Motown was one of the most popular records which boomed in the late 1950s and early 1960s in American culture. It was originally founded by Berry Gordy and incorporated as Motown Record Corporation which is now has its head quarters in New York City. Motown was also the name of Gordy’s second release label which specifically began January 1959.Motown played a significant role in the racial combination of admired music achieving its climax success in 1960s, Motown and its soul based subsidiaries become the most outstanding promoters of the famous Motown Sound style of soul music with a distinct pop influence in the American community(Rita2006).

What other rock styles which had the same cultural fashion?

According to Rita (2006) Rock and roll was also another form of rock music which was developed in the 1950s and 1960s still. It combined  various types  of music from the United States, which included; country music, folk music, gospel music, work songs, blues and jazz. Due to it intercultural variety the Rock and roll advocated for rhythm and blues performed by black singers and musicians. At the start, this music was common to many African Americans but latter rock and roll became dominant across the United States and in Europe as well.

What was the identity? 

In reference to Betty (1999) Black music and musicians were identified to dominate the music market by the fact that the Motown music was being accepted by both the white and blacks. This recognition was a great achievement part of the music industry in America. This was because the company which Detroit had named Motown Records had created some of the most outstanding songs in American music and presented it in   a manner that both black Americans and the white people liked it. For instance, Motown’s most successful groups led by Diana Ross marketed their hit Come See about Me and become the most popular and widely accepted across the culture (Pancho 2008)..

How did that identity compare to that of the later soul and funk groups?

The black rock music once more emerged into fame in 1962 with the surfacing of the Beatles, a group of four youngsters from Liverpool, England. At first they acclaimed for their energetic and pleasing personalities rather than for any originality in their music compositions, which was a mere development from Berry and Presley. Their attractiveness unavoidably shaped other groups with names like rolling stones whose music was advanced from the black blues tradition. In addition the British bands prompted a go back to the blues orientation of rock. (Betty1999). 

In conclusion there are some similarities between hip hop rap in sense commonalities among members of the Hip hop music was an outlet and a voice for the black American youths of low economic. As a matter of fact, the culture of hip hop mirrors that their culture is globally liked.