Professional Development in Business

My name is Jingwen Zha. I am a professional tourism and event manager. I am enthusiastic about the work in the travel and hospitality industry, in a hotel, to be more precise

Assessing Walmart - The Main Street Merchant of Doom

Walmart is a retail network of identical universal stores, which sell goods at prices below average. Some critics of the network claim that Walmart contributes to the displacement of small traders from the market, including small family shops. Also, a number of individuals and organizations give evidence in favor of the fact that the network stores have a negative impact on the environment, and the rights of the personnel are often violated

Mediation and Arbitration

At the workplace there are conflicts that require resolving amicably for the benefit of both parties in question. When these conflicts occur, the parties need a means of resolution and there are several options to choose from. These options often include litigation, mediation and arbitration

Market simulation

What was your strategy for each of the decisions entered into the simulation game in Quarters 1 12?. This market simulation strategy focused on developing the right strategies that the business can implement in order to have control over the market. Furthermore, market simulation strategies enable businesses to become more competitive as they know which of the strategies they need to apply at a given point in time in order to take advantage of emerging market opportunities as well as edging out extreme competition from the market

Value Communication

It is very important for a successful marketing program that targets consumers to receive messages about a product. Many of such messages are aimed to change or shape attitudes, they should lead to short- or long-term actions. The message must make a potential buyer purchase the product.

Is the Social Responsibility of Business to Increase its Profits?

Is the Social Responsibility of Business to Increase its Profits?. The concept of social responsibility in terms of business activity is a controversial, complicated and quite miscellaneous issue, especially in the current course of time. The notion of business activity has often been regarded as being rather far from any ethical norms and moral principles

Wal-Mart Global Strategies

The history of Wal-Mart retail chain began in the 1940s, when Sam Walton started working in one of the stores in Iowa, with a salary of $75 per month. In 1950, he was able to buy his first store in Bentonville, Arkansas. Nowadays, the headquarters of Wal-Mart is located in this town (Brunn, 2006).

Life-Five to Ten Years from Now

For any business to operate successfully, it must have a well laid down plan that includes its vision, mission, and the goals that need to be achieved through defining the companys objectives. The same issue happens to a personal life where failing to plan your life means planning to fail in your entire life

Business Environments of Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand

The success of any given business depends so much on the environments surrounding it. The culture of the people around added to the policies that different countries and regions have concerning business transactions play a significant role in achieving the business goals and objectives. McGregor points out that prior to any investment it is advisable to carry out an analysis of the dynamics governing the success of businesses in a given area

Defining mortgage expenses

The case is solved in several steps. The first step includes calculation of available funds as the sum of excess budget (growing by the inflation rate each year), difference between Denises full time and part time wages (also subject to inflation effect), merit increase of Mannys wage over the years 2 to 11 (subject to inflation effect), and excess amount of re-mortgage loan received in year 1.

Business Decision Making

London Marketing Research Company Ltd (LMRCL) is the company that operates Stratford, London Borough of Newham in East London. Commission Restauranteur (a France based Restaurant) has awarded London Marketing Research Company Ltd by a contract. As a result, London Marketing Research Company Ltd (LMRCL) helps Commission Restauranteur to be efficient at the British market

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

ABC Corporation is a multinational cooperation based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The corporation specializes in energy production and is the largest corporation in Latin America in terms of revenues. The company was founded in 1959, and has been a monopoly in the oil sector in Brazil since its establishment

How and Where Do I Fit in an Entrepreneurial World?

How and Where Do I Fit in an Entrepreneurial World?. Entrepreneurship is definitely not the path everyone can follow. The presented paper focuses on the analysis of my skills and abilities that could be used in the world of entrepreneurship.

The Truth About Customer Experience Article Review

Currently, businesses are obsessed with improving customer satisfaction and experiences due to a strong business competition among players coupled with gratification-conscious clients.

Risk Analysis and Returns

To choose the best option for investment, one should calculate a number of indexes for all the companies and compare them. First, one has to analyze the value of Operating Income Margin. This ratio shows the amount of profits the company receives from every dollar of sales and is necessary to analyze the companys pricing strategy and operating efficiency