The assignment was a very important opportunity for exercising my skills in web design using Html language. I have learnt how to use the front page program to design and develop different features on a website. Ethical consideration in the course of designing a website was also a matter that caught my eye in the course of the assignment.

Key steps in web design were well articulated in the project. This has provided me with the necessary knowledge and experience which can be applied in future to tackle problems related to web design and information technology. The issue of culture and web design emerged in the course of the assignment.

There are so many ways through which culture affects technology as experienced in the web design exercise.  Users of the website have preferences that have to be put into consideration while designing a website. The culture of social networking has to a great extent influenced technology from a web design perspective. A good website in the modern world has to depict social networking features like instant messages to allow interaction of users. Cultural aspects such as language had a lot of influence in the design of websites as learnt from the exercise. This is in light of the fact that the users of the websites come from different cultural backgrounds and they are interested in seeing their needs catered for in the websites after development.

Websites and other information technologies handle personal information. In this regards issues of security have to be put into consideration by the web designer. In light of this issue, I have learnt the essential security practices that are used to protect information. Privacy issues that concern personal information were of great concern in the designing and developing stages.

The assignment has also made me to embrace team work in the process of designing and developing a website. The experience and cooperation of the group members so the smooth completion of the exercise. With such a spirit I learnt how to appreciate the efforts and contributions that were made by my colleagues.