The role played by each member of the society either male or female depended on the cultural values, beliefs and norms impacted on its members through the process of socialization. The ascribed role and responsibilities were allocated based on gender and sex. The men dominated most of the   position whereas the women were supposed to be submissive and uphold the moral of the society. During the socialization process a relationship is normally created which dictated how the members should interact with one another. Based on the kind of relationship that existed within the society, there had been some disparity of how men and women were predisposed in the society.

But the world we live today has taken a different course from the one man lived in for the past few decades. As a result of evolution and advancement in science and technology the way men and women relate to one another is different especially at the family level. The picture that we hold today about the two principles is different from the one we had some years back. This has come about as a result of struggle for recognition and equality in the society by women and the opposing pressure from the men (Midge, 106).

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In enhancing the understanding of this concept it will be in respect to the work of Midge (97). According to him, he portrays the position of an American woman, how she has evolved over time and the change of relationship between men and women. In marriage for example a woman was supposed to pledge obedience to her husband and respect the decision made by her husband. She was not allowed to express her own views pertaining to family matters. This was a mechanism placed by men to deprive women power and liberty in airing their voices. The situation was escalated by the fact that most of the women had no regular income to sustain themselves without depending on men therefore compelling them to be more submissive.

Consequently, in the business sector the disparity and oppression of women by men was realized in different domains. The men monopolized all the profitable employments leaving women with less income generating employments (William, 263). They were only allowed to engage in small scale businesses such as managing shops, weaving and working in light manufacturing industries which paid them low returns.

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With emergence of these vices the relationship between men and women has been that of revivals where each party is fighting each other. Women through the feminist movement seek to secure for quality life to all women and impact the norms and moves that are societal based in upholding their social position (Doctorow, 188). Most women have been empowered through the education process where they have been equipped with knowledge and skills which assist them to earn their own living via employment. It has also made it possible for most of the women to have access to political and leadership positions in the society hence threatening the position of men in the political arena.

In respect to emergence of modern women the relationship between men and women has changed from that of being dependent to independent. Today’s woman being industrious and aggressive has more opportunity of generating more income thus not depending on men any more. They can manager business, write plays and own firms, just to mention but a few. The modern woman has freedom to explore and develop her vision to greater heights without any hindrance from the society. This portrays her being an autonomous human being with ability to think and act according to her wish thus enhancing personal development (Doctorow, 248).

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It is vital to note that the effort unleashed by women in securing their position in the society cannot be undermined. It has brought in the realization of their potential in economic, political and social development. It has also brought in the aspect of equality which offers chances to both men and women without discrimination thus enhancing personal development.