.

Part II

Tourism industry does not only entertains people, but also contributes to the economy of the states or cities that has become travel destination. This is why the task of each DMO is to put maximum effort in the development of the attractions and in their availability for people from all over the world. Oregon Tourism Commission has defined several major directions for tourism during the last year. The first one is the reduction of seasonal fluctuations that are common for travel industry (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). The second one is to prolong the tourists stay in the region with the goal of increasing the financial flow to Oregon. Finally, the third aim is to attract a greater number of international visitors to the country and region. Therefore, the DMO is inspired to apply the new strategies and tools to deliver the most efficient message to the travelers and to show the high potential of Oregon to the visitors. The outdoor recreation, the cultural heritage of the region, the national historic sites, the culinary abundance and natural beauty are the advantages that become of the primary attention (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). With regard to the fact that people travel in search of new experiences, the issues that Travel Oregon must target are experiences and impressions. As for the target markets, Oregon Tourism Commission (2016) defines four of them, including the Americans, Europeans, Oceanians and Asians. Each of them is investigated separately considering their peculiarities.

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The information on American visitors is saved in the Oregon Visitor Profile Report to help further analysis define the weak sides that need improvement. The report shows that the target consumers are the adults aged 25-64 that can spend 1,000$ on a yearly vacation (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). The most popular visiting states are Idaho, Washington, Northern California and Oregon itself. Southern California, NY and Canada are the secondary locations. With regard to the psychographic segmentation, the tourists that visit Oregon are potentially adventurous, curious and experienced. Very often, travelling has become their lifestyle. In many cases, they enjoy cooking and are experienced in culinary art. As a result, Oregon Tourism Commission (2016) organizes numerous activities for Active Vacationers, such as hiking, fishing, water sports, bicycling, beach activities, golf etc. In addition to that, the American and Canadian travelers are encouraged to visit Oregon through the travel trade programs and package tours that ensure convenient transportation and accommodation. Besides, the group-packaged opportunities are provided to encourage family travels and group sightseeing. The Western Canada and British Columbia offer more convenient flights to Calgary and Toronto (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016).

The European travelers often have six weeks of vacation per year. Hence, Oregon Tourism Commission strives to show that this time can be very interesting and diversified in Oregon. In order to reach target market, Travel Oregon is represented in the UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia and the Netherlands (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). Media relations and cooperation with travel agencies and tour operators is very important in this case. Hence, participation in annual educational sales, World Travel Market, ITB and other events is crucial to develop customer loyalty and popularity of Oregon. The presentation of the offers on Facebook and Twitter is also an effective tool for the brand development worldwide.

The Oceania-related strategies are similar to strategies aimed at European visitors and are focused on making Oregon remain popular and interesting. The visitors from Australia and New Zealand have already realized that Oregon is abundant with beauty, adventures, culinary. Even though the Australian visitors are often interested in neighboring states, Travel Oregon has put various marketing efforts to show the value of the Oregon state. For instance, VisaVue, top media inquiries and Pow Wow leads support in-country representation of Travel Oregon in the Oceania markets (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). In addition, the travel trade managers are hired to represent the brand internationally.

The primary Oregon interest on the Asian market is Japan. The major target of the Oregon Tourism Commission (2016) are the young travelers, who spend up to 500$ per day. According to the statistics, the Japanese are strongly interested in golf, what has made the Travel Oregon increase emphasis on golf of the world class. In addition to that, the interest for cycling has attracted the Oregon Tourism Commissions attention to the development of cycling. In order to promote the brand in Japan, Travel Oregon closely cooperates with Japan Representative Office. As a result, the related information is distributed through media, thanks to cooperation with Delta Airlines, host tour operators and other collaborative promoters (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). Less exposure Oregon travel has in the Korean and Chinese tour operators and airlines. For all countries Internet, social networks and media events remain effective promotion tools.

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The next direction that contributes to the development of Travel Oregon is the focus on the proper training and education of the workers in the industry. It also remains open to partnership offers from various sides. For example, the organization offers free training for the tourism industry workers called Oregon 101. The seminar provides useful information for the tour operators, government agencies, entertainment or attraction representatives, and all other representatives of the tourism industry (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). In addition, Oregon Guest Service Training has a great impact on the development of the industry. New interesting ways to perfect customer service, business reputation and many other sides are proposed to the participants. Guest Service Gold is a related program that encourages the participants to ensure the best memorable Oregon experience to their visitors (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). Other training programs that are offered to the industry representatives are tourism studios. These include the studios for the rural, bicycle, culinary and agritourism development (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). Each studio is aimed at stimulating local economy, cultural and natural resources. In addition, the Destination Development offered by Travel Oregon defines its goal as creating the world-class travel assets (Oregon Tourism Commission, 2016). This is why even though much has been done new tours and standards are still being developed. Improvements in the industry refer to all destinations, both domestic and international ones, and all aspects including active rest and adventures, forests, parks, waterfalls, golf, wineries etc.


To conclude, one can see that the Oregon DMO can be defined as an active organization aimed to improve the tourism industry in practically all directions. Launch of new educational and training programs and cooperation with domestic and international partners let the Travel Oregon brand become attractive for the tourists. The chosen marketing tools for the promotion of the Oregon attractions are quite effective in ensuring the worldwide interest towards this state.

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