A.    Quality Customer Service Values. Definition:

A Quality customer service value involves around ensuring continuous flow of exceptional service from managers and members of staff to guests. Managers should ensure that all members of his team understand the values to the core. Offering quality customer service is what every hospitality institution stress on. Managers should make sure their staff conveys consistent quality customer service to each customer.

Benchmark:  Managers should put into place crisp and practical standards for every team member to work towards. He then ensures that every team member understands these standards and put them into practice and by this delivers consistent quality customer service to each customer.

Actual Performance: customerservice value is evident among the employees of Chase Suites Hotel Brea. A guest is greeted by the front desk operator within the first minute of arrival. A supervisor is also on standby to ensure flow of proceeding by employees. Also the manager walks around interacting with both guests and employees.

Strength 1: Front Desk Operators and Management are informed of guest’s comments about quality of experience and take appropriate action of feedback and consistently exercise “Please” and “Thank You” verbiage while speaking to guests

Strength 2: Front Desk Agents and Supervisors strive to ensure total guest satisfaction through accuracy, positive listening, speed, technological proficiency and follow-up.

Weakness 1: Customers are not served optimally at time when the front desk has a lot of guests as the front desk operator is normally under pressure to attend to calls, guest and reservations at the same time.

Weakness 2: At time there is poor coordination between the members of staff for example housekeeping and front office in regard to guests booking

B.     Organizational Climate and Leadership Definition: An organizational climate revolves around leadership. A manager should be able to consistently work with their employees. They must portray a good leadership example to their employees and lead them in the desired direction.

Benchmark:  in order to achieve organization, managers should ensure that each employee is at par with the standards. They should be a mirror to their workers, and giving assistance whenever needed.

Actual Performance: managers oversaw most of this behavior by constantly interacting with the employees and guests offering assistance where it was necessarily needed.

Strength 1: The managers offer the service providers with up to date knowledge of the company and its associates. Sometimes the managers take charge of events personally for example showing the guest around in around proving to be a good example to the employees.

Strength 2: Manager walks to every point of the hotel stopping at each particular table talking to the guest to see if they are comfortable. They also check in periodically with their team members to ensure that every individual is doing okay. They help clear plates and other items from the table to ensure proper customer service is achieved.

Weakness 1: sometimes the managers ignored team members who were under pressure by attending to issues that were not of great importance.

Weakness 2: Manager sometimes some reports given to the managers were not taken care of with immediate effect causing stalling in some activities

C.    Quality Service Standards Definition: Quality service standards are comprehensible, written, rules and regulations that each member of staff adheres to. The management usually come together to form this.

Benchmark: These standards should be practical, to the point, and assessable so managers can track their efficiency. All members of staff should be accustomed to these standards and be able to practice them when interacting with guests

Actual Performance: it was very visual that employees actually understood and adhered to this set standards except from a few issues which involved guest’s booking

Strength 1: the standards are created by a group of managers who ensure the maximum satisfactions of the employees are attained.

Strength 2: The management had correctly instilled the importance of adhering to the standards to the employees which made them tackle the situations with confidence thus offering quality services to the customer.

Weakness 1: Standards are made from a central place and if one doesn’t fit into the hotel applicability the management has no otherwise but to implement it.

Weakness 2: some employees relax towards the standards which the managers have to emphasize each time creating drawback

D.    Jobs and Hiring Definition: This involves hiring of individuals to work in the facility. This usually focuses on industrious individuals, who will benefit the company. Job description is usually clearly stated.

Benchmark: When Chase Suite Hotel Brea is giving its job description the standards are clearly indicated. The standards for potential hires are very scrupulous, and include alerting of the employees of the needed mental and physical preparedness

Actual Performance: The standards written by Chase Suite Hotel Brea are very specific. They ensure that individuals selected are “superlative” candidates for the position they are applying for.

Strength 1: The standards set by the headquarters in terms of hiring criterion are very high. Interviewing of candidates by the Managers has a very established process. This in the first place make the interviewees be at par with Chase Suite Hotel Brea policies and culture.

Strength 2: This process is done to ensure that all the candidates meet the objectives and guidelines needed for the job. As rigorous as it is, it creates a sense of belonging at the initial stage.

Weakness 1: A candidate’s potentiality is determined by how well he performed at the interview. This is not a fool proof method of determining a candidate’s ability as some are not good at interviews but excellent at actual job

Weakness 2: Chase Suite Hotel Brea aims for a particular image when hiring outside applicants. This can lead to the loss of some potentially great service providers, simply because those individuals don’t meet the desired physical, “image” the company aims for.