Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble

According to Kottler, (2006) Procter and Gamble's success has remained to be the most outstanding leading companies in selling and marketing their products globally. To win more customers in the marketplace, the company has come up with brand new products designed to make, the consumer gain more trust and confidence hence remaining loyal in using their products. Specifically, the future of the company's success is directly associated with its ability to come up with New brands which meet the client's needs. This will not only contribute to the company's growth in quality product production but also create job opportunities for more marketers and lead to more sales and registration of high profits. For Procter and Gamble Company to realize its goal of profit maximization, it should invest in attaining the close friendly relationship with its consumers and obtain the correct altitude and reaction towards its products. To get first-hand feedback from consumers the company needs to encourage the use of modern technologies such as customer direct calling, use of direct emailing from clients as well as employment of qualified personnel to conduct research on how the products are being accepted on the natural environment.

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Procter and Gamble products in the market

Secondly, for the company products to gain the more competitive edge in the marketplace the company has to come up with products that are going to remain in the market for a long period. To attain this objective, the company should device new methodologies in view of improving and sustaining quality products in the market to win more customers. In addition, the company should employ more effort and time in active product innovation devoting considerable income to research and development of impressively high amount of packaged goods. The company should Endeavour to come up with brand extension strategy where brands of several sizes and forms to meet clients needs are produced. The company should also use strong brand names when lodging new products such that customers will have instant recognition and much less advertising outlay to sell them. The company should adopt the multi-brand strategy where each brand meets different consumer wants and single product wins many competitor brands. On the other hand, Procter and Gamble Company should explore a manufacturing efficient and cost-cutting strategy which seek to reduce industry production cost without compromising the quality of the product. However, this should be done simultaneously together with advertisement and marketing as a penetration strategy to the marketplace. At the same time, this has to go hand on hand with the brand management system where one brand manager should be in charge of one brand and should keep trade secrets such that competitors get to know production formulas and production procedures of their brands. Aggressive sales force should receive special attention since it is the major pillar to the success of the company. To keep high sales, Strong ties needs to be maintained between retailers and sales managers such that easy distribution of products is made on request.

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