Executive Summary

Performance management is used in trying to ensure that an organization is able to meet the set down goals and missions. This will only be done if the effectiveness in the organization is achieved. There are two approaches that can be used in trying to meet the target of performance management. One approach can be through the employee performance management while the other is that of managers and organizational heads and how effective they are in their positions. Some of the aspects that are considered include planning, monitoring, development, evaluation and rewarding. If all these are successfully implemented then it will assist in achieving the effectiveness that is desired in driving the organization forward as it strives to achieve its mission.


Performance management is a process that involves a systemic action by an agency that is aimed at involving the employees as members of staff and individuals in achieving an organizational effectiveness as a group. This is used in trying to achieve the goals and targets that have been set by the organization and need to be achieved. In trying to achieve this, an organization has to consider five factors namely planning that involves the work and setting of expectations, rewarding for good performance, development of the capacity needed in order to perform,  continued monitoring process that is continued and developing a rating system for the performance for the employees. The process can be viewed in two ways, one as noted it will include the analysis to be done to the employees in terms of their performance. The second option involves action that will be aimed at the performance in management by the managers and various heads in the company (Chapman, 2005).

Employee Performance Management

This works best in a scenario that involves a work that is planned and has clear goals that is consistent. This implies that there should be a clear mode of communication regarding to what is expected of each individual in every situation and tasks that may be upcoming.  The five issues that need to ne noted in this situation involve planning, monitoring, developing, rating and rewarding.

Job design In any organization that is effective in handling of its issues work has to be planned well and in advance. This implies that every group and individual in the organization will have expectations and goals they are expected to meet in performance in order to ensure their effort is aimed at achieving the objectives set by the organization. This can be done by the involvement of the employees in the process of planning as this will help them to better understand the goals set, what they need to do and how well its should be done. The regulatory requirements in such situations involve the employee’s performance and inclusion in establishment of the standards and elements in the appraisal plan that will be created. The elements and standards that will be set need to verifiable, achievable, understandable, achievable and equitable. This results in employees being held accountable for all assignments in their group. However the plans for performance plan must be made in a manner that is flexible and can be adjusted in the case of some changes being made in objectives of the program or requirements at work. The employee hence will have to consider the job design in place that considers all these factors.

Work Environment The environment that employees use in the working sector can be impacted in two ways, the first it have negative effects on the health of the worker and second it will make the performance rate drop down significantly. Due to this, the premises that are used for work should be monitored by the use of specific protocol, regulations and requirements and management to be followed. Some of the factors that will need to be considered include the working hours that each individual needs to partake for efficiency, the breaks that are to be put in between. In addition the place has introduce some safety measures to be employed along with other social amenities that may be needed in different areas especially in trying t make the environment as conducive as possible. In dong this it provides the employees with the comfort needed to ensure achievement of maximum efficiency that is needed in the work place.

Skills An organization for it to be effective will need to developmental assessment for employees so as to try and determine whether these needs are being met or not. This implies that there will be an increase in capacity by the employees or individuals in terms of giving assessments, training and introduction of new skills that will be used in allocating higher levels of responsibility and improvement of various processes at work. To achieve this, the employees will need to be provided with training and development opportunities that will encourage their good performance while strengthening their job-related skills and competencies. Besides this, it will also help them in keeping up with changes in the workplace that have been brought about by the introduction of new technology. The process of carrying out performance management will assist in detecting developmental needs (Chapman, 2005).

Evaluation According to Chapman (2005), the employee performance needs to be summarized from time to time. The reason for this is to try and compare with fellow employees in order to find out who among them is the best employee. Normally this is based on the employee’s performance plan and will consider the element s and standards that have been assigned for each employee.  The evaluation of the record is assigned according to the procedures that include the appraisal program in the organization. This is most likely being based on work that is performed during the entire period that the appraisal exercise will take place. The rating of record will have a bearing on the various other personnel actions that will include grant for pay increases within the grade and will help in determining the service credit in a reduction of the force. Despite group performance having an impact on the individual, rating that will be given will depend on the individual.

Motivation In an effective organization, there will be need for rewards if the employees whether as members of a group or an individual level perform at a level that has contributed greatly towards the achievement of the organization’s mission. An effective performance management will have a basic principle of every behaviour has to be controlled by consequences.  The consequences in this can either be positive or negative and formal or informal. The recognition for good work will not have to wait for formal awards but can also include an ongoing recognition that will take on a daily basis. Some of the actions include simple acknowledgement like “thank you” and later on formal awards are used and these may include cash, non-monetary items or time off work. In doing this, the employees will be motivated knowing well that they are work and effort is appreciated. (Chapman, 2005).


The use of mixed methods will be applied due to the fact that the employees being interviewed being evaluated will be in different working conditions or levels hence the need for both qualitative and quantitative approach.

Research Question How can performance management in employees be evaluated among the staff of Wal-Mart?

Study Design A descriptive study of stratified sampling will be used due the various departments and job groups involved hence strata using the same criterion.

Sample Population All employees of Wal-Mart irrespective of the job title or description will fit the criteria to be used in this case.

Sample size To select the desired sample size some factors have to be considered. These include the accuracy rate which is desired and the error limit that is allowed. The error limit will determine the confidence level of the research being undertaken. Hence to calculate the right sample size the following have to be considered namely the actual population size, the error limit and the confidence level which is required.

Sample size calculation The following method will be applied in calculating the sample size in order to minimize the error margin..

n= t? x p (1-p)


n= required sample size t= confidence level and 95% is the standard value hence the calculating value is 1.96. p= the estimated prevalence rate of employees in Wal-Mart. m= the acceptable margin for error which is normally 5%. The calculating limit is 0.05 in this method.

Data Collection

The target population are the employees of Wal-Mart hence the sample population can be determined from this. Through the sample population a cluster can be identified and the number of respondents from each cluster is determined.

Data Analysis

Typology method will be used in the analysis of the data which is collected during the interviews which employed the use of structured. This involves the use of the data being analyzed in the form of patterns and symbols especially geometrical ones.

Ethical Considerations

All employees shall be treated equally depending on the outcome of the performance management with the grading and reward scheme for the output being placed at a standard level.


Performance Management plays a hand in trying to ensure the organization meets its mission goals and targets. This will be achieved by the appraisal among the workers as it will help in pushing for working towards their set targets. By creating this, each employer and group will work towards the set goals and targets. This will be done in various stages and will assist in maximizing the engagement by the employees and their development as this will enhance the skills they have. This will also help in the alignment of the goals that employees have in comparison to those of the organization. The improvement in skills will assist in improvement of the management and succession due to the improved employees who can fill in the spaces that have been left.