Sexuality is something that affects each and every one of us in the society. It had been for the longest time one of the taboo topics that people were openly unwilling to discuss. It was even harder for the growing teenagers to be taught anything about sexuality since most people including parents and those in the leadership positions like church leaders were not open to the topic. As such, most of the people were left to explore and learn more about it later in life or through their social network of friends who also were raw on the vital information that would affect them regarding their sexuality.

It is not until a few years back that people openly started talking about sex which led to more people being inclined to read more on the topic. The advancement of the television and other visual media also contributed to the growth and expansion of one of the most controversial industries in the world, the sex industry. In no time, there was an emergence of an overwhelming demand for pornographic materials which we can witness as having become very easily accessible.  Pornography includes easily accessible literature, videos and other visual formats of sexual material that ranges from mild to the most x rated material of both men and women engaging in all manner of sexual relations together or with each other.

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Any type of imaginable and even unimaginable type of sexual relation is available today in either form in the shortest time from virtually any part of the world. The advancement of communication methods has made the industry to penetrate all corners of the world and today anyone with an internet connection can access any form of pornography at the mere click of a button. The fact that people today have advanced forms of mobile phones and other hand held gadgets only opens more doors to simpler ways of accessing pornographic materials (Lauer, 2011). X rated magazines and also other types of similar literature are also readily available almost around every corner and even in departmental stores all over the country. We have even gone as far as idolizing the actors and actresses who are featured in the X-rated pornographic materials spreading around. We have failed as a society to root this problem in the bud and as a consequence we have no way of shielding our children from the effects of such materials being in the hands of people.

There is a wide and varied market for this kind of materials and as such companies that engage in the pornographic industry are always coming up with ways to make and mass produce all kinds of pornography to fulfill the need of the ever growing market for the product and services associated with pornography. Mere lust is a contributor to the development of this industry because most of the people who buy pornographic materials are not those who are not engaged in a relationship but are from a mixed demographic. These are people who either just like watching or reading sexually erotic materials. Studies have shown that most of the sexual offenders are people who started off watching pornography and in the end evolved to the point of wanting to engage in the actions they see in the materials and this leads them to commit sexual violence on others to act out scenes that they have seen in the pornographic movies or videos.

Thus pornography is a major contributory factor to the sexual violence that has been happening around the country and the world at large (Lauer, 2011). Pornography breaks homes because when a partner watches these kind of material and wants to act out some of the scenes they saw in the movie, their partner may not be willing to join in and this can create tension that may see the partner going out to look for other people even prostitutes who are willing to try out the same scene without any issues. Pornography can also lead to rape since those who watch such materials will end up having the urge to engage in sexual activity and if they do not have a sexual partner, some may opt to go on and rape someone just to fulfill their sexual need at that time. This can become a repetitive thing for someone that every time they watch porn they go out to rape and may finally see to the creation of a repeat sex offender in the society.

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Pornography affects children in many ways. Children are innocent victims of the ills that exist in the society and they have to be protected. It is thus sad to note that more and more children are gaining access to pornographic materials at a very tender age and this is leading to underage sexual activity among the children. This is causing the continued rise in the rate of young children and teenagers getting pregnant when they should otherwise be in school and enjoying their youth. Young girls who engage in sex are at a risk of not only falling pregnant but also getting some nasty sexually transmitted diseases. Young mothers are robbed of their youth and many of a chance to finish their education and the chance to make a better life for themselves in the future. Some sexual predators also target children and engage in child exploitation and sexual abuse (Lauer, 2011).

It is a sad fact that there have surfaced numerous tapes that have shown grown up men sexually molesting young girls and boys. The world today is trying to fight child trafficking as this is an industry that is used undercover to traffic young girls and boys into the dark world of pornography where the children are forced to undergo sexual relations with older men and women who have a fetish to this kind of sexual orientation. Children should be guarded at all times to ensure that they are not sexually abused within the homes. There have been numerous cases all over the world where children including babies have been sexually abused by the people that are supposed to take care of them. These children undergo a lot of emotional and physical trauma that makes them afraid to face the world and as such they have their lives shuttered for good.

Men can either be recipients of pornographic materials or the victims too. Men have produced the highest rate of pornographic market and are the main buyers and users of obscene materials the world over. These are the people who spend most of their time thinking of sex and as such they are the people who often have pornographic materials at their disposal. Men are responsible for the growth of this industry since the y are the ones who think of new things that they want to watch and this makes the people who run the industry to go out looking for ways to produce the materials that the market wants. This has made it almost impossible to stop the industry from growing altogether.

Men are also the culprits to the numerous sexual offences reported and they are the people who shatter many lives of girls when they rape them in order to satisfy their sexual lust. Men can also fall into the trap of visiting prostitutes who engage them in all sorts of things and in turn the men fork out a lot of money which they could have either used to better their lives of used to contribute to the well being of their families at home. Men who engage in pornography are also at a higher chance of contracting diseases that they could pass on to their spouses or other partners (Lauer, 2011).

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Women are mostly victims of pornography. As much as it is known that some women are fond of watching or reading obscene material, it is a fact that many more are used in the production of these materials. Women have been looked at in the society as sexual objects and the industry has employed thousands of women to engage in sexual relations for money. These films that they make are then sold for much more that only benefits the producers of the films. Women and young girls are also the main victims of trafficking where they are abducted or lured using other forms and taken to the dens where they are forced to have sex with other men or are forced to engage in horrible acts just to satisfy the needs of the customers.

There are also the women who have willingly entered into the X-rated industry and are featured in numerous videos engaging in all kinds of sexual activities for all to see. These are women who came up to the public and pretend to be celebrities who our children can wrongfully emulate since they show off their seemingly glamorous lifestyles to the cameras while in most cases many are suffering from emotional wounds (Lauer,2011). Women are the care takers of the society since the children mainly depend on them for care and guidance and should thus step up to stop the viral spread of pornographic materials.

Pornography is thus a societal issue that affects us all in one way or another and it is up to all of us to do all we can to stop this vice for the general good of the society at large. There are more wrongs to pornography that should be stopped immediately.

Some of the solutions to this problem should be made through government interventions to totally stop the continued production of pornographic materials by enacting laws that ban the production of the said materials. There should also be controlled measures to curb the easy access of the pornographic materials which is what is driving the industry since more and more people have an easy access to this kind of materials. Overall it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of what we engage ourselves in least it becomes a destructive habit. We should also protect our children from these obscene materials which have more vices than good.