In every society there are aspects of ranking people in various categories depending on various factors. In most of these societies, individuals are stratified and identified with certain social groups depending on the social economic status, religion, race, political affiliations and tribe, among others. On the other hand, there are other small units of ranks which are formed based on certain factors rather than those mentioned above. Most of small ranks are inclined to a certain portion of the population that as a result of some factors either, socially, physical or mentally makes them appear special in a way. The process of ranking people differently in the society is not a bad issue but the problem arises on the mode of interpretation which is attached to such an identity.

I have the feeling that people would hold varied opinions pertaining to a particular issue. The same concept would be transferred in the way of thinking as well as understanding the meaning attached to a certain social identity group. Other people would generalize the behaviour of people in a certain social group and categorize them on such grounds. Similarly, others would use stereotypes to judge the entire group. One of the social identity groups that have been unfairly judged by people is the single mothers. Therefore it is respect to this crucial group of people that we would give a comprehensive and concrete discussion pertaining on how the society has viewed their position in the society.

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I believe that in any given society there are single mothers who live together with their children or other family members. They form part and parcel of the entire community where they have the right to lead a normal life just like any other person without discrimination or stereotype. For instance, I am a single parent but I never wished to be one at any given moment in my life. But as a result of unavoidable circumstances, I joined single mothers, but above all, I have the obligation to provide and educate my children. I have no objection of my position as a single mother in the society but my greatest concern is the manner in which these categories of people of individuals are viewed in the society. The society through its various institutions has tarnished the image held by single mothers. We are seen as being parasites that only wait to depend on resources generated by the other members of the society.

The society believes that we are not in a position to fully take care of our families. However, being a single mother has many challenges that are socially constructed (Benokraitis 2007). In the job market single mothers are not taken into account despite their prolific knowledge and qualification in some of the jobs. They are also denied managerial posts based on the stereotype that since they came from broken families, their inability to manage their marriage affairs portrays them as being poor managers hence they cannot hold managerial position in various organizations. Is it justifiable to judge ones potential from such a perspective? How many more people in other social identity groups would be denied such chances based on stereotypes? Basically, it is evident that, unless we realize role played by single mothers in elevating economic growth, this nation would slow down the economical development.

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I believe in the saying that ‘’disability is not inability’’ and that I have the potential just like any other person to hold managerial position. I may be a single mother but this should not be taken as an avenue to prevent my contribution in national development projects.

Being a single mother, we are associated with immorality as well as people with low moral values in the society. Most people believe that the predicament that is facing single mothers is as a result of their immoral behaviour in the society (Karst, 2000). They are not in a position to live comfortably with a man and this is the main cause of their abandonment. On the contrarily, this is not the case since I believe we are just like any other person with the feeling of having a companion in our lives. However, as I have mentioned above, there are various reasons that can lead one to become a single mother. For instance, in my case, I was happily married to my husband but he passed away in a fatal road accident.

It is now ten years since he passed away and I have been in a position to provide for my children. I did not change my focus in life because I am a widow. Therefore, it would be unfair to state that single mothers are immoral due to the fact that they live without a man figure in the home. This does not mean that they engage in prostitution or sleep a round with men. Consequently, there are many married couple but a greater percentage of them engage in immorality. This notion holds no solid evidence about the behaviours of single mothers. The society should try as much as possible to understand challenges that this group of people are facing and help them to move on with their lives.

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In conclusion, an aspect of single motherhood is a socially constructed concept that does not reveal the greatest potential which lies beneath their domain. Their role in national development is undermined but unless the society changes its way of viewing identity groups by inculcating a proper way of socialization, it will have a negative impact in the realization of millennium goals and attainment of vision 2030 which in turn would remain an illusion in the minds of people.