Staffing plan entails bringing onboard new workforce into an organization and making sure that they serve valuable additions to the workforce. It is a vital part of human resources management to develop strategies for recruiting new personnel following laws and regulations set forth by the Department of Labor. The aim of staffing is to match the abilities of the candidate with the needs of the organization (Kilborn, 1992).


 The key rationale of the staffing plan is to affirm that an organization project has adequate qualified workforce with the right proficiency and experience so as to guarantee high hopes of successful and completion of the projects. In this regard, a comprehensive breakdown of the major roles and how to execute the project tasks is a major requirement. Specifically, project roles seek to elaborate, the project responsibility, skills required, number of staff required to fulfill the role, the estimated start date and the expected end date and the staff resource needed to accomplish  the project.

About the company

 Mid West Textile, is a small Company which is concerned with handling second hand clothes and shoes in Texas City. The human resource department is involved with the hiring of employees in the company. In the recent past, the company has experienced tremendous growth becoming the leading company in exporting second hand clothes to third world countries. This has led to labor deficiency in  various departments of the company, hence giving the human resource department an uphill task in meeting the demand in the labor market.

Department and department heads

 The company has an executive department  which is headed by  the President who is assisted by  an administrative assistant , other departments include the human resources department which  has its manager and secretary, the accounting department  which is managed and  controlled by the accounts clerks, the marketing department which is run by the manager ,the  sales department which is headed by sale manager, the logistics department which is  concerned with planning and organization of the movement of their equipment and the supplies department.

Determination of how many workers are needed

 Due to tremendous growth, the company is looking forward to hire10 new qualified personnel to address the emerging needs, To address the issue expansion new workforce is needed to fill positions which include new administrative assistant to the President as the sitting one is retiring after long serving of the company, two clerks are also needed for the accounting department since the tasks have recently increased. Other employees who are also a gently needed include four business development specialists for the marketing department, and three buyers for the logistics department

Strategy to recruit high quality employee

 According to Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe & Wright (2007) functional staffing plan clearly defined selection procedures of the jobs that need to be filled. It is affirmed that, in order to acquire qualified personnel the human resource management must develop strategies to recruit suitable applicants who have the ability to execute relevant tasks in the industry.

Mid West Textile will have. To set reasonable job specifications requirements, job descriptions, which are lists of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that the job requires. The major methodologies to hire qualified employees include; Forecasting on the needed workforce and then recruiting the needed employees and this has proved to be successful. These job descriptions will also help the applicants to know the kind of skills required and the qualifications needed to perform the functions for which they are considered. In addition the company will have to specify What specific skills are needed for a candidate to be successful, the employee competence, compensation, the number of qualified employees needed, the qualifications options available and the past experience needed to obtain high responses from the public the Company will have to advertise for the positions of personnel needed to work in the respective departmental positions,(Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright, 2004).

Prevention of high of employee’s turnover

 Lauderdale (1995) puts the matter under discussion to light by pointing out that, companies could increase the working hours from Monday to Thursday for instance, then give its employees a free Friday afternoon based on productivity. This will encourage the employees to work for longer hours with a goal of better productivity for the company throughout the week and still enjoy some personal time on Friday afternoons. Secondly Elmuti (1993) points out that, the Company can buy industry journals and magazines and let them lie around the office. The company can take advantage of such opportunities to market themselves to potential employees who will get to know about the company and probably with time choose to work for the company and not its competitors hence discouraging high turnovers. Valuable training for the employees hired is very vital. This will show how committed the company is by training its employees sufficiently and adequately. For instance, the company could take the company for a trip away for training as they also encourage bonding among themselves and familiarizing of employees to their seniors. According to Kilborn (1992) use of pre qualifying hiring firms will save the company a lot of time and resources. The company should outsource and get suitable experienced hiring firms, which do screening for qualified employees. The advantage is that once the recruited employees don’t perform, the company is not obliged to pay them.

Legal compliance in recruitment

 In order to have successful staffing plan Mid West Textile Company should consider in engaging in its employees into legal contracts. The contract should holds that if there is no specific employment contract saying otherwise, the employer or employee may end an employment relationship at any time, regardless of cause (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe & Wright, 2007). Makower (1995) asserts that Legal and practical issues during the staffing process will call for use of interview method which an aim obtaining a clear picture of the applicant’s full potential. This will entail the candidate meeting the recruitment committee and discussing into details the order of executing the number of tasks to be offered and answering into detail the necessary tools to be used. At the same time the candidate must ascertain a clear description of materials and tools which are needed be used in the company according to industry standards. The third stage is to take the applicant on a paid installment based on the mail stones accomplished. The last stage is evaluating the applicant’s abilities during work time and paying them for a full project after completion of the contract. More over each worker must be given the full details of specific project contract, enlightening the terms of payment and tasks to be performed.

The hiring process, should also respect candidates’ privacy rights and understand that the information gathered during the selection process may include information that employees consider confidential (Gerhart, Hollenbeck, Noe & Wright, 2007). At the same time the company should seek to know is the selected candidate bears the right American citizen’s ship, and must respect legal boundaries. The companies company's staffing plan should also comply with both state and federal discrimination rules.