That there are different levels of support for learning and change abound, is a matter which cannot be repudiated or gainsaid. The truth behind this is seen in the fact that experts point out at five main approaches to change and learning. The five means of learning and behavior or personality change are:  coaching, teaching, mentoring, awakening and sponsoring. Of these five, two (sponsoring and awakening) are the most factored important in this essay. Sponsoring is the process in which the presence and identity of the person is recognized and acknowledged. The recognition and acknowledging aspect is usually referred to as seeing and blessing in plain terms.

This method involves seeking after and subsequently safeguarding the potential that is within the person as the learner. While at it, it is the development of core identity which is mostly considered as the very core value. To make sponsoring mostly effective, there is need to foster commitments to the promotion of a value that is already within the student, yet the same value has not yet manifested itself to its full potential. This approach may at this juncture be mainly effective, through the use of constant messages which may be sent to the learner. Some of the messages may simply state: I see you; you are very valuable; you exist; you are special; welcome; unique; loved; and very useful. It is because of this that it is considered and firmly held that a good sponsor is one who is able to create a context in which others are able to grow, act and even excel. Sponsors who are good are also considered to provide contacts, resources, conditions and resources that allow both an individual and a group to focus on their abilities and skills, exploit them and nurture them. In the above wavelength, it is possible to see the lucidity of the claim that “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” This is because, in seeking to make his goals (transforming many for the better) to succeed, it becomes important for the sponsor to inculcate positive attitudes into or among the learners. This is done by the dissemination of positive messages that convey the learner’s importance and potential. Once the learner learns and becomes solidly convinced that he has a great potential, it is obvious that he is going to shine as a great achiever. That the realization of potential is the key towards the realization of success is a matter which cannot be gainsaid. Ben Carson is one such person who performed dismally in academics while in his elementary. Upon realizing the vast amount or extent of potential that he possessed, he sold himself to dexterity and academic commitment thereby rising to become the world’s greatest neurosurgeon.

The case is also seen to be true in the case of Rachel Burley. I Burley was initially susceptible to being absorbed in the mannerisms and whims of others until she noticed or acknowledged that many people had infringed on her personality. It is at this juncture that she started to work on this weakness for the better and thereby positively and greatly changing the course of her personality and interpersonal interaction. The term awakening on the other hand refers to an approach that transcends coaching, mentorship, teaching and sponsorship. Awakening is totally inclusive of the recognition of mission, spirit and vision. The trainer in this case is referred to as the awakener and is at this juncture expected to support the learner by providing certain contexts and experiences which are to bring out the best of the learner’s understanding of love, spirit and self. This is to say in simple terms that an awakener “awakens” others (his learners) through the strength and reality of his own congruence and integrity. In order to ensure that this noble venture is tenable, it is imperative upon the awakener to align other people in touch with their very own visions and missions. This may demand of the awakener, being in full contact with his very own mission and vision. This above explanation underscores the great extent to which awakening ensures the fulfillment of the notion that “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” This is true because, by following his goals, vision and mission, the awakener will be living a higher calling that will cause him to shine either in interpersonal skills, career, and profession or even in academics. By extension, the learner is made to shine just like his awakener, since the awakener makes him to align himself with greater vision, mission and direction in life. Thus, it becomes true that in making his learner shine by being a life changer, the learner also shines.

Drawing and Integrating Prior Learning on Your Journey If Appropriate Based on personal experience, I rightfully surmise that there are several lessons and reflections which can be drawn there from, prior to the embarking on the awakening and sponsoring learning journey. Past experience that preceded the study has greatly taught me about the importance of personal boundaries. This is especially the case when I consider the instance in which many would make infringement on my person and personality. In most instances, many people cede away their limits when ethers infringe on their boundaries by either keeping quiet and letting the offending party to domineer over them. While it may be important to be polite and rational at all instances, people ought to be firm when protecting their boundaries. The failure to stand firm on matters of boundaries is known to have far reaching effects which are known to exist both internally and externally. Externally, the person who backtracks on her or his boundary is likely to be passed on as not being firm, or not being in control. In the long run, the person is bound to forfeit his self respect. Internally, the compromiser on personal boundary is likely to be taken by anger towards self, anxiety, frustration and stress. This is because, it is a well known fact that the failure to express anger, sadness and even displeasure eventually become deep-seated in the person’s emotional seat-bed and ego. At this juncture, the same anger and anxiety may insidiously like poison, begin to gnaw the person from within. At the same time, prior to the journey, I became acquainted with emotions and their very essence. For instance, I learned that emotions can be suppressed, with the side effects of embarking on emotional suppression, notwithstanding.  

This I learned almost automatically since not only did people hurt me, but the internal battles that I waged were also strong and overwhelmingly debilitating. It is at this juncture that I put on a fa?ade, as a way of covering my soft emotional underbelly. I basically did not want to be seen as hurting and thus almost automatically disassociated myself from my emotional person. As such, I began to turn myself away from people who would be interested in speaking to me. Nevertheless, it is important to concede to the fact that this was prior to the personal relearning and rediscovery journey. This means that knowledge I acquired was incomplete. It is after the study and self-rediscovery that I realized that the emotional aspect of man is an inextricably important aspect of his existence and that the denial of the emotional man affects the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of man. Coaching pose to be sensitive area of expertise that involves application of diverse social notions integrated on pre-established technical expectations. Therefore achievement of a coach can be identified as success of the individuals that took part in the process of mentoring as well as social coaching. From this perspective, achievement of a coach can be evaluated as unconscious achievement in the participant of the individuals or team that took part in the process. In addition the fact that coaching involves interaction and achievement of the coach represent success of the entire group. Therefore, it is important to learning the tasks ahead in order to facilitate achievement of the laid down objectives in a particular operations that involves coaching. The social aspects and altitude position influences scope of achievement hence it is crucial to learn the various social aspects relevant in personal coaching.

In this case it is important to foster social notions from diverse cultural background in order to reflect expectations and foster learning from an environment that fosters extensive interaction. Learning that individuals in the society are different and their capability is different as well as ability to unleash the potential is the fundamental step towards promoting development in coaching. Therefore from this perspective it is crucial to be diverse in taking time to learn individuals based on the personality in the society. In addition, establishing priorities in the process of learning in order to establish a coaching process that reflects the expectation of the entire process is vital. Learning acts as a basis towards evaluating the tasks involved in the process of coaching as well as changing the mental altitude in the society.

From this perspective it is crucial to learn the tasks that one is expected to carry in order to establish a process that reflects details involved. Notably, learning involves changing the perception established in the society regarding particular issue, therefore learning the behavioral patterns of an individual are crucial. This facilitates development of an individual in the line the established procedure. Moreover in case of inconsistency a coach who is conversant with the steps involved in attaining a particular goal will be identified. On this grounds it is important t6o learn the coaching techniques and mechanism in order to achieve pre-established goals.

Important aspects to a coach

Coaching involves various aspects that calls for comprehensive interaction in order facilitate development is particular skills. Through interaction coach performs tasks that are geared towards promoting specific factors within an individual in order develop appropriate skills and altitudes. From this perspective coach poses to be of paramount importance utilization of an individual or group capability in particular area of expertise. Notably, coaching is influenced by various factors that required concrete evaluation in order to establish appropriate atmosphere of coaching.  These factors are crucial in influencing apt altitudes in the participants to facilitate performance and self confidence in a particular task. The central role of the coach is paramount to the final outcome of an assignment as well as establishing appropriate environment for learning as well as development of both skills and psychological notions. Therefore as coach one should be familiar with various aspects that influencing his/her work and channels top boost interaction in order to enhance learning. Notably, there are various genres of coaching in the society and are vested on particular expectations and assignment. However, the issues of interaction and establishing appropriate atmosphere are common among the different forms of coaching.

In addition, the altitudes established in the participants poses to be most important in attaining the established objectives in coaching. The altitude involves the social notion as well as identity factors that influence the scope of confidence in an individual. In precise approach to personality coaching that highly involves developing a particular notion that raises confidence as well as self believe. Also, personal capability developed and an avenue to maximize its utilization is established. From this perspective, the social notion coaching requires one to familiar with the attributes an individual or a team in order to establish apt platform to enhance the skills indentified and develop it to make the participant realize one’s capability. Therefore, in order to develop individuals or teams through coaching particular aspects are crucial it is the responsibility of the coach to note the important aspect of coaching through promote appropriate altitude to be reflected in the exercise or tasks at hand. Factors the influences the aspect of coaching are diverse but are crucial in identifying avenues to utilize one’s capability as well as  promoting basis to develop confidence. The factors are based on the individuals attributes as well as believe regarding particular of expertise. Therefore, it is the obligation of the coach to evaluate the factors in order to establish appropriate avenue to unleash the potential within an individual. This is the fundamental step towards coaching and it influences the scope in identifying and development of one’s capability through installing the right altitude to face challenges in a particular are of expertise. Boosting personal attributes of individuals in particular area of expertise raises the possibility succeeding and attaining the laid down objective or expectations. Behavioral factors are curial in identifying the systematic steps that will facilitate development of one’s capability and eventually achieving the set goals. These factors call for formulation of procedure in order to achieve objectives regarding the assignment at hand.

Therefore it is the responsibly of the coach to establish steps that would facilitate achievement of the laid down tasks in line with the created plan. Behavioral pattern poses to be crucial in promoting the coaching in respective genres. Capability of the individual being coached is the other factor that influences the scope of unleashing potential within an individual. Individuals have different levels of capability therefore the coach should be in apposition to identify the various level of capability of an individual in order to boost avenues of succeeding in the particular assignment. In addition, capability is the fundamental aspect that influences the level development of an individual as well as the belief that one can deliver in particular task. Another factor that is crucial in coaching involves identity factor that entails identifying the role of individual in the society as well as basis to meet the identified mission. This involves comprehensive evaluation of the individual through interaction with the person to be coached and promoting developed in the direction that will facilitate achievement of the established goals. Therefore taking participants through self identification process pose to be crucial in unleashing a persons potential in the society. The social notion and altitudes regarding a particular activity is greatly vested on these aspects. Therefore it is important as a coach to identify the role an individual should plays in the society and boost the confidence as well as self believe in succeeding. In addition, it is important as a coach to mentor the team or individual that is undergoing the process of coaching. Mentoring involves enhancing the self believe and promoting unity among individuals in team. Also, through proper mentoring the altitude of succeeding is fostered. Mentoring poses to be a crucial aspect and plays fundamental role hence should be in cooperated in the coaching process in order to create winning altitude as well as spirit of goal achievement.