Gender can be defined as the social distinctiveness of men and women. Gender equality refers to a social arrange in which women and men divide up the same opportunities and the same restriction on full contribution in both economic and familial sphere. While gender inequality refers to when women have less power than men do have in the social structure. In many societies, women and men are positioned in diverse ranks of social organization, from comprehensive stage of societal economy, all the way through the organization of the society also in the smallgroups and the individuals. Women and men are otherwise positioned and differently rewarded, this means that social organization is gendered.

The subject of gender inequality has been on the eyes of public for decades and been awareness of society for a very long time. Inequality in employment is one of the most critical issues in the society today. In order for one to recognize this condition one has to get the source to the problem of gender inequality, the factors that cause the female sex to have much difficult time in getting the same benefits, wage, and job in contrast to the male sex. Moreover the impacts of gender inequality in the society have to be addressed and finally solutions, policies and action plans in order to improve gender inequality. Therefore this paper discusses these issues of gender inequality in the XYZ Inc in the board room level since there is only one female out of the eight member panel. So as to see an increment of female on the board within two years.

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Causes of gender inequality

Materialist theories-most of gender inequality explanations are materialist theories in which they elucidate that gender inequality as the result of how women and men are tied in to the economic arrangement of the society. They direct out that women’s role of mother and wife. Hence women are degraded and deprived of access to extremely treasured public resources. They spot out that gender stratification is larger where women’s work is aimed inbound to the family and men work is directed outbound the trade marketplace (Bailyn, 2006).Furthermore when women go into the labor market, they are frequently focused in lower paying jobs later on than men, and time and again have to leave occasionally because of the child care obligations. This could be an explanation as to why the XYZ Inc has got gender inequality issues and there is only one female in that board. The separation among domestic and public work-this spheres of action mainly limit women and beneficial to men. This is because the domestic and public field is linked with diverse amounts of possessions, authority and status; furthermore women generative responsibilities and their duties for domestic labor bound their connection with resources that are extremely valued.

Finally men are relinquished from domestic obligations. The economic responsibilities in the public field guarantee them of control of highly evaluated resource and give rise to male opportunity (Bailyn, 2006) Cultural stereotypes-they are there in equally women and men and are account for gender inequality and the leading gendered wage inequality. Traditionally the female have been looked at as being helpful and parenting and have been preferred to occupations which necessitate such attainments. They were classically linked with domesticity since these skills were traditionally appreciated. While men were considered as bread winners and molded for the family hence jobs conserved for men have been extremely respected and occupations prevailed by men keep on to be economically treasured and pay superior wages.

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Structured gender inequality

This includes Occupational distribution- women still occupy pink collar occupations such as clerical workers, retail sales workers, sewers among others .women rush into employment occupy the so called pink collar jobs those that are mainly female .This is a form of gender inequality that still prevails in our society. Sex-segregation-sex separation is a extremely a constant occurrence from the research that was conducted by national research council. It has not distorted that much and its constancy is amazing in the beam of massive changes that have occurred in the arrangement of the economy. some of the features of women contribution that still stay behind in anti- change include things like the attentiveness in sex-typed jobs, their uneven share of low rating location and their low earnings compared to those of men with comparable training and skill.

Despite the fact that women have made in high paying and high prestige professions they still occupy least professional specialists and they face barriers to their entry into progression through professions (Massey, 2007). There is the issue of earnings discrimination where by the earnings between men and women is a big issue in the society. Though there has been small tapering of earnings distinction in the past ten years. There is earning breaches is due to the following reasons; women are focused in low salaried jobs, women enter the labor force at dissimilar and lower paying than their men counter parts, it is believed that women have less education and skill than men hence they are payed less. These are the reasons why there is an earning gap between men and women (Jacobs, 2004).

Blocked opportunities is another issue of gender inequality in that women and men behavior in work settings is dissimilar and that women conduct accounts for their lack of career progression. Men are believed to be more determined, task-tailored, and work concerned while the female are viewed to be less aggravated dedicated and more pointed to work affairs than work itself. Gender inequality is a problem in the society and these are some of its impacts: loss of productivity in that most of the victims’ loose motivation to work efficiently and thing that lead to this loss of morale include offensive jokes about their inequality. Secondly is a promotion this is brought when stereotypical views regarding gender that causes the managers to promote somebody due to gender. This is brought on assumption that they believe a man can do that job better than a woman hence given that promotion this impacts the female causing them to be de motivated and demoralized. Thirdly is family responsibilities women with families and young children at home are denied an opportunity for a job because she will have to balance between family and job or give more priority to young child at home more than the time dedicated to work. Last but not least is destruction where those discriminated may feel bitterness and loss of self worth that they way out for this is to destroy as a means to get back at the discriminatory employer. This may evident through aggression, obliteration of property or disseminating of hateful rumors about the company.

It can also have impact on international development in that gender inequality can cause poverty and susceptibility in the society at large (Hurst, 2007). Women, society and organizations can improve and navigate through gender inequality by following these solutions to alleviate these problems. First is earning awareness of the issue. Knowing that gender inequality still live in the workforce, it is crucial to alleviate it this can be done through one possessing confidence. One should be certain about her own capability and knowledge when dared and not being afraid to declare yourself and struggle for what you want in professional occupation regardless of the obstacles. Secondly people and organizations should be educated on current laws about gender inequality, laws on wage discrimination, equal employment opportunities among others this will help one to know her own rights on the work force. Thirdly considering the family and the gendered partition of labor inside the family is very significant (Bailyn, 2006).

Women ought to not to be essentially be responsible for the force of the house work and moreover taking the responsibility of caring for the children. This type of work should be done by both men and women because it is not a house work but parenting work In adding up to a social and cultural model shift of the family and family responsibilities, there needs to be development made to employment establishments themselves. There should be environments which are friendly to the families and daycares, to add on that allowance of parents to depart work when wanted to take children to see doctor when needed. Work places should offer paid maternity and paternity leaves. There needs to be better understanding and admiration for the strong demands of being a parent in today’s society (Vianello, 1990).

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All in all gender inequality has been a big blog in our society and in the employment sector for a very long time .There have been issues associated to it and their impact. But it is high time for organization to put up policies and action plans so as to solve this matter. I challenge both women and men to make up consciousness of these significant issues and strive to make gender inequality a thing of the history. It is up to us to change this. We must take proposal!