I. Introduction

This section will introduce Russell Wendell Simmons as an American entrepreneur who co- found, alongside Rick Rubin, the revolutionary hip-hop record label `Def Jam', and initiator of the cloth lines Phat Farm, American Classics, and Argyleculture. According to the Myra panache report (2007), the 1957 born is the third wealthiest figure in hip-hop wit a net-worth of around $340 million. The second part of the introduction will shortly mention the history of this mogul who, according to Allison (2011), grew up in Queens, New York. The essay will explain why Simmons is a leader who fits the tag of a role model to me.

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II. Body

The first section of the body will define who a leader is. According to Tittemore, (2003), a leader is a person who influences and motivates others. A leader is a person who is inventive and has the skill and ability to generate novel ways of doing things. The paper will so that Simmons meets the criteria as a pioneering leader for his input in the entertainment and particularly Hip-Hop industry. He was the foremost individual with a dream for the Hip-Hop and fashioned this culture into an enormous and international industry.

The second part of this section will analyze Russell Simmons, character. His repute can be attributed mainly to personality traits such as charisma and change leadership. Charisma is hard to explain but easily felt for sure when in someone. It is characterized by a dominant magnetism and charm to sway others in a special way. The essay will posit that this is easily seen in Simmons. Leading a big firm as the CEO, his doors are at all times open for everyone: from business associates to staff to friends. The Hip-hop industry is an inventive business. The essay will posit that Simmons conveys fresh culture in the fresh mass, to the fresh generation, a generation emergent with fresh values and with a fresh method of perceiving reality. To be successful in the Hip-Hop industry one requires to keep a constant contact with the target audience, the paper will argue that Simmons has.

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III. Conclusion/Summary

This section will be a summary of why Russell Simmons fits the bill as a role model and why he is important. It is in this section too where a conclusion will be drawn.

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