Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment

Organizations in the globe involve various activities and tasks that influence their positions in the society as well as in particular market. The scope of performance of a firm is vested on how the tasks and operation regarding the production of an organization are carried out. However, it takes the company's workforce to ensure that particular activities are performed in the right manner and execution process reflects the laid down strategies of the institutions. From this perspective, it is apparent that employees play a significant role in fostering the consistent development of an organization as well as the realization of established missions.

In addition, in the current society, both customer preferences and techniques of meeting particular goals are continuously changing hence establishing avenues within organizations to facilitate workforce flexibility as well as enhancing more participation of employees in crucial activities is crucial. In this case motivation of employees is highly recommended in organizations in order to facilitate achievement of common goals that can transform business entities to greater heights. Numerous techniques are deployed by company's from respective industries to enhance the level of productivity as well as job satisfaction of employees. Job redesigning has been extensively applied in organizations to boost the image of particular tasks as well as enhance attachment between employees and the company.

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Evaluation of the workforce environment from a personal perspective, in relation, to job redesigning and implications of the awards give to organizational productivity as well as employees' satisfaction

On the other hand evaluation on scope of the implication of deployed mechanism is crucial in order to establish an apt basis towards restructure job redesign and awarding employees' achievements in various fields. From a personal perspective evaluating the production department of an organization that deals in the production of construction products various aspects regarding enhancing employee welfare is noticeable. The company has realized the need to boost the morale of its employees as well as establish an apt platform for the high level of productivity. On this basis, job redesign is deployed in order to accommodate and facilitate achievement of the laid down objectives of the company. The development consciousness of the company coupled with the need to involve its workforce in major changes and activities within the company has played an instrumental role in redesigning the tasks involved. In addition, the company calls for teamwork, organizational cohesion as well as the foster unity of direction in order to accomplishment its mission in the current competitive world (Ugboro, 2006).

In a precise approach, the production department as one of the core section of the company that has a direct implication on the products description, scope of company's in commanding the market and eventually level of productivity of the entire organization. The production department is broad and involves sensitive tasks that mold the organization image in the market. Therefore, responding to the welfare of the employee and raising their motivation through specific incentives or motivation modes has tremendous implication on the organization. In order to have a concrete basis for job designing the company has invented performance evaluation aimed at deployed appropriate mechanisms that yield the desire implication on the level of productivity of employees in the production department. Notably, particular rewards have specific implication on certain employees, therefore, the company is in the fore front of evaluating the most modes of rewards to appreciate and promote quality and diligence in the workforce. Due to the broad nature of company coupled with the desire of the institution to meet the organizational objectives via the laid down strategies the company has segmented its activities in production department into various tasks.

The components of operations in production department are established in order to facilitate comprehensive involvement of employees in various activities of the company

The production department is series of activities that culminate to the production of the particular products as per the specifications of the customers or in line with the changes that have been influenced by innovations in the industry. The department involves the production of various components for assembly within the same departments. Also, the department entails verification of the performance of the product in the in the field. This promotes efficiency of the products as well as enhances accuracy on the products produced on a practical platform. Another major component of production department involves the development of the product in order to match with the advancement in the industry especially that brought by technological development (McNamara, 2011).

This aims at enhancing the competitiveness via production is innovative products that reflects current levels of development in the globe. These highlight the fundamental components of the production department of the company that are integrated with the employees' views regarding the mode of production and need for job enlargement in order to accommodate employees in the department. Through enlargement of the job the department is able to strip particular tasks into various pieces that accommodate the entire workforce under the department and every facilitating employee to feel a sense of owning the task. This highlights a major aspect of job redesigning to facilitate motivation of the employees. In addition the department of production is responsible with various tasks that are influenced by both internal and external forces related to the company interests. The department is implements plans established and new innovative designs that acts as product development to the company. Therefore it is the responsibility of the department to produce products that reflects new innovations of the company. This portrays the departments is instrumental in facilitating product development as well as promoting implementing the innovation forwarded by the research and development section of the company. Also, the department is responsible with safeguarding the interests of its customers and potential customers through production of products that reflects their preferences. In this case the department not only produces products but also ensures that particular details concerning the products are met (Slocum, 2007).

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However, though the department crucial to the organization conflicts between the interest of the customers and the new products designed by the research and design department numerously arises. This greatly affects the motivation of the especially those in the production department due to the state of dilemma created by the differences. In production department, various tasks are involved and are stripped into numerous components into to simplify the tasks aimed at ensuring that every employee owns the entire job. From this perspective, the issue of supervision of particular tasks can be a challenge to the organization. Therefore the company deployed mechanism that would promote the execution of the job without the maximum supervision. The fact the aspect of supervision can lead to the decline in the level productivity especially when the individual responsible with overseeing the task is inexperienced or lacks communication skills to facilitate comprehensive interaction with the employees. In order to avoid this and ensure morale of employees is maintained the company deployed self-management techniques. This is facilitated through development of the job reports that give the clear description of the tasks at hand. The job is divided into various pieces that can be performed independently within restrict supervision. Through the procedure of the job established employees execute a particular task without difficulty due to the fact that the entire process is clearly highlighted. On this ground, the tasks are conducted independently and responsibility on the performed assignment can be identified in terms of concerned employees closely. Also, employees are motivated from the perspective of being trusted by the company due to the independent of the job. The fact that the notion of confidence on the employees by the company is evident the tasks conducted by individuals reflects the high level of efficiency and workforce are committed in enhancing the development of the company. The mode of self-management deployed by the company plays a significant role in enhancing the spirit of the workforce in the production department.

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From this perspective, the company benefits from the cooperation of its employees and eventually organizational harmony mounted on unity of direction is realized. In the precise approach to the implication of the self-management of employees is realized in boosting of the motivation of employees especially on the intrinsic mode of motivation. The fact that employees are not closely monitored regarding their tasks and are expected to management themselves on the work allocated the sense of appreciation is created among the employees which play a significant role in boosting the morale of employees. Therefore job enlargement coupled with the self-management notion, employees are motivated and a feeling of being valued inbuilt within the production workforce. The company is in the forefront in appreciating efforts of the employees in the company. The company has established channels to recognize and rewards its employees in respective departments. This is geared towards encouraging employees uphold the high sense of integrity and enabling the company to achieve its core values. The company deploys both monetary mode as well as recognition. Application of either mode depends on the description of an activity or action to be rewarded. For instance, employees with high level of integrity are an increase on their salary is awarded in order to promote the reputation of the company in the society.


Also, praise is numerously given to particular section of production that registered minimal errors as well as loss of organizational resources. The fact the efficiency has a direction impact on the level of profit margins the company promotes efficiency by sharing particular position of its profit with the workforce in case profits reaches certain percentage. The rewards have tremendous effects on the level of productivity as well as are safeguarding both competitive edge of the company and its reputation in the society. In evaluating the scope of effectiveness of the rewards in boosting morale of employees, in the past years after the company embraced rewards system of motivating its employees the company has been registering tremendous development in both turnover as well as level of productivity and innovation. Therefore the rewards are truly effective in facilitating the company attain its fundamental objective, creating organizational cohesion and a sense of belonging. Every organization in the globe directed and guided by its pre-established goals regarding and regarding the company analyzed the institution is guided by particular goals that account for both long and short-term goals that dictates direction of the company. Regarding the production department that poses to an integral part of the company, the management continuously involves the department in formulation of organizational goal. This creates an atmosphere where employees perceive themselves values and forming an integral part of the entire organization. From this perspective the organization employees are highly motivated through taking crucial role of giving suggestions and view regarding the future of the organization. This is conducted through the brainstorming at the department level a representative of the department represents the department in the interdepartmental meetings. Presence of this approach is of paramount importance in portraying how the organization values its employees as well as its commitment in responding their view on future development (Slocum, 2007).

Goals regarding the welfare of employees as well as developing highly involves the employees. However, it should be noted that the perception of the production department regarding the development of the company can have an adverse effect on the different department. Therefore the issue of conflict of interest numerous arises during the meeting to give suggestion on organizational development. Therefore, in order to safeguards effectiveness strategic plan the company should involved specialists in the formulation of crucial and technical goals of the organization.

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