Music is a rhythmical flow of word and sound that bring a soothing feeling to the listeners. Music is categorized in different types such as rock, souls, reggae, blues, riddims, dance hall, and jazz among others. Music was discovered in the 17th century but was seriously practiced in the 18th and 19th century. Music is growing massively and changes with the changing of fashion and modernization. Successful musicians are considered to be those that keep the trend of the development and coming up with new styles. This is away of targeting many fans and hence increase the earnings made from music. Jazz music is seen to have spread its popularity in San Diego than in other cities. This paper seeks to give reviews of several jazz concerts that were held in San Diego.

Humphreys Backstage Live concert

This happened at Shelter Island in San Diego, CA 92106 on a Saturday night. The band on stage was amazing. The fans were energetic and rocked with the band until the last minute. The instruments used in music production in the 50s are different with those used nowadays. Those that are used nowadays are better and therefore, produce quality music. Things like cds were not used in the past and there was no disk joking. According to interviews, most of the young people say that they cannot imagine music concerts without disk jokers (Djs). Nevertheless, art has been there since the 16th century and it keeps changing with the change in lifestyle. As fashion changes, the same trend is followed in art performance in order to satisfy the targeted audience. Living standards and lifestyle is changing at an alarming rate, and the same appears in the need to change the styles in performances in theatres so as to keep the audience from shifting to other forms of arts in other countries. However, Jazz music is currently the admired and preferred art locally and internationally. It is in television stations, movies and live concerts in theatres. Music should be used to bring people together and sharing different cultures. Culture refers to the pattern that is practiced by individuals over and over again. It is transferred from generation to generations and it eventually becomes their way of life. Culture is manifested through a people’s language, customs, literature, religion, art and costumes. Cultural appreciation promotes unity and understanding between people of different cultures. By learning about other people’s cultures, people are able to appreciate themselves and build their self confidence. This proves that the future of jazz music in America is great

Croce's Restaurant concert

This concert was held at San Diego, CA 92101. The show started with energy but the crowd seemed to lose psyche as the show proceeded. Music in the 50s was of poor quality compared to the music produced nowadays. For example, videos were not considered to be important and were just meant to let the fans identify the musician. On the other hand, the audio part was good although the combination of the beats used could make a better product if produced today. In jazz music, eloquence is not considered very much, in fact, poor pronunciation may appear to be funny if it is made to look like accidental. Some of the thing like rhyming while talking, and unnecessarily changing of sound pitch may be appropriate in comedy. Facial expression and use of gestures should be used to display funny movements and therefore, making the audience happy. Doing things the other way round appears funny, and in comedy, some of these technical elements should be used in creating funny scenes. It required a lot of practice to bring out funny acts especially in theatres where there are hundred of people waiting to listen and watch. The audience expects a lot from the performers, and confident is one of the qualities that keep a comedian going. Jazz music needs a lot of creativity and everything on the stage should communicate the message to the audience by the mood of the performers and the environment created. The performers should be able to make the audience laugh, and not by laughing but by performing funny acts. The audience should enjoy every moment and create suspense when leaving the stage. This can be identified by laughter, hand clapping and cheers from the audience. Some time the audience may decline to clap from the performer or just show a way of dissatisfaction to the songs, but the performer should use every opportunity in making the audience laugh. For instance, when they are quiet performers should have a back up idea to keep the audience laughing, and this will make them laugh even for things that are not funny.

Dizzy's concert

Culinary Center was the venue that this concert was held in San Diego, CA 92101. The first band that was on stage was well welcomed with screams. In the past, music was just a form of entertainment unlike nowadays. Music is now used as a source of earning and even living a high standard lifestyle. Musicians are the common celebrity and this comes with the popularity of the music produced. Every one is fighting to reach high height in music world but as they say, music come with hard work, talent, determination and luck. For instance, tattoos and clothing styles are mostly copied from musician, and everyone likes to be associated with them. Music is now in a higher level and comes with a price of loosing privacy. Media is always updating the public on the issues affecting them including love life and family relationships. The concert seemed to be well prepared and everything was perfect. Scenery set, light and other decoration should be part of the stage preparation. In scenery set, theatrical equipments such as a curtain and platform are the major elements in creating the environment of the scenes displayed on the stage. Curtain is used in dividing the scenes of the drama, whereby after a scene the curtain closes and opens in the other scene in a different platform. Light is used in time in the drama. Theatre is usually a dark hall and most of the time lights are used to bring light on stage. The platform should be comfortable to the performer in a way that they can fall and not injure themselves. Pretending to fall is also funny and the performer may use it in the act as a back up plan when he or she runs out of jokes.

Athenaeum concert

This concert was held at La Jolla, CA 92037. This particular concert had invited several solo artists; they seemed to connect with the crowd to a point where one artist jumped to the crowd. As time goes, the quality of music improves and this is influence by improvement of competitiveness of different musicians. However, piracy has been one of the problems facing the upcoming musician. Unlike in the 50s, music is leaked and pirated by others who earn a lot of money by selling the records at cheaper prices. Musicians are known to be influential and impact the lives of the people around them. The level of motivation is highly dependent on the comparison that one makes. This is because individuals who make comparisons on gender may end up having lower motivation because their gender is not doing well in the industry. On the other hand, those who make comparisons with the higher performing individuals tend to be highly motivated. As a result, they end up striving harder in ensuring that they are equally successful as their referents. With the ongoing issues on gender equality, it is likely that in the near future, high rankings comparisons will outsmart the gender comparisons in the organizational context. This is especially so for the cases of the comparison carried out by women. This is because these issues on gender equality mainly affect women. As a result this has reduced the level of gender inequality. In live performances, the level of intellectual and creative method of communicating emotions is all that counts. Everything should flow and perfectly match with each other. The ability to connect with the crowd is what that defines a good artist. Nowadays, music has become part of our daily lives, and people are making money by entertaining people. In theatre, comedy has also become part of the arts performed, and has become one of the most admired form of art. Performances in theatres are normally performed by following some strategies. For instance, use of curtains and lights is compulsory in creating the platform in all dramas, plays and other forms of arts. There are literary elements, technical elements and performance elements. Creating the plot of the drama is by using the jokes in the comedy and putting them in a theatrical form of art.

The Onyx concert

This was held on a Sunday night at rented room in San Diego, CA 92101. This concert has only one band that performed throughout the concert. This show was held so as to launch the album of a solo artist. Lyrical content of music in the 50s mostly explained situations in life just through a flow of words with the beats used. Nowadays, the content of the lyrics is what that matters most to the listeners. The new and current style is rap. This is whereby words flowing with the beat rhyme and are almost the same with poems. This is not easy, and that makes the uniqueness in music production. This band understood how to impress with their costumes and the way they presented themselves. Costumes and other technical elements such as makeup should unique and funny. The sounds should connect with the steps in the drama, for instance, movements should be flow with the rhythm and beats of the sounds. The costumes should match with the character displayed in the drama. In this case, costumes should be among the factors considered in attracting attention from the audience. Although the costumes are considered to be part of creating the jokes, the personally of the actor and the person referred to by the actor is the essence of music.


As a result, the world we are living in is heavily dependent on music and almost every form of entertainment is associated with music. Compared in the past, music has developed to a higher level and leads in the marketing sector locally and internationally. The world we live in is changing at an alarming rate as a result of all the new discoveries that have been made over the years. These new discoveries have been aided by the production of quality music and hence attracting more fans. These includes of better learning facilities and equipments used in studios in music production. These were not available in the early days. As scientists continue to discover and invent new equipment, the world is adapting them and incorporating them in the societies and music world.