Short answer

  1. John Coltrane is the most admired musician because of his talent and creativity in music. He was the most rentless and exploratory musician in history of jazz music. He always searched and sought to take his music to great heights. He viewed this as a spiritual quest, although his quest was late to be recognized by the public. He also had an influence to other artist who had interest in jazz music.
  2. Miles Davis is the most admired musician because of his development of improvisational techniques. Miles like other few jazz musicians, has influenced the works of other musicians, making then to rise to greater heights. He is also known for recording Kind of Blue, which one of the best albums. Also, when he realized that jazz music was being replaced by rock, he decided to maintain it by performing his music with an electronic band. His music has lived to inspire other musicians even after his death.
  3. During this class, I enjoyed learning the history of jazz music, how it is related to the other types of music and the contributions of the earlier musicians to jazz music. Jazz music has been identified  with the other categories of music like, rock, classics and Indian music. The instruments that are used are pianos, flutes, keyboards among others, these instruments provide rhythm to the music.
  4. In this class, I did not learn more about the contribution of Jazz music to the society. Each form of art has a role to the community and this includes informing the community, keeping the community in check on their morals and  as well as giving suggestion on how to improve the society’s way of living. More of what I have learnt is about how jazz music entertains the people in the society.
  5. The information I have gained on Jazz music would help me to know what worked better for the jazz music before and what did not work. This would help me in improving the jazz music in future. For instance, the type of instruments they used earlier like the piano and the rhythms used in jazz music still need improvement to make music more enjoyable by the new generation. Jazz music need not to lose its identity,  it has been identified with rock and other music, and this might be dangerous for its identity as time goes by.
  6. This course can be improved by learning some aspects of music practically, for instance going for concerts to watch live performance. This would make learning more practical. The students could also be divided in groups and then asked to compose jazz song and prepare live bands the way jazz bands are suppose to be prepared. This will help them to remember what they have learnt more than when they only read about them in books.

Jazz is a genre of American music, which originates in New Orleans circa in 1900. It is characterized by strong, improvisation, distinctive tone colors, prominent meter, performance techniques and syncopated or dotted rhythmic patterns.  According to other people, jazz is more than that; they define jazz music from the view of the outsiders. Jazz music is an art which requires attentiveness, and unlike other mediums , this music is tipped towards  emotional  and not intellectual. The personal connection of the viewer or listener with music allows him or her to experience the message being communicated apart from the understanding of information. All forms of music share the dynamics, and jazz exemplifies with the uniqueness of collective improvisation. With the most genres of music involving the listener, jazz draws the viewer to a deep league, which is of a partnership. Each phrase created is inspired and interactive as a result of  involvement by the audience. Jazz music  thrives on diversities of instruments. The sound of the individual players becomes a desired proficiency.

This is as opposed to classical music, which strives to conform to the musical tones of orchestral sonorities In American culture, Jazz music is a form of expression, which contributes to the art of music. Jazz has continued to evolve and seek new levels of expression. Jazz today has been influenced by contemporary classical, world music, rock music, hip-hop, electronic dance music. Following the influence, different musicians and groups reflect different influences; they mix more than one element. The styles and influences reflect the society we live in; this is because of the information through the mass media and the internet. The musicians use this information in their music. This music is best experienced when it is performed live; this way one experiences the creation of music, which is brought about by efforts of a group of people who are working together. According to Marsalis jazz is a multi-complexioned  commingling of European music, African strains, Latin Tinges and brass-band marches. He believes that this is how the gains its popularity but this makes citizens to lose their true national identity. He also thinks that jazz is the best expression of the American culture and reaches the rudiments of good citizenship; this is why he spends much time in schools. According to this jazz musician history of jazz is conventional for instance the revolution of bebop was rhythmic rather than harmonic, some people think that he is not right. However, he is still the greatest jazz musician. I think the revolution was also harmonic, because the instruments which were used at the moment. These instruments did not only provide rhythm alone but also harmony in the songs.

Music is social and a jazz musician has to connect with the audience for them to enjoy what he or she is offering. Marsalis is right when he say that Jazz music reflects the society, because the musicians use information they gather about the society in creating their music. However, I don’t think that jazz music gets its popularity by combining other types of music from different communities; this is because the combination brings out something different and new. Jazz music looks fresh and anyone who likes it is not because of the connection it has with his or her community. Everyone has his opinion about jazz music but all depends on what affiliation one holds concerning the music and preferences. His idea of using acoustic sounds does not mean that every artist should use it too other artists use electronic sounds and their music still sounds impressive. Marsalis also brings out the issue of the artists bringing out what they want to see; he says this when asked to explain why his music looks like that of 1950s. This is so interesting because most artists tend to align themselves to what interests others and what other people think should be the case; they never think of what they want to bring out.