Jazz music group started back in the early 1980`s with African roots. Jazz is a musical tradition and style of music, which originated from African American communities in the beginning of the 20th century in the Southern United States. These resulted from a confluence between the African and the American traditions. It is of significant to note that Jazz music was a product of New Orleans melting pot, which also was also a musical band in the streets of New Orleans. The jazz way of music that was mainly instrumental that was of the West African slaves made a big contribution to the birth of the music.

The major difference between jazz and blues was that jazz was definitely American experience not an African one. Most of the jazz instruments came from the European brass brands. Consequently, that jazz was the product of the blacks who were not salves and could not remember their ancestors back in Africa. Most blacks were more American than many immigrants who were tripping the Atlantic in millions in the 20th century before and after World War I. The funerals of the brass brands of the New Orleans were very important to the development of the jazz music.

Jazz was a certain music that was born to dace to. Jazz music had no lyrics or the lyrics were artificially those of pop song. The lyrics were eventually disposable. By 1940`s jazz music had been developed to many styles of music that included Pop, Traditional, Dixieland, Swing, and Latin manipulates of jazz. Some of the major contributors of the jazz music development include Joe Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and Ferdinand Morton. The bands played in a style that could later Dixieland. Dancing became the latest craze during the 1930`s and these was due to the outstanding like of the music by many in the United States. Jazz has a variety of forms even today such as Acid Jazz, which is the most recent. Jazz music is becoming more acceptable these days.