Overall Reflection of English Class

Overall Reflection of English Class

Upcoming learners in English 250 will discover numerous things. I really thought that this course was going to be the previous ones I have studied. That was not to be the case. In English 250, I got to be educated on the composing process. I learned a lot of, for example composing a rhetorical analysis. In this class, we also penned down a book review paper, a visual analysis paper, a text to film adaptation (as a group) and a research paper (I did a research about the culture difference between east and west).

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In English 250, one can say that students have to compose many papers. However, when one has gone back and revised their compositions, they will discover that they could have composed their paper much better. It did help a lot to revise a paper after composition. Additionally, I thought that peer editing in the class in all compositions we wrote was extremely useful. This was because we treated each other in class like the audience, which they were, and the class would reflect upon the composition to find out what the strong points and the weak points in the paper. My classmates were resourceful in giving me opinions on what I required to make my papers great in comparison to other students' papers.


In the course of this course, I struggled in various instances. A good example is portrayed when I was writing the rhetorical analysis assignment. I had problems constructing a strong argument. In the end, I made it possible to write the analysis; I simply had to free my mind from thinking inside the proverbial box. I also struggled a lot with procrastination.

During the initial stages of the course, I was really struggling. However, I reached the point where I loathed carrying out my tasks in the last instance such as the day ahead of the due date for the task and I just commenced working on my papers in time and submitting them in good time. This was after I began to prioritize my tasks by putting the imperative task first on my list of activities. I had to push myself to do my work on time after discovering that procrastination is not a good motivation.

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I have learned and attained several important qualities and strengths pertaining to writing. For instance, I can now write a strong introduction to arrest the readers' interest. I now possess the skill to use descriptive expressions that enable the audience to better envisage the picture. I believe my introductions have gotten stronger; however, I need to work on my grammar skills. Throughout the course, my research skills did not change a lot since I was good at carrying out research. However, my skills concerning presenting the information unearthed from the research improved tremendously. This was due to the fact that in this course, not only did my peers in the class reflect upon me, I too was able to reflect on myself. Just like earlier mentioned, I thought that peer reviewing was beneficial activities since it facilitated me to discover what I require to do to edit my writing, as well as fix mistakes. However, I looked forward to learning a lot more in English 250, in regards to, visual analysis, but I felt what we covered was not sufficient. That is quite okay though since I am certain I will get a chance to learn more about it either on my own or in the subsequent English units.


In conclusion, English 250 is rather a trouble-free course. The course is just about trouble free even if one is a working student. One just need to do what is required of them and complete their tasks in good time so as to turn them in on time and they will pass this course easily. A student will need to organize himself or herself and be ready and equipped for class. It is paramount for the student not to miss class and that way they will not miss any critical information. This course, I expect, will help me in the subsequent courses as well as writing as well as editing papers.

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