North Korea is very important to the national security concerns of South Korea. For close to half a century, the security of South Korea has been tied to the political behavior of North Korea. The hostility between north and South Korea regimes basically came up after they decided to divide the Korean peninsula in mid 20th century and it was made worse by the Korean War which took place around the same time. The sunshine policy has not helped much in solving the problems involved the two are still at war technically. The policy attempted to calm the situation by improving the inter-Korean relations by using some basic concepts that relate to corporation and reconciliation. Integral to the policy and effort is a vigorous engagement of the North for the sake of lasting peace .The policy came up with an aim to creating some sort of interdependent relationship between the two sides, this was also to be boosted by a summit whose aim was to promote intergovernmental relations through ministerial meetings in a number of fields. The talks and meetings have helped to basically increase corporation and exchanges and also building confidence between the two.

The problems of engagement policy in North Korea have had far reaching implications. According to many pundits contrary to some of the manifest reasons why the concerned authorities came with it like helping to improve the economy, the military of North Korea seems to be enjoying the benefits together with the northern Korea authorities at the expense of the people of the general public. Depending on how the concerned authorities handle it, the policy has the potential of gradually changing the people of North Korea’s perception of the outside world. For instance if the policy is strictly applied with an aim of creating lasting peace between the north and the south, then definitely people of the north will tend to look at those from the south as their brothers and sister hence promoting peaceful co-existence between the two nations. This can help get rid of the perception that people from South Korea are their enemies.

One of the biggest challenges is that the engagement has not in any way reduced the military tensions between the two sides –The North and the South. The irony of it is that incursions have sort of increased tremendously as well as North Korea's nuclear weapons ,and this posses a risk and jeopardizes the peace between the two countrie.The Sunshine Policy had very little successes, it is very unfortunate that it never resulted in bigger successes as it was expected by the concerned authorities. The principle goal of Kim Jong IL has always been to stay in power, maintain status quo and preserve the regime as it is because it benefits him in many ways .The North Korean authorities wields diplomacy as a lethal weapon which they use to manipulate the South instead of using it as a means to end conflict. Many pundits believe that the so-called "sunshine" policy used by South Korea towards North Korea is not likely to be effective because North Korea is not capable of rationalism. This is clearly seen in how they are using the whole concept of diplomacy to sort of arm twist the south Korean authorities.

Its common knowledge, for any coordinated policy aimed at creating peace between two or more warring nations or for the sake of rapprochement to be effective, either of the involved sides must be willing to cooperate, be responsive to it and they must also be capable of logical reasoning. The Kim Jong IL regime is Unable and unwilling to think in a logical and rational way towards the policy and this is clearly seen in its erratic behavior throughout the time they have been in power. They are not willing to entertain the normalization of relations between the two countries, and they also seem not to have any inclinations towards being rational to even accept the benefits of such policies and initiatives .Any attempts by the South to amicably settle the disputes between them and their Northern counterparts is likely not to bring forth any peace because the north is very uncooperative and such attempts will be met with violent protests and resistance.