A creed refers to the guiding principle of a people that is normally based on faith or belief. In deed, it is usually recited during religious services. The American creed was written in 1917 by William Taylor Page and was adopted by the USA’ House of Representatives in the year 1918. The Creed emphasizes on the belief that the USA’s government ought to be a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Additionally, the Creed states that the powers of the American government should be derived from the citizens democratically. Moreover, the USA is a self governing nation consisting of other small sovereign states that forms a perfect union that is inseparable. The kind of union that is based on equality, justice, freedom and humanity that the American founding fathers fought for through loss of lives and fortunes. Page therefore, stressed on the need of loving USA and supporting its constitution. Besides, he talked about importance of obeying the laws, respecting the flag and defending the American flag from all enemies.

To begin with, Martin Luther King, jr. who was a pastor in Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery led blacks in boycotting public buses between the years 1954 to 1959 in protesting racial segregation (Ling 277). This happened after Rosa Parks had refused to surrender her seat in a public bus. Racial segregation had been ruled unconstitutional; however, the government’s failure to implement the values envisaged in the Creed like equality allowed some citizens to continue intimidating other Americans like Rosa Parks based on their color. The black Americans were viewed as inferior people compared to other races (Ling 278).

Secondly, non-governmental organization for example the Environment justice started in 1980s has protested against the government for creating environmental racism (Robert 37). This involves location of low income earners near the factories, highways and garbage damps where they are exposed to environmental health risks and pollution compared to the rest of the population. By locating low income earners near the highways and factories, the activists argue that the American government has failed to uphold the values of the Creed that advocates for equality and humanity service for all the citizens. (Robert 39).

Due to divergent views on governance, the American Creed was not satisfactory to all. This led to lots of critics from protesters who felt that somebody somewhere was not meeting the demands of the people. In regard to public policies in America, the outlines for the domestics’ affairs in socio-economic and political relations policies are influenced by foreign initiatives (Johnson 51).

Consequently, the impacts of these foreign influences normally do not comply with the creed. For example, when Americans agree on pay practices, on the working condition in a factory or on the child labor practices, these practices are initiated by foreign policies. In many cases Americans rule receives great protests since the nations need to adjust and sacrifice apportion of their national economy in order to implement the new policy. In addition these adjustments may disrupt the existing economic and social relationships of the nation (Johnson 57).

After the end world war II, there still existed racism that needed to be stumped out as per the creed that recognized all races. In “Ebony 60” magazine published by Johnson, he describes Blacks as great achievers in various fields including arts, entertainment, sports, and military and was viable in building education and business careers. These were excluded by general press that was serving the government to intimidate the efforts made by Blacks. In many situations USA politics is seen to be based on democratic surge. In democracy each one is entitled to his or her opinion in which no government can meet all the demands. This has also given room to protesters who feel dissatisfied with certain ideologies to share their mind in the rule of law in US (Johnson 79).


From the essay, it can be concluded that even though the American Creed laid a foundation for equality for all the Americans, the government has failed to implement to the letter the aspirations of the Creed. This has prompted activists and protestors from the minority groups to rise up and defend their rights against oppression and segregation. The American government has therefore failed at such instances to prove that it is a perfect democracy worth emulating.