"William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet" (1996), is a bold adaptation of the most famous tragedy. It re tells the love story in a vigorous and trendy way. The film is shot with bizarre and vivid settings. The ill-fated pair, Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Clare Danes as Juliet move unknowingly towards their own doom. The well-known tale becomes fashionable once again. It is a modern version of the Shakespeare’s play.


The setting is in the modern city of Verona beach. The two corporate dynasties the Montagues and the Capulets meet in different circumstances.  The animosity that has existed between the two families is still rife. While shopping for gas, Montague boys come across Capulet s and a fight ensues. The gunfights between Tybalt and Benvolio sets fire at the gas station, which creates chaos in the whole city. The events lead to Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet identifies each other, and regardless of the generations of hatred behind the two families, they fall n love.  In order to hide from their feuding families, they organize a secret marriage, which only ends tragically. The film is the best adaptation for Shakespeare’s vision.


The play takes place in the modern Verona beach. The city is partly Miami and partly Mexico City. There are fast cars, which has replaced the horses in the original play. Guns instead of swords and everything that is present in a modern city is available. This makes the film very interesting, dramatic, exciting and suspenseful. The modern audience can easily understand the changes because the film is full of activities they are familiar with. This is far much better than giving the audience a motion picture based on the original play, which has many elements that they do not understand.


The modern soundtrack, which consists of rock music, classical tunes and rap is captivating and brings more life to the film. The music is organized as it fits well in different scenes. For illustration, the loud choir at the wedding of Romeo and Juliet is relevant as this is an important moment in the movie. The film therefore is a big attraction for teenagers and youths as they understand the language used.


The power of imagination is also clearly portrayed in the film. In the original version, there were two feuding families, the Capulets and Montagues. In this later production the families are gangs headed by hardnosed dons in a modern setting.  There is great competition and the city has billboards that advertise items such as “Propsero Whiskey” and ''Out Damn Spot Cleaners.''. Romeo and Juliet" is a brilliant and memorable adaptation of William Shakespeare's play. While I can understand it due to various changes that exist in the film, the film is thus really enjoyable. I can rate it as one of the most imaginative films to come out of the 90s. It captures the feeling of being in love and brings it out in such a simple way. The iconic dialogue between the two main actors adds a new twist to the film. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes are natural performances and make the film intoxicating.  Watching this version and reading the original scripts, one can confess that they are two different pieces but the main theme of love is not lost in the later version. The motion picture that absolutely carries the audience to another world has been reinventing from the source. The film is an exiting improvement compared to the former works by other actors.