The acronym ROWE stands for Results Only Work environment which emphasizes grading how employees work through their results as compared to set targets.

The culture of best buy

 The programs therefore were fundamental in ensuring establishment of a strong organizational culture at best buys which made it possible for staff and management to interact at a much comfortable level that minimized chances of rating or grading one another outside productivity. It was much easier to create the now existent values which comprise of; having fun while working at your best productivity level, learning from difficult work situations and changes, utmost respect to one another, humility and integrity exercised at all levels of operation (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011).

The approach to organizational change that the ROWE program illustrates.

At best buys, the environment was gradually initiated and now it’s the main measure of effectiveness of employees. Best buy introduced this culture which did not consider the physical presence of the employees as being relevant as long as they were able to satisfy clients’ demands and keep the products moving in sales (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). Best buy invested in its employees’ in-depth knowledge of its business in order to create an environment where each member of staff was conversant with each and every product/service they offered their clients. This was effectively done through the social media with tremendous results achieved in output of the employees. The implementation of this system was necessary so as to keep in tow with the changing market trends from the traditional product movement into customer satisfaction and creating of “the magic moment” in service or product delivery. This was the latest trend in customer attraction and retention. The employee empowerment programs at Best by were three in total which included; the loop market place that entirely consisted of a feedback system keen on suggestion box for employee opinion and suggestions on various implementations, the prediction market that was aimed at forecasting sales outcomes which proved to be very reliable, and an internal social network referred to as Blue Shirt Nation mainly addressed corporate issues affecting the wellbeing of employees both on and off work (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). These programs ensured improved and more efficient methods and systems of operation, hence a very huge reduction in staff turnover. It is therefore notable that the traditional methods of management that included lengthy meetings and brainstorming sessions to put employees on the spot while analyzing and evaluating performance were gradually shunned. Workers were set free to work their own way which included use of innovative marketing schemes and programs that could move units of products whether the employees were present or not, at the store. Ultimately, the departments that fully embraced ROWE started reporting consistent increase in productivity. The general customer satisfaction eventually started to match up with employee satisfaction too.

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The resistance that the ROWE program had to overcome.

As much as ROWE encouraged self supervision, the general organizational plans of growth and productivity were to be adhered to. This involved expansion and the venturing of the business into new but related markets. It was difficult to allocate and decide how staff movement could be done across departments and areas of operation. The assessment program for decision making was lengthy and tiresome but was very necessary in selecting the employees to be shifted. This program gives almost every employee a chance to be their own boss. It encourages self supervision and discipline. It is naturally rare to have the same level of commitment and responsibility in the staff members, especially due employee stuck to the set schedules and more often than not, most employees did not hit their target figures.

Sources of stress that is apparent in the case.

The sole purpose of this type of management style is to focus on productivity within a given time duration. The plan is focused on the power of proper timing, how people react to time in the production activities and how work needs to occur as per set guidelines and processes available (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). The various limitations in ROWE implementation at Best buy originate mainly from the attempt by the individuals and the management to balance stress and employee engagement in production. This therefore needs to be effected in a way that employees can be fully engaged in various activities with minimum stress levels. Best Buy clearly highlights issues and situations around stress, work intensity and balance with private employee life. Employees are by any means made to have or create time to detach from work and also focus on private matters with equal attention. This helps in re energizing and resetting the focus on prevailing work environment. Best buys through this stress management at the very source, has ensured and proved that maximum output can be achieved if the employees are provided with proper care of their stress levels at work and within the working procedures. Employers that do everything to engage employees and pay less attention to stress levels or the reverse are bound to reap minimum or no benefits from their staff.

Has the organizational culture helped with the change?

The organization culture has played a key role in the transition of this management style. The values inculcated ensure that members take ownership of their performance and are able to assess their performance long before the management does the overall grading and evaluation. The culture does not discriminate on who is to be evaluated therefore not even the top management team escapes from taking responsibility of their actions in relation to the general productivity of the company. There has been a mutual respect within the working force which makes it possible for constructive criticism and positive intake of feedback. The culture provides little room for infiltration of personal judgments away from productivity on individuals because evaluation is basically done on output rather than the process followed in an attempt or actual realization of set targets and objectives. These personal judgments include; gender biasness, racism, corruption practices especially in grading employees for bonus payment, age and experience levels. It is the individual and collective responsibility of the staff members that made it possible for the transition to be smoothly carried out, by ensuring that the best practices of Best buy in interpersonal skills and communication prevail.


ROWE as much as gives focus and freedom of self management to the employees, it also provides opportunities for underperforming through lazy and irresponsible employees. This is especially in terms of devotion to set duties and schedules with a key interest being time management. This kind of method therefore requires more training and constant guidance of employees on its purpose in productivity.