Every leader in any country is expected to be dedicated in his ruling in order to set an example, but this is totally different to African leaders. Libya been situated in North Africa is one of the countries which experiencing armed conflict betwixt Muammar Gaddafi and the democrats. Gaddafi was known to be a de-facto ruler of Libya since 1969 as he has been in power for42 year. It is later that Gaddafi tuned to become a dictator leader as he did not give room for genuine successor to his position.

He is believed to have violated human rights since 1980s as from 1990s he had authorized western languages to be removed from the school curriculum and the affected the people of Libya as they were only involved in domestic issues. He was doing this to Libyans as he feared anyone who could oppose him and once someone was guilty of founding a political party was executed.

The people of Libya are protesting as they want to become rid of his dictatorship and he notorious way of ruling and even terrorism abroad. For some reason which people were not pleased with, an open protest started on 13th and 16th of January and a human right lawyer was arrested and this when people started to demonstrate in front of police headquarters calling for an end of Gaddafi government as the set fire to police and the security buildings.

There are several reasons to why they are protesting as numerous opposition parties are calling for the return of the 1952 constitution and for the transition to multi-party democracy. The opposition side which is made of militaries that have joined to rebel, teacher and engineers  who are helping to have committees which to help the collect weapons are much determined to make Gaddafi step down and allow a democratic election to be held.

The inhuman in Gaddafi regime is also felt by his military forces as he ordered them to use power and shoot the protestor but they have refused where he was made to have some mercenaries do that showing that he has no mercy to his country as well as the citizens.


Though it is sounding insecure to protest against Gaddafi regime the international human rights bodies should intervene against Libya and let Gaddafi step down and a democratic election to be held as people will continue to lose their lives due to Gaddafi’s dictatorship. Love of power should not ruin leaders mind as they are to be loyal and respectful to the citizens and proper use of constitutions to be considered as this will help different counties and save them to risks of such kind.