Traumatic Injury

It has been estimated that about 3.8 million of disabling injuries are caused as a result of injuries in workplace. 15 percent of these injuries is due to slips and falls which amounts to 12 percent of the expenses that are used by the company to compensate workers for the injuries. Trips and falls in a company should be avoided this is because they can cause death and great expenses on the company. Apart from the company expenses the worker and his family also incur expenses and suffers trauma. According to National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (2007),??? ???over one million people suffered slip and fall injuries and 17,000 people in America suffered death as a result of this. This paper will look at the plan to the prevention of trauma injuries as a result of slips and falls in a corporation that manufactures computer microchip processors. It will also look at a plan to prevent violence at workplace.

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Plan to prevent slip and falls injuries

This will be achieved by first creating awareness of injuries that result to slips and falls among the workers. They should be aware that these injuries vary from minor to serious injuries. So the as the occupational health officer in the company I would first educate the workers on causes of slips and falls and their causes and how to prevent this. Some of the causes include poorly maintained floors, wet floor, poorly maintained staircases, and holes on the floor, slippery shoes and extension cords or wires on the floor among others. The works should be extra careful to prevent slips and falls. As the occupational health officer, I would also advice the business owner to get rid of all the hazardous for slips and falls by for example making sure that the floor is well maintained and repaired in case of holes and cracks. In case they are not in the position to get rid of hazards immediately, they should alert workers immediately to be careful. The owner of the corporate should ensure there are no loose floor materials such as tiles and carpets. The electrical cords should be properly fixed and the cabinets should be well closed. He should be aware of the injuries slip and falls can cause and the expense can fall on to the corporate. The workers should report even minor slips and falls in order to prevent serious injuries like brain injury. This is important as the cause of slip will be fixed immediately. I would encourage workers to wear the correct footwear at workplace such as flat soled shoes to prevent slips and falls. The manager should always conduct inspection of the work surfaces and floor to ensure its safe to walk on (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, 2007).

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Plan to prevent violence at workplace

Workplace violence includes verbal abuse, harassment, physical attacks, written threats and threatening behaviors. The workplace violence is best worked on if the management is committed to stop it. To prevent workplace violence the first thing to do is to know the causes of the violence in the corporate. I will then involve the management in preventing the violence by writing the policy they should follow to prevent the workplace violence. The policy should define the workplace violence, the ways of investigating and resolving the problem. Encourage the workers to report the incidences of violence .as the occupational health officer I would make a commitment to review the policy regularly. The policy will inform the employee of the behaviors that the management consider inappropriate and the way they should handle such incidences. It also informs them of who to contact in case of the violence in the corporate (Gallant, 2008). The corporate should consider finding the causes of violence at workplace and coming up with strategies of making changes. For example it may consider changing workplace design or administrative design if they are causes of violence

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